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“My Dad’s Girlfriend Wants Me to Replace a Photo I Posted Online With Her in With a Photoshopped Image!”

One woman has found herself in the midst of a family feud over photographs that were taken at her recent birthday party. Noticing that his partner wasn’t in the photographs, the woman’s father contacted her to ask if she could add in a photographs of his girlfriend too – which she did. However, the girlfriend wasn’t happy with the snap, and insisted that she replace it with a heavily photoshopped version instead!

My father’s girlfriend is very active on social media. She usually makes at least two Instagram posts a day. I’m fairly certain she’s trying to become an influencer.

While I don’t care much for that, one thing I’ve noticed is that almost every picture she posts is photoshopped in some way. Sometimes she makes her waistline smaller, other times she airbrushes her face. Sometimes, she does both. I don’t know how noticeable it is to other people, but both me and my husband can always tell.

My birthday was this weekend. I had a baby a few months ago and I haven’t had time to do much. So last week, my friends and family threw me a surprise party to celebrate both my birthday and my first year of being a mom. I later made a post on Instagram thanking everyone, in which I included several pictures from the party.

A few hours later, my father called me to ask if I could add a picture that featured his girlfriend to the post I’d made. I was frustrated, but deleted it and reposted it with a picture of me, my husband, our baby, my father and his girlfriend. It was the only one I had of her at the party.

Hours after that, his girlfriend sent me a photoshopped version of the picture and asked if I could replace the one I’d posted. She had changed her waistline, retouched everyone’s faces and whitened our teeth.

I said no. While she’s free to post whatever she wants on her socials, I don’t want an obviously photoshopped picture on mine.


She argued the picture I’d posted would clash with the ones on her page, and she didn’t want her followers to see her like that. I reminded her that my account is private, and the only people who will see my post are friends and family who already know what she looks like. When she kept insisting, I told her that either she accepted the unedited picture or I’d remove it from the post entirely.

My father wants me to humour her. He says it would take little to no effort on my part to replace the picture. I’m aware of that, I just don’t want to do it. I didn’t even want to include the picture in the first place, I only did it because they wanted me to.

I’m busy this week, and dealing with this has become very annoying.


Unsurprisingly, nobody agreed with Dad that his girlfriend should be humoured! In fact, many commenters were indigant on OP’s behalf and advised her to stand firm and leave the original photograph up.

NTA. She is free to do whatever she wants with her own body image on her own page but I think other pages’ content is off limits.

She argued the picture I’d posted would clash with the ones on her page

LOOOL How is it NOT okay for the non-edited picture on your private page to clash with the ones on her supposedly public one, but TOTALLY okay for the edited one to clash with other non-edited pictures posted to the same private page of yours? (ignia)

NTA. You’re under no obligation to do that and I wouldn’t. If you do it this time, she’ll expect it anytime she wants going forward. (Lunakill)

NTA. Her social media is hers, your social media is yours. You don’t control her content, she doesn’t control your content. (InappropriateAccess)

Others thought she should just take any photographs of the girlfriend down completely and be done with it.

Delete it and repost the picture cropped so she’s not in it. Problem solved (Nightopian)

Take the photo down and tell him they are both being ridiculous and you are never going to post a photo that features her ever again due to this fiasco. (Scenarioing)

Many people also felt that it was entirely inappropriate for the girlfriend to have taken the liberty of photoshopping other people’s images.

NTA I absolutely think heavily photo shopping everything is cringey at best and damage to people’s mental health at worst. It’s also way crossing the line for your father to insist you post a picture, and for her to even make the photo shopped 1 in the first place let alone have the gall to actually send it, something feels extra violating to me about the fact she photoshopped everyone, but I suppose if she sent you a photo of only herself being photoshopped it would mean admitting to herself that she hates how she really looks and everyone else looks fine. (ZoeLoving77)


NTA. You might be if she had only photoshopped herself, but she the audacity to “touch up” everyone in the photo without permission. She can deal with it or you can delete the photo she is in. (Open-incident-3601)


Absolutely not. The audacity to think she can control this! She can be as fake as she wants on her own turf but to not just adjust herself but everyone else in other people’s pictures??

I mean, she knows everyone can see her IRL, right? (KetoLurkerHere)

What do think? Would you be offended if someone photoshopped an image of you?

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