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“My Husband’s Friend Said I Shouldn’t Fly with My Baby in First Class!”

We’ll be honest, a long haul flight with a baby isn’t the most fun you’ll ever have, but it’s also very doable, as long as you plan ahead and are prepared. Many of us can feel anxious that our baby might cry and disturb other passengers, but at the end of the day, we have as much right to be on this public mode of transport as everyone else. Sure, a crying baby isn’t the most relaxing sound, but it’s nothing a pair of noise cancelling headphones and a gripping Netflix drama won’t fix!

One new mum, has met with judgement from her husband’s friend, who thinks that if she is travelling with a baby she should not fly first class. To his mind, because he is childless and pays more for a first class seat, he and other passengers there are entitled to peace and quiet, and should not be disturbed by a crying baby.

I am flying with my baby (5months) to see my mom next week. My mom was sweet enough to by us first class tickets since its just me and baby and it’s a long (6hr) flight and she wants us to be comfortable. I just got into an argument with my husband’s friend cause he’s childfree and thinks we shouldn’t sit in first class because it will disturb other passengers there. And other people who paid thousands of dollars for a seat want peace during their flight and not a screaming baby.

My baby doesn’t scream. He’ll fuss if he’s hungry or sleepy but I doubt he’ll bother anyone with a couple minutes of fussing.

He called me selfish from wanting to fly first class with my baby. Said I shouldn’t fly at all and if I must, I should do it not in first class.

I told him he was an asshole and he could get the fuck out of my house. He thinks I was being dramatic and told my husband to “help her calm down”

Am I the asshole for thinking I have the right to fly however I want with my child? And being annoyed that he just wouldn’t let it go ?

The majority of commenters were stunned by the man’s level of entitlement, pointing out that regardless of how much he pays for a seat he is still travelling with other members of the public, who have also paid a large sum of money to travel in comfort.

Your friend seems to think that flights should be a certain way but they are public. That’s just how it is. Those people who can spend thousands should also spend $ for noise canceling headphones or private planes. No one who flies on commercial flights should feel entitled to silence, no babies, anything. It’s the equivalent of a public bus in the clouds. What a moron that guy is. (kkrolla)

So what, it’s okay for the peasants in economy to be disturbed by a baby? NTA. Plenty of people fly with younger babies, and you get to fly whatever class you want/can. (Level-Tangerine-8172)


Maybe I’m in the minority on this but even if a baby screams the entire flight the parents absolutely have the right to take a baby on the plane and sit anywhere they can afford to buy tickets. Flying on planes just sucks overall. Get some goddamn noise canceling headphones and get over it. (Mehmeh111111)

Others pointed out that her flight wasn’t going to impact him at all, and questioned why he was so worked up about it.

NTA. Why is he stressed about a bunch of strangers on a flight he won’t be on and isn’t paying for. (Rude_Independence_14)

However, some commenters thought that she was possibly being a little naïve to think that her baby wouldn’t cry on the flight.

It is fairly annoying to be in an airplane with a toddler. I call BS on the “my baby never screams” too lol. But I think neither of you are assholes, just opinionated. (Routine_Comb_8958)


 The reason babies often cry on flights is because the change in pressure can be painful for them. So I personally wouldn’t fly with a baby if I could avoid it, and I also wouldn’t assume that your baby won’t cry just because he usually doesn’t.

However, your friend is hilarious for suggesting that you should bother the peasants instead of the first class people with your screaming baby. You paid for the seat, you can sit in it. It’s a plane. There’s going to be noise. People know to bring headphones precisely because of this.  (RegrettableBiscuit)


The odds of your baby crying during the flight are high. And it will annoy people. Great news to everyone if he doesn’t but you should be prepared for it.

And on that matter, so should everyone else on that flight. Crying babies are a part of flying, and it is what it is. Your husband’s friend is an ass for framing it as strangers paying the price for your comfort, and I especially detest the implications that you’re “undeserving” of first class for it. (aledethanlast)

NTA, but you definitely can’t claim your baby doesn’t scream if they’ve never had pressurization in their ears. (Turbulent_Cheetah)

Some helpful commenters offered the new mum some practical advice to help if her baby did experience ear pain during the flight.

I got a great piece of advice when i flew with my then 8 month old son, give him something to suck on during take off and landing and it should help with ear pressure, it came in handy on the return flight i only wish i had this advice before the outward bound journey. (Affectionate-Tap1967)


This!! Babys often cry on planes because their ears have a hard time with the pressure change and will cry out of pain. They can’t comprehend why this weird painful thing is happening to them, so obviously they’ll cry. So yeah, sucking is a game changer. We tried to time the bottle for take off/landing. Also having pain meds on hand can help, in case it catches your baby really bad. (Possible-Way1234)

What do you think? Would you travel first class with your baby if you could? Or do you think it should be reserved for those flying without children?

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