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Samantha Armytage Is Slammed by the Media for Wearing ‘Granny Panties’

Samantha Armytage Is Slammed by the Media for Wearing ‘Granny Panties’


I really kinda wish that wasn’t a headline but it is. Channel 7’s Samantha Armytage has been publicly criticised for wearing “granny panties” while minding her own business picking up a few groceries on a Sunday morning. This is news, people. This is what passes for journalism in 2016:


Not only did Daily Mail Australia shame the popular Sunrise presenter for her choice of undergarments, they also called her dating life into question like that was any of their business as well.

A line has been crossed here, and it’s not just Samantha’s visible panty line.

samantha armytage

Daring to bare, the caption screamed. DARING TO BARE. Since when is a comfortable, fashionable, casual summer dress with normal, everyday knickers classed as ‘daring to bare’?

More than 90% of the population wear “oversized granny panties” if that’s what the disgraceful Daily Mail want to call sensible, comfortable underpants.

Are we all supposed to slink around in sexy g-bangers 24/7 like a Victoria’s Secret model seconds before she stomps down a catwalk? I missed that memo. Shit. I suppose my make-up free face and pulled back hair is unacceptable as well.

“She had her blonde locks tied back into a short ponytail, while shielding her eyes with a pair of designer glasses. Sam appeared to be makeup free during her outing, as she clutched shopping bags filled with fresh fish from popular store, Bondi Surf Seafoods.”

Too right, did Samantha not know that she was meant to be perfectly coiffed with all the makeup on for a Sunday morning stroll to the fish markets?

If the unwarranted and inappropriate attacks on her physical appearance weren’t enough, the trashy tabloid went on to speculate on Sam’s personal life, linking her to “more than one media colleague over the last week.”


So not only is she a granny panty wearing beast, but now she’s some sort of turbo ho throwing her cat at multiple men each week, according to this shitty media outlet that many people claim to be a legitimate source of news journalism.

Sam hit back at this speculation via her Instagram account, posting an image which included the following caption.

“I urge all of you half-sensible people out there not to read/buy this rubbish. And certainly not to believe it. Where’s the integrity in ‘journalism’ these days?”

So what did the shameful tabloid respond with?

Another article, complete with loads of photos of her with different men and a headline screaming that she’s “NOT dating anyone.” Plus, a video! With a fun caption!

This is a screen grab, not an actual video. It will not play no matter how many times you click on it.

I would like to take a little moment out of my day to set a couple of things straight for this particular tabloid, and for shitty media outlets all over the world.

SAMANTHA ARMYTAGE AND WOMEN EVERYWHERE CAN WEAR WHAT THEY WANT. We don’t have to conform to any stereotype or standard set by anyone else but ourselves. We do what we want. If we want to wear big old comfy knickers, we will. If we want to wear a sexy g-string, we will. It’s no one’s business but our own.

SAMANTHA ARMYTAGE AND WOMEN EVERYWHERE CAN DATE WHO THEY WANT. Not your business to speculate and start rumours. End of.

LEAVE SAMANTHA ARMYTAGE ALONE AND CONCENTRATE ON ACTUAL NEWS. Just an idea. Less childish news articles about underpants would be a good start.


We got your back, Sam. Wear whatever knickers you want and we’ll do the same.


Jill Slater

Jill Slater

Jill is a busy wife and mother of four young children. She loves nothing more than making people giggle, and loves to settle in with a glass of wine (or four) and wander about the internet. Feel free to follow her to see all the cool stuff she finds!

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