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“My Daughter’s Preschool Teacher Puts Up Snarky Notices Aimed at Me!”

In what can only be described as a classic case of ‘main character syndrome’ one mum has taken to Reddit to complain about her daughter’s ‘rude’ preschool teacher. But if she thought she was going to be met with support and empathy she was very much mistaken. Wait until you hear what she was mad at the preschool teacher for!

My daughter (3) just started preschool and has a teacher (I’m guessing college age) that is very…honest, sometimes coming off as a bit rude. I had to stop allowing my daughter to bring her toys to school because they always get lost and this teacher is no help when it comes to finding them. She brought a little Lego creation that she wanted to show her friends and didn’t have it at the end of the day. I asked the teacher where it was, she didn’t know, I asked her to look for it, and she said that there’s no way she would be able to tell our legos from theirs and that my daughter would not be getting any legos back. Another time she went to school with a sticker on her shirt. She was crying when I picked her up because the sticker was gone. I asked the teacher to look for it and she said “I will not be tearing apart my classroom and playground to find a sticker that fell off 4 hours ago.” Other kids have gone home with my daughter’s jackets and we’ve had to wait a week one time to get it back.


Lately, there’s been 2 notices taped to the window that I am certain are written by this teacher. The first one says “your child is not the only one with the pink puffer jacket or Moana water bottle. Please label your child’s belongings to ensure they go home with the right person” and the second one says “we understand caring for a sick child is difficult but 12 of them isn’t any easier. Please keep your child home if they have these symptoms”.

In my opinion, there is absolutely no reason for these notes to be this snarky and obviously aimed at very specific parents. I complained to the director about this teachers conduct and the notices on the window but nothing has come of it. My husband thinks I’m overreacting. AITA for complaining?

Well, sorry OP… but we’ve got news for you. Your husband isn’t the only one who thinks that you are acting like an entitled dick!

YTA. The teacher is setting out fair and reasonable expectations to parents who clearly don’t understand the realities of that environment. (phelps153)

If a parent asked me to find a sticker their kid lost I would laugh out loud and immediately share that with all the other teachers so they could laugh at that parent, too. Ffs. A sticker?! (rigney68)


Learn to say no to your daughter about taking anything of value to school, or mark it like the teacher suggests. Those signs are brilliant because they are memorable. YTA for thinking the world revolves around your precious princess. Stickers don’t stick anymore after they’ve fallen off . . . give it up, mom, your husband is right. You’re overreacting. (everellie)

    1. use your common sense and label your kid’s shit
    2. if you let you kid take stuff to school, make a rule that she shows it to her friends before the bell goes and then it goes in her bag
    3. the teacher has better things to do than keep track of a fucking sticker holy shit (Bitter-Fishing-Butt)

Commenters suggested that compared to entitled parents, dealing with the kids was the easy part of a teacher’s job.

This mom is clearly new to the game. Preschool and K teachers need the patience of Job not only to deal with 3-5 yr olds all day but then also the borderline insane/out of touch helicoptering/micromanagement demands from parents. Imo this teacher was very restrained in her responses. (Civilized-Sturgeon)


They really do. I work with a bunch of different ages. The kids are pretty straight forward and easy, they just need clear communication and consistent rules across the board. Routines are also paramount. It is the adults I am continually exhausted by. (lovegifsofjif)


I read this and the impression of you is that no one else in the world exists for you, other than as a convenience for you.

You don’t appear to grasp the reality that as a teacher they are respomsible for the education and SAFETY of all of their students and a couple of anonymous legos and a random label are nothing.

I think the teacher shows great restraint from not laughing in your face. (GlassMotor9670)

Many people thought that if parents had a better understanding of how difficult teacher’s jobs are, they’d behave better.

I honestly think daycares should regularly invite parents to volunteer – I spent a half day at my kid’s and it was a real eye-opener. Not that I was asking the teachers to track stickers and unlabeled small toys my kid brought in, but like – oh the way I’m packing his lunch actually makes their life a little harder; oh this is why they’re asking me to label everything, oh my kid is actually kind of a shit in this specific situation. I genuinely do not know how daycare teachers do what they do; I was a shell of myself after four hours. (nachtkaese)


Yta it’s people like you who think the world revolves around you and your family that make teaching such a hard stressful job good for the teacher setting you straight and putting you in your place which I think you needed (Patient-Sherbery-464)

I guarantee this teacher does not get paid enough to deal with this nonsense (amuse_bouche_1)

What do you think? Was the teacher’s notes rude and snarky or completely justified?

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