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People Share the Worst April Fools’ Jokes They’ve Witnessed

April’s Fools’ Day jokes can be fun if they are done well and everyone thinks they are funny, including the intended ‘victim.’ However, not everyone manages to quite pull off their pranks, as a recent Reddit thread discussing the worst April Fools’ jokes shows.

Here’s some of the best…of the worst!

I stayed up late and then switched the sugar with salt by the coffee machine.

The following morning I proceeded to wake up and make myself a steaming hot cup of salted coffee because I’m an idiot. (Handymancs)


In high school, we had a kid from another country who was very excited about his first April Fool’s Day.  

He came to class with a big smile and told us about the prank he pulled on his mom that morning. Before he left for school, he told her, “Mom, I got my girlfriend pregnant.” She cried and cried.    (Moal)


We were all giddy and asked him, “So what did she do when you said ‘April Fools?’” 

His eyes got big and he said, “Wait, what? I didn’t tell her ‘April Fools.’” He didn’t know that you were supposed to tell them that it was a prank. He left his poor mom freaking out all day. 

I saw one where these two guys pretended that they had won the lottery and the mum was sobbing of joy and then they told her it was an April fool’s joke and she looked devastated. It might not be the most ‘damaging’ joke, but damn that hurt my heart. (HiThisIsMichael)


A year or two ago, I decided to set up two small pranks for my girlfriend the night before April Fool’s.

First, I put a couple of macaroni noodles under the toilet seat. So she’d sit on it and hear a breaking/cracking noise.

Second, I put some plastic wrap across her walk-in closets door. So she’d go to walk into her closet and walk right into the wrap.

What I forgot was that she worked VERY early that day. So she had to get up for work around 3:30 AM. So she wasn’t in the best mood.

I woke up that morning and she was already gone for work. I checked the toilet and the noodles were still under the seat, but had been crushed. The plastic wrap was gone from her closet.

I got a text from her halfway through the day. She said she had put in a maintenance request to our apartment complex because she thought she had broken the toilet. She said the maintenance guy should be there within an hour or so and asked if I could quickly clean the bathroom before he got there.

I thought she was screwing with me, so I called her out. That’s when she sent a screenshot of the email from our apartment complex. I was still skeptical. So I called the office and asked if we had a maintenance request. The lady on the phone said she didn’t see anything, but if the ticket had already been accepted OR the maintenance guy was already on his way, she wouldn’t have been able to see it.

So, I ended up cleaning the entire bathroom. Just in case she WASN’T messing with me, I didn’t want some poor maintenance guy to have to see our gross bathroom.

She was messing with me. She spoofed the email. And she ended up getting a spotless bathroom when she got home lol. (ScrapDraft)


My grandma had just died. The ashes were split between her three daughters, and they arrived for my Mom on April 1st. I’m visiting her during lockdowns and working from home. She comes over, her face completely shocked and says “they sent us the wrong ashes”. 

I go from calm to almost at seeing red in about half a second. I’m like “they had one job! How the hell do you send a family the wrong ashes!? Let me see the shipping receipt.” I’m ready to start raising hell with the funeral home when she hands me the paperwork. It has my grandma’s name right across the top.

I look up super confused, and she calmly says “April Fools.” And that folks, is a once in a lifetime joke. (mind_blight)


I’m a culinary instructor. Every year I empty a jar of mayonnaise and refill it with vanilla pudding. Sit at my desk and eat from the jar to the horror of my students. (DevoALMIGHTY)


In college my roommates found out that you could laser etch images into toast. They etched an image of Jesus. No mistaking it, plain as day. Plopped it into a toaster and took it out, mentioning that it kind of looked like Jesus. Our roommate bought it. Completely believed that it was done by chance by the toaster. He started trying to figure how much he could sell it for on eBay. This went on for days before he stumbled upon the practice toast. (fadedhound)

My boss at the time thought it would be funny to tell me I was fired and had me pack up my things, escort me out of the building and when I got to my car told me April fools! I found it to be in poor taste but didnt say anything, however people talked in the office and it eventually got to HR where she was written up. (daveyhh)


I’ve always had an irrational fear of natural disasters. When I was younger my dad thought it’d be a hilarious prank to tell me an asteroid was gonna hit our city and we were all gonna die because there wasn’t enough time to evacuate.

He didn’t stop until I was a blubbering sobbing wreck. He thought it was hilaaaarious.

We don’t talk anymore. (ImonitBoss)


A few years ago a friend of mine was on a family holiday in the Lake District. While at the holiday camp bar one night, my friends sister in law entered a competition to win a new car. My friend took the piss as nobody ever wins these things etc.

Fast forward a few months to April fools. My mate gets his pal to call up his sister in law and tell her she’s won the car. He had taken the name of the competition organisers and did such a convincing job that the sister in law was over the moon! Told her the car would be delivered next week.

My mate was laughing his arse off at how silly she was and was looking forward to seeing her waiting for a car that was never showing up. Later that day my friends wife calls him (unaware of the prank) and tells him how lucky her sister was after all. He tell his wife about the prank. She was not impressed but he convinced her to keep quiet for 2 days until their big family meal when he would come clean.

Family meal rolls round and they are all at the table. Sister in law starts going on about the competition and how she is actually lucky. Not only has she won a car but has managed to sell her current car to someone.

Now she has no car and my mate has to come clean in front of the whole family that she in fact did not win and it was all a hoax. It did not go down very well at all. (MassiveBeatdown)


It was a great prank gone wrong, not a bad prank.

For a bunch of years i would get up early and rig up trip lines to dead fall traps all over the house that would drop couch cushions and pillows on people when triggered. One year my wife triggered one coming in the door on her way home from work. The trap worked perfect and the couch cushions swung down on her like an ewok log trap about to crush an AT-ST. Problem was she had our cat in her arms and when the cushions hit the cat exploded into fangs and claws and shredded my wife.

I got enough shit for that that i haven’t boobytrapped the house in 10 years… maybe it’s time to try again. (armourkris)

What’s the worst April Fool’s Day joke you’ve seen?

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