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Woman Asks if She Should Photoshop the Dress Her SIL Wore to Her Wedding, and the Suggestions Are Perfectly Petty!

Despite EVERYONE knowing that nobody but the bride should wear white to a wedding, the internet is still rife with stories about people who do! One woman whose sister-in-law turned up to her wedding in a long white gown, chose to ignore the intentional grab for attention and enjoy her wedding day. However, on receiving her wedding photographs that feature both her SIL and herself, she is wondering whether it would be an assehole move to photoshop the colour of her husband’s sister’s dress.

Would I be the asshole if I photoshopped the colour of my SIL dress in my wedding photos? My husband and I recently got married and it was hands down one of the best days ever! Everything went off without a hitch except one thing- my sister in law wore a long white dress to the wedding. It did have a slight pattern to it but it was very obviously white and it looks off in pictures. She was told many times by her family not to wear white but did it anyway. I never said anything about it as to not start drama and I just feel as though it was a waste of energy to let that get to me. My main issue is how the photos turned out. The pictures look off and it’s distracting seeing two long white dresses especially with the way we were positioned . I want to photoshop it to a blush or champagne colour so we can display the pictures and that way it wouldn’t be a dramatic change. Would I be the asshole since I never personally said anything or should I just do it?

Redditors did not disappoint with their hilarious suggestions!

NTA. This is combination revenge and justice all at the same time. And make sure she sees them! (HoneyWyne)

Photoshop it, and when she asks say that everyone at the wedding was saying such awful things about her choice in dress and she didn’t want it to be spread any further then it had to be. Op just wanted to leave that nastiness in the wedding so the bullying stops when everyone looks back on the memories.

That sort of comment will absolutely stick to a person. (CherryLongjumping853)


I vote mustard or baby poop brownish green. (Ootsdogg)

Yeah, Lime Green Roadworker Hi-Vis that dress. (StraightBudget8799)

Do it, and if SIL or ILs ask just say: “Yeah, the photographer called me while they were editing the photos and asked who the woman pretending to be the bride was. They assumed it might be a jealous ex or something, so it was quite shocking for them when I told them it was the grooms sister. Anyway, they offered to Photoshop the dress a different colour so people didn’t get the wrong impression and think SIL had an incestuous obsession with her brother where she wished she was marrying him. I honestly hadn’t even noticed the dress until then, but I figured SIL would be mortified if anyone thought that, so I agreed to having the colour tweaked” (-my-cabbages)

Or just keep it, so everyone knows she’s a psycho. (oResurgam777)

Oh, don’t make it ugly, just make it unmistakably (for her) not the color she actually wore. If you make it “champagne” she could think “hmm, the lighting in this picture seems a bit off,” but if you make it “screamingly purple” she can’t miss it and she’ll be torn between “should I say something about it and admit I wore white to someone’s wedding or keep my mouth shut and live with the fact that I’m screamingly purple in her photos now?” (themcp)


I was thinking OP should use a cat pattern or maybe pepperoni pizza? (almalyons99)


Bonus points for acting like nothing was photoshopped but give her a different color in every picture. (OmiOmega)

One photo stripes, another one with pokadots, and another should be prints of puppies and kittens. How can she complain? Everyone loves puppies and kittens. (wise_guy_)


You know that space kitten that is riding the unicorn down a rainbow? That would be lovely. (Puzzleheaded-Gas1710)


“The photographer said it was industry standard to fix inappropriate attire” (FrostyD7)


Id just say the photographer did it. Says he does it to anyone dumb enough to wear white to a wedding. 😁 (cgdivine01)


Extra bonus points if you use the edited photo as your Christmas card to her. (KrakenJoker)


I would pretend it was always the color in the photo & you hadn’t noticed.

She wanted to be noticed so that cuts more to be ignored. (twelveski)

“Yeahhh, the photographer said they could see full nips through that dress.”

“The photographer said there was a smudge or stain in some unsightly area.”

“When the photographer told me about tinting the dress I laughed them off and said “who would be so rude to wear a white dress to a wedding?” I totally defended you!” (Moarkittens)


Agreed, champagne or blush is far too kind, definitely go for whatever colour is most unflattering to SIL! Or whatever would make her fade into the background most, if she’s surrounded by black suits then put her in black. (pretzelmamma)

And our personal favourite…

Are you sure her dress was actually white & gold — because in the photo it looks blue & black? /S

(Yes, I’m a time traveler from 2015 🤪.) (ladykansas)

What would you do in this situation? Would you photoshop the dress?

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