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Lovevery Play Kits Review: Stage-Based Play for Your Child’s Developing Brain

As parents we are told over and over about the importance of play, but unless we have a background in early childhood learning it can be very difficult to know how best to support our baby or toddler’s development, and which toys or activities are best suited to each age. If providing meaningful opportunities to learn at home is important to you, we think you’ll be just as excited about this brand that we recently discovered as we are!

Lovevery Play Kits: Designed By Experts for Your Child’s Developing Brain

Children might not come with an instruction manual, but thanks to Lovevery you can access a week-by-week, and toy-by-toy guidance from experts in child development. Not only are their boxes of sensory and developmental toys expertly designed to support your child at every stage of development (from baby, toddler, or big kid), but they also give parents the confidence to support their child’s playtime – even teaching you when to step in and help and when to sit back and let them explore. Each play kit, which are designed by age, comes with expert developmental information, easy to follow tips and fun playtime ideas so that parents can support their child’s learning in a relaxed and fun way that really deepens the child’s understanding of the world around them.

Our youngest Mums Lounge reviewer Little Fluff and her Mum were fortunate enough to trial one of the Lovevery Play Kits, so they could share their experience and opinions with the Mums Lounge community. Having worked as a childhood educator for 22 years, Fluff’s mum is very selective about the toys she likes and purchases for her 27-month-old daughter. Having a background in Forest School programs, Char prioritises outdoor play in wide open spaces and inspiring a love of nature and caring for the environment, over filling her daughter’s room with toys. This means that when they are at home, Char prefers meaningful activities and toys that enrich her daughter’s learning.

“I was really excited to unwrap our Lovevery box and could see straight away that the toys were high-quality, well thought out, and exactly the kind of thing I’d go for myself when looking for fun, educational toys. I particularly love that it is geared to her specific age and stage of development and comes with everything parents need to engage their child in meaningful and enriching play. It’s perfect for parents who are passionate about giving their little ones the best start, but don’t have the experience or knowledge on where to start. It’s also a great option for parents who don’t want to fill up their homes or landfill with quickly forgotten plastic toys and want something that will stand the test of time, and that their child will come back to time and again.”

“Due to Fluff’s age, we were sent The Enthusiasts Play Kit (suitable for 28, 29 and 30-month old’s) and it has already given us hours of fun. The Every Which Weigh Scale and Pails which offer early STEM lessons in balance and measurements has been so much fun and has given us the opportunity to explore lots of new things. The little pails are detachable, so they are great to incorporate into our outdoor play too. We can take them outside to collect treasures to take home later and weigh and measure or use it for water play.”

“She’s also loved the Squeaky Clean Squeegee Set and it’s been great for developing her fine motor skills. At first learning to pull the spray trigger was tricky, but with patience and practice she soon got the hang of it. I really like that spray bottle lets out a really fine, gentle mist, so I can let her explore our home with it without worrying that she’ll drench my furniture or shoot a jet in hers, or someone else’s eye! She’s had great fun spraying and wiping down the windows with the squeegee, and this two-handed play, which takes concentration for little ones, is combined with gross motor skills as she reaches up high and bends down low. So many benefits from such a seemingly simple toy set!”

“At two years old children are ready for new cognitive challenges in spatial understanding and pattern recognition. I’m a huge fan of puzzles for little ones as they are also great for helping them to practice and expand their focus and concentration – which will be important when they transition to kinder or school. The Sort and Stack Peg Puzzle has been great for helping Fluff learn basic shapes, improve her language as she practices saying them, and developing the fine motor skills required to flip and fit the pieces onto the pegs.”

“The Pinkies Up Picnic Set has already provided hours of fun, both indoors and in our backyard. If you’ve ever seen a child when they first start practising pouring from one vessel into another, when it reaches the top, they just keep pouring! In such a short-time I’ve watched her go from pouring it until it brimmed over without a care, to pouring an amount into each cup with little to no spillage. It’s very rewarding to watch your child come to a new understanding about their world, in real-time, right before your eyes like that!”

“Being able to learn, name and recognise emotions is important for a child’s emotional intelligence. The Emotion Match Mirror and Card Set allows children to familiarise themselves with different emotions and look at their reflection and try to mirror them. I particularly like that the cards feature real-life images of people and promote inclusivity and multi-cultural diversity.”

“Fluff has a real affinity with nature and animals and loves to be outdoors so the ‘My Favourite Nature Friend’Board Book is a great addition to our bookshelf. It follows the Montessori philosophy of using real-life photographs, allowing children to better relate to things that they might experience in life.”

“You can always rely on children to find creative and imaginative ways to play with toys, but the Play Guide that accompanies the play kits give parents the developmental information and practical advice and tips on how to make play time into a learning opportunity in a fun and engaging way. It’s great to see parents supported to make an impact on their child’s learning journey and be presented with so many ideas for real life play. So many parents and their children will benefit from these play kits. They are designed by a team of experts, academics, researchers, and specialists so parents can be empowered, and gain the confidence they need, and children get the learning and growth they deserve.”

“I can’t rate this brand highly enough and have no hesitations in recommending them to parents who want to build a firm foundation of learning in their child’s early years. If you are sick of friends and relatives buying your kids plastic toys that either break or are discarded soon after opening, I think asking them to instead contribute towards a Lovevery subscription is a fantastic option. It sounds cliché, but it’ll be the gift that keeps on giving! It’s also an amazing group gift for a mum-to-be – because children are never too young to start learning.”

Lovevery offer a no-commitment subscription service, that you can skip or cancel at any time. To get started all you need to do is tell them your child’s name, and date of birth, due date, or adjusted birth date, and Lovevery will guide you to the right Play Kit for your child’s development. If your child has a disability, you can also contact them, and they’ll be happy to assist in finding a suitable play kit to suit your child’s developmental stage.

Visit to find out more.

Disclosure: Our reviewers were gifted this play kit for the purpose of providing an informative and genuine review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are the reviewers own.

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