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“I Was Asked to Leave a Baby Shower for Wearing White!”

Whether you consider baby showers to be an essential part of the pregnancy journey, or an unnecessary gift grab, I think we can all agree that unless a specific dress code was requested n the invites, there is no rule banning people from wearing white. Is there? One woman recently suffered the very embarrassing and confusing indignity of being told to leave her friend’s baby shower because the mum-to-be deemed the white and blue floral dress she was wearing inappropriate.

I (29f) have been friends “Claire” (28f) since high school. We have a small group of friends that has stayed close since then.

Claire is pregnant and had her baby shower yesterday. I wore a white and blue floral sundress. I didn’t think anything of it because, as far as I know, white is only inappropriate for bridal events.

When I arrived at the shower, Claire’s mood seemed to immediately sour and she was really cold toward me. Later, one of my other friends pulled me aside and asked me to leave. She said that Claire was offended by my “attention seeking behavior” and that it was inappropriate to wear white to Claire’s event. I left.

I’m super confused. Like I said, I thought the white rule only applied to bridal events. Our friends are refusing to take sides but a couple have told me I should apologize even if I don’t think I’m wrong. AITA?

You’ll be pleased to know, that according to good people of Reddit this is definitely not a new rule that none of us have heard about!


NTA. I’ve never once heard of not wearing white to a baby shower. Depending on the pattern and style, I’m not even sure I would consider a white and blue floral dress an absolute “no no” for a bridal shower. It sounds like she was feeling insecure and something about how you looked made her feel bad about herself. While that sucks, it’s not your fault. (easthighwildcatfan1)

As people pointed out, a baby shower is NOT a wedding, and the same rules do NOT apply!

Um, NO. NTA.

White is worn but the BRIDE at her wedding to imply that she is a virgin and therefore pure. At a baby shower, it’s pretty freaking clear that purity is not the topic we are celebrating. We got down, we got dirty and now we’re gettin’ a baby.

Let’s say this was a gender reveal and you knew ahead of time that it was a boy and you wore blue to say ha! I already knew! Or pink is a girl. Then you would be TAH. Wearing white to a baby shower is friggen harmless. My guess is that you looked pretty and the Mama to Be feels unattractive. That’s sad in the sense that pregnancy should be beautiful. But that sure as hell isn’t your fault.

NTA (BeMandalorTomad)

Other people thought that Claire needed to get over her main character syndrome.

NTA. You cannot claim colours for a baby shower. I get that Claire may be hormonal right now, given her current condition, but someone needs to tell her to snap out of it and stop being ridiculous. (Rawrsome_Mommy)


Claire is going to have a rude awakening when she has a kid and none of the attention is on her anymore. (AAmallard)

We have to agree with this guy who stepped in to offer his thoughts on the topic…

NTA. My opinion as a dude with way too many sisters… I’ve been able to completely change what they thought about this so maybe I can help everyone. Women should not care what anyone else wears ever. Not at a party not at a baby shower not even a wedding if you care that’s a you issue and you should get over it. Anyone that disagrees that’s also a you issue and you should work on yourself and let go of your inner jealousy. Im gonna get attacked here but im right so who cares. (Fit_Faithlessness609)

What do you think? Surely, we have enough of bride’s dictating what guests can wear, we don’t need pregnant mammas doing it too do we?

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