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Pump Kurly Kids Review: Hair Products for Kids with Curly Hair

When my sister and I were kids, we longed for straight hair. We’d look around at our friends and envy their neat, manageable hair. However, by the latter half of the 90’s most of those friends were sporting spiral perms and we learnt about such things as ‘afro combs’ and ‘styling mousse.’ Wait. What? So, it was a mistake to take to our curls every morning and brush them into an enormous frizzy halo like our mum had taught us? It was quite the revelation! Goodbye frizzy mess, hello defined bouncy curls! As we grew older and learnt how to properly care for our curls, we grew to love them and vowed never to subject our future children to the awful curl-destroying techniques we’d unwittingly been subjected to as children.

Fast forward to today, my sister and I have four children between us, three of which have inherited our curls. Whilst my kids are now in their teens and are starting to get a handle on how to maximise their curls and minimise the frizz (no mean feat sometimes in the humid Queensland climate) my 2-year-old niece is very unimpressed with any activities that involve her hair. In fact, my sister goes as far as to say she absolutely hates having anything done to her hair, which is very unfortunate for her as she was born with an incredible amount of the stuff, and already has unusually long hair for her age. People regularly stop them in the street or at the shopping mall to comment about my niece’s beautiful hair, but for my sister it has been starting to feel like an impossible task just getting a comb through it.

When the opportunity arose to trial some hair care products designed especially for children with curls, I knew that little Fluff would be the perfect candidate. Having used Pump hair care products myself in the past, I had high hopes for the Kurly Kidz products which promise ‘gentle care for your kids while reducing knots and frizz.’ As for my sister, she was keen to try anything that might make doing her daughter’s hair easier.

The Pump Kurly Kidz Hair Products Range

The Pump Kurly Kidz collection is gentle on curly hair and perfect for toddlers and kids of all ages with nourishing ingredients and amino acids to strengthen and protect. All the Pump products are free from sulphates, parabens, phthalates, talc and oxybenzone and are cruelty free and made here in Australia.

The Pump Kurly Kidz Hibiscus Infused Shampoo

The hibiscus infused shampoo is packed with ingredients that help to nourish your child’s hair, such as white tea leaf, and hibiscus extract to hydrate the hair. It also contains natural amino acids and organic argan oil to strengthen the hair.

The Pump Kurly Kidz Argan Infused Conditioner

The Kurly Kidz conditioner is infused with argan butter to return shine to your child’s curls and provide moisture all the way from the scalp to the ends, leaving them soft and knot-free. It also contains vitamin B5 and avocado oil which strengthens and increase the hairs shine.

The Pump Kurly Kidz Papaya Infused Leave-in Spray

The papaya infused detangling spray doubles as a leave-in conditioner used to get knots out of your child’s hair and is perfect to refresh curls on non-wash days. It contains coconut oil and aloe vera, which tames frizz, heals breakage, promotes healthy hair growth, and will leave your child with shiny hair.

The Pump Kurly Kidz Curl Jelly

The curl jelly is perfect for enhancing curl definition and setting your child’s curls in place. It’s formulated with kiwi seed oil and Aloe vera for moisturising dry, knotty curls, and Baobab seed protein for long-term strengthening. The best part is that it leaves no stickiness or crunchy texture.

Pump Kurly Kidz Yellow Comb

The Pump Kurly Kids comb is a friendly, wide tooth comb that has a sturdy feel to handle the thickest hair. The fork like points leave enough space so as not to pull or frizz up curls, perfect for getting out knots when your child’s hair is wet.

Pump Kurly Kidz Hair Towel

This adorable Kurly Kidz Hair Towel makes drying your kid’s hair after bath or shower time quicker and easier. Great for the ‘plop’ technique.

The Verdict

Firstly, before we get into the before and after photos, let me just say that the products smell divine. Kids have an amazing capacity to get dirty in all manner of creative ways, and being very much an outdoorsy kind of kid, Fluff is no exception. Whilst she loves a bath, she has never been a fan of having her luscious locks washed, but having her own products that are special just for her, have gone a long way to changing her mind. She likes the way they smell, and her mum told her it’s what mermaids use to wash their hair. So, she’s gone from tears and tantrums on wash days to being excited to wash her hair! Yes, toddlers are fickle creatures!

The other things that have made the world of difference to keeping her curls not only looking lovely, but also knot-free, is the leave-in spray in combination with the yellow comb. My sister, (having learnt her lesson from her own frizzy-haired childhood) only brushes my niece’s hair when it is wet after a bath. Prior to discovering the Kurly Kidz products Fluff hated having her hair brushed.

However, the yellow comb allows my sister to comb through her daughter’s hair without any pain or pulling, which has resulted in a much more positive experience for both of them.

As you can see from the before and after photos, the Kurly Kidz products have made a huge difference to the definition and manageability of her curls. We love that it doesn’t contain any nasties and is made here in Australia. Having products specifically for kids is hugely important to us too. Products designed for adults often contain heavy firm-forming conditioners and aggressive surfactants that aren’t suitable for little people. Also, having suffered with our own bad hair days as children far too often, it’s really important to us to help our kids form a routine that helps them learn how to manage their hair, so they can go out into the world feeling confident about themselves and about their appearance.

If you have children with curly hair, we highly recommend the Pump Kurly Kidz range. My sister won’t be using anything else from now on!

Head to the Pump Hair Care website and check out the Kurly Kidz collection for yourself.

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