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People Share the Hilarious Interactions They’ve Had with Random Strangers

Have you ever had a random interaction with a stranger that was so funny you can’t help but smile when you think back to it? When a stranger says something we don’t expect it can be hard not to burst into laughter right then and there, and often trying to stifle the laughter somehow just makes it even funnier!

We’ve compiled some of the best stories people have shared on Reddit of unexpectedly funny encounters people had with random strangers, to brighten your day!

I was helping a customer pick out a new bra and she said she wanted her breasts to be lifted. She said, “my boobs are so saggy that if my nipples were eyeballs, I’d be able to see if my shoes were untied”

I really tried my best to remain professional but I couldn’t stop laughing lol (BurkaBurrito)


As a children’s nurse, chaperoning a doctor checking a 6/7 year old boy with testicle pain. The boy very proudly stated ‘I’ve got the biggest willy in Year Two’. His dad immediately burst out laughing, me and the doc managed to keep it in until the doctor finished the exam and excused us and we both silently walked into a nearby empty room and absolutely lost it. (rycbar)

I was working at best buy and had a customer that was 92.

He asked the difference between two towers that were about $100 difference in price. I told him that for what he was going to use it for (he said email and Facebook) that they would both work fine, and that if anything the nicer one might last a bit longer.

He said “last longer? Man I’m 92. I don’t even buy green bananas”

Funniest thing I’ve ever heard. (SopwithStrutter)


I must’ve been about 10 or 11. I sat down on a bench next to an old guy to sort my shoe out. I took my shoe off and he just turns to me and says “are they golfing socks?” I look at him with a completely blank look on my face thinking “wtf??” as I looked away he just said “there’s a hole in one” (WinningToad)

When i was about 8 yrs old (40 some odd yrs ago) my mother and i were waiting to be seated at a restaurant, and an older gentleman was ahead of us also waiting. The waitress asked him if he’d be smoking (back when that was still a thing in restaurants), and he replied “no, but i may burst into flames later”. Young me laughed all through lunch at that, in fact it still makes me giggle lol. (SweetBabyJesus99)

I was at a 50th wedding anniversary party and there were LOTS of elderly people in attendance. An old man was standing next me and said “it looks like a fucking grave yard in here”. I literally spit my beer out (we were out doors). The kicker was the guy was close to the same age as everyone else. (deleted)

I was doing tech support over the phone for an internet company at a call center. I got a call from an elderly woman, because her internet stopped working. After checking remotely that the modem was working and that there was no issues on her area, I was scheduling a visit from one of our technician when she suddenly says:

-Oh, I know what happened. The cat was playing around the router yesterday?

-Right, you think it took a cable or something?

-No, he probably took away the Wi-Fi.

-You mean like he moved the router?

-No, no, he probably took the airwaves of the Wi-Fi. You know how cats see things we can’t, he surely say the Wi-Fi signal, grabbed it and took it away.

It took all my willpower to not laugh in her face and finish the call. (EITuxedoMex)


At a festival and sitting around the campfire when a very intoxicated man kept saying “I need to borrow your fireplace!” He wouldn’t let it go, despite being right by the fire. Turns out he needed a lighter for his cigarette and was so drunk that he forgot what it was called. My laughter was not internal. I died laughing right in front of him. (LisaPaBisa)

Little girl to me after I explain my service dog helps me when I’m sick: “oh, so he’s your dog-tor!”

Me, trying to keep a straight face: “yes, exactly.” (yenetruok)

I was sitting in a bus, opposite of a 3yo. He was picking his nose intensely several minutes. He finally pulled his tiny pointerfinger out, with an admittedly huge, green-ish booger. His face lit up in happiness and excitement, he struck his finger straight up in the middle of our 4 seat group and he screamed: „Look, mum, I finally found it!“. It made his day, his mother was embarrassed. (deleted)


I was in a Victoria’s Secret with my gf, and a guy, probably about in his 40s walks in and says in the most confident, normal voice “I’m gonna get a thong for my mother.”

We both tried not to laugh while he was right there but it didn’t work out too well. His wife (I’m assuming) cackled, so we decided it was safe to laugh anyways. (deleted)

I was in a full bathroom at a Cavs game using the urinal, and some guy walks up to use the urinal next to me. He then says “nice watch.” I was actually wearing a watch, so I said “thanks”, followed by “wait, what?”

We shared a laugh, and that was it. I still think it’s hilarious. (dmc32986)


When I used to work at a daycare, this random 3 year old was talking about heaven. He was saying how he wanted to go there. I asked him how he was going to get there (by flying or something like that). He looks at me and with the happiest voice ever he said “Well you could die!” It was unexpected, which made it hilarious. (MystikCynic)

I used to work at a gym in a small town. One morning this large man (who obviously works out a lot) comes in and pays to use the gym for the day. He then heads right over to the incline leg press, throws on around 150lb and starts using it. As he is using it he is grunting and moaning super loud like he is pushing a lot of weight (150lb for a man his size should have been no problem). This goes on for a minute or two and is starting to annoy other members. So, when he finally stops, he is breathing super loud and begins to strut around like he just broke a world record or something; when suddenly one of the other members shouts “It’s a boy!!!” and all the other members begin cheering and clapping as if this man just gave birth. I just about lost it! I had to dart into the back room so I could laugh my ass off!

I have never seen someone turn so red from embarrassment and leave so quickly. Easily one of my favorite stories from my time there! (Forest141)

I’m 6’0 tall. When I was in my twenties, I was walking down a city street wearing a miniskirt and some random guy said to me, “Girl, it must take you all day to shave those legs.”

I still remember it decades later. (MarvinPgh)

Have you had a memorable exchange with a random stranger that still makes you laugh?

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