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Toilet Training: Conni Kids Max Bed Pad Review (Plus Giveaway)

Toilet Training: Conni Kids Max Bed Pad Review (Plus Giveaway)

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Whilst leaving the expense of nappies and pull-ups behind is very inviting for parents, often the reality of toilet training proves a little less exciting. Toilet training can be hard work (for all concerned), and no matter how ready your child is, there will inevitably be accidents and hiccups along the way. For those that have mastered the art of using the toilet during waking hours, the next step is staying dry throughout the night. This can be a little trickier, especially if your child is a heavy sleeper.

Not only does training your child to stay dry at night require a certain amount of grit and determination, it’s also a very good idea to invest in a waterproof sheet to protect your mattress. (No amount of airing ever seems to really get rid of that stale urine smell, does it?)

I was recently given the opportunity to review the Conni Kids Max Bed Pad – which proved to be very serendipitous timing considering I am currently tearing out my own hair toilet training my youngest daughter. If I say that I would rather mow the grass with a pair of nail scissors than toilet train, I wouldn’t even be exaggerating!

Ain’t nobody got time for this on a regular basis, right?

Conni bedwetting sheets 7

I know you feel my pain!

Conni bedwetting sheet

Ta-da! Behold my saviour! The Conni Kids Max Bed Pad.

Conni bedwetting sheets 6

My daughter loves the Aussie animal print on the sheet, but it does also come in teal or mauve for older kids who might prefer a more subtle bed pad.

The bed pad suits a single or kind single sized bed, measuring 1m x 1 metre plus extra to allow you to tuck it securely beneath the mattress. (Particularly good for kids who turn into human octopuses while they sleep, wriggling and squirming all over the place!)

The idea is that you make the bed as usual putting your usual bed sheet on top of the mattress, and then add the Conni bed pad on top of that. The child sleeps directly on the bed pad. If you are thinking ‘ewww’ and imagining some kind of horrible plastic sheet that will make your child sticky and sweaty, you’ll be pleased to hear that it is nothing of the sort. The pad is composed of a comfortable stay dry top layer that is soft to the touch, a slim absorbent core that is capable of holding up to 2.5 litres of fluid over 8 hours, and an anti-slip, waterproof and breathable backing. It is completely free from PVC, latex or formaldehyde, free from harmful chemicals and is Oeko-Tex accredited.

Conni bedwetting sheets 3

Conni bedwetting sheets 4

As an added bonus, a free toilet training kit is included to give your little one a little extra incentive.

Okay, so maybe we haven’t managed to add any stickers to the chart yet in celebration of a dry night, but it has certainly made life a lot easier for me, as I no longer have to strip the entire bed at 3am after an accident.

Washing the pad is easy (just don’t use fabric softener or bleach, and don’t wash or dry on a temperature exceeding 80c, oh, and don’t iron or dry clean). Just whack it in the washing machine, and line or machine dry ready for the next night. Ease of drying outside of course will depend on where you live and the climate.

I have a friend who swears by the Conni bed sheets. She has used them for night training three of her children, and bought two bed pads so that she could always have one ready to go. One of her children was an especially light sleeper, and although the bed pad drew the urine away from her she would still wake after an accident. Having a spare one at hand meant that she could whip off the wet sheet, and pop on the clean one in just a few seconds and settle her daughter (and herself) back to sleep with minimum fuss.

Another of my girlfriends has the smaller sized Conni Kids Mate Bed Pad (95cm x 85cm)which is lightweight enough for her to pack and take with her when she travels and stays with family interstate. Although her son rarely has accidents anymore these days, it gives her piece of mind that he won’t wet someone else’s bed! They are also great for spreading out and letting babies have some nappy-free time.

Oh yes, there are some riveting conversations to be had when you are a mum! We used to talk about (actually I probably shouldn’t mention what we used to talk about) but it certainly wasn’t pee-stained sheets and pull-ups! Haha!

If you are going through the hellish toilet training stage and are looking for something to keep your mattress (and sanity) in tact, I do highly recommend the Conni bed pads. The Conni Kids Max Bed Pad retails for $69.95 and the Conni Kids Mate Bed Pad is $59.95, which if you weigh up against the cost of nappies and pull-ups will quickly prove to be the most cost-effective option. Just be prepared to spend a little extra quality time with your washing machine for a little while, that’s all!

Prices include shipping to anywhere in Australia, and you can get 10% discount when you buy 2, and 15% off when you buy 3!


Visit the Conni website here and see their full range of toilet training, bed wetting, and incontinence products.

 Conni prize pack


Conni are giving one lucky Mums Lounge reader the opportunity to win the ultimate toilet training prize pack including:

1 Conni Kids Max bed pad $69.95

1 x Conni Kids Mate bed pad $59.95

3 pack of Conni Kids Tackers $58.65

For your chance to win, simply complete the entry form below.


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