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People Share the Worst Wedding Toasts They Had the Discomfort of Witnessing

Whilst not everyone is adept at public speaking, there are some people that should not be given a microphone at a wedding, particularly after a few celebratory drinks! There is only one thing worse than a long, rambling speech that has you nodding off into your chicken or steak, and that’s the speech that leaves guests open mouthed and cringing!

This week people have been sharing the worst wedding toasts they’ve had the discomfort of witnessing and there are some shockers!

Father of the bride toasting his daughter (he has 2 other daughters as well): “You know, she may not be the smartest or prettiest in the family, but let me tell you, she has a good heart!”

Like what the hell was he thinking? Everyone collectively cringed. (igilbs)

My friend’s father (father of the bride) just listed off everything he didn’t like about the groom in his speech at her wedding. So something like “well you’re not a doctor, you don’t have all of your hair, and you’re not the smartest man she’s dated. But welcome to the family I guess.” Suuuuuuper awkward. The grooms family took the opposite direction and gushed about how much they loved my friend. Made the father look even worse in comparison. (permanentlytiredAF)


The bride and groom had been friends for a year and part of the same social circle. Group was supposed to go to a concert but due to circumstances, only the bride and groom showed up, got drunk, hooked up and the rest is history. 

One of the groomsmen told the story about how if he hadn’t gotten drunk the night before he would have went to the concert and she would be marrying him instead.

It might have sounded better in his mind but it came off as selfish and jealous. (Cakelord)

I went to a wedding where the best man stood up and gave a speech as follows:

“May your wedding night be like KFC, a bit of breast, a little thigh, and when you’re finished, nothing but a greasy box.”

The bride and groom were furious. A lot of people laughed. The priest was one of them. (coupdelune)

Best man of a wedding I went to was heavily intoxicated and said something along the lines of “if only she knew what the girl looked like at your bachelor party that you were in bed with on the last night, she would understand how big of a catch she is for your ugly ass.”

They didn’t make it to their honeymoon. (Clean_Pin6536)


Best man said, “I hope you (speaking to the bride) are well rested up and ready to be stretched because my boy gonna turn you into a pretzel tonight!” I’m not even fully sure what that means, but I was sitting right next to the father of the bride and he was not happy and the mother looked mortified. (agent_x_75228)

At my wedding my lifelong friend, whom with I had a completely platonic and non romantic relationship with, got up and gave a very drunk, very love professing speech to me in front of a large room full of people she had never met.

She cried and said that the day was such a sad day because she had to let go of the one she was meant to spend her future with.

Maybe not the absolute worst thing anyone has ever said in a wedding speech, but definitely the worst for mine because it kinda changed the vibe for a little bit xD everything was good to go by the time the wife and I got to our honeymoon that night though lmao (ItsEntsy)

My friend went to an out-of-town wedding where he basically only knew the groom and the girl he brought as a date. He for some reason felt compelled to do an interpretative dance instead of a speech. No one laughed and it was dead silent confusion. (DJustice23)

Best man went on and on about how hot the bride was, and how she had nice boobs. Then ended with “breast wishes” to the couple. It was so awkward. (Professional-Bee8797)


Best man. “They say weddings are all about love and honor. I don’t know much about love, but as for honor… get on her and stay on her!” Everyone cringed so hard, especially their parents and grandparents. (BrooksSauconyAdidas)

I was at wedding where the Officiant open the ceremony with a statement as follows; ”In a world where everyone is obsessed with beauty and looks, I am so glad that this couple managed to look beyond appearance and find that their hearts were a match”

(For context, the guy looked like Lurch and she was so overweight she looked like a bowling ball from the side.)

What the officiant said was so outlandishly rude, and it took me by surprise… I burst out laughing while the rest of the audience just cringed. My wife smacked the back of my head and I flinched so everyone saw it was me. So embarrassed. (justin—time)

My cousin’s father in law gave a spectacular speech at her wedding. He spent a solid 10 minutes talking about how great his son was at baseball and how everyone thought he was going to go pro while he was playing in undergrad. Then he said “but unfortunately he was injured in that car accident. And now he’s marrying <my cousin’s name>” and that was IT. (VogTheViscous)

Matron of honour “I never in my wildest dream thought rhe bride would end up with the Groom. I really got to know the Groom when he lived with my family for 6 months and I was so amazed at his intelligence and drive and my BEST FRIEND the bride has never been an intellectual or a go getter. Never thought they would marry, but here we are and I’m glad I was wrong” This was a 10 min slog of cringe and NO ONE clapped. Ughhhhh. (holmesbeaver)

Groom got so drunk that he had to be propped up with dark glasses on. He swayed a bit, said ‘She’s a lucky lucky girl’ and fell headfirst into the incredibly expensive wedding cake. (burphambelle)

What’s the worst thing you’ve heard during wedding speeches?

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