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Teen Officially Changes Her Name to Be Rid of Her Parents’ Creative Spelling

We all know someone who gets fed up with having their name mispronounced or having to spell it out to people due to an unusual spelling. One teen, deciding she’d had enough of the inconvenience once and for all decided to officially change her name to make life easier. However, her parents were not happy when they discovered what she had done.

My parents named me “Emily” but instead of spelling it Emily, they spelled it “Emileigh” because they wanted me to have “options” for my name. So I could be Em, Emmy, Leigh, etc. The spelling has caused so many problems for me. People will forget themselves and spell my name Emily and then realize it’s not how mine is spelled. I had teachers in grade school think I was being funny trying to spell my name Emileigh. So some teachers let me write Emily on school work and even some tests and we’d say nothing. They knew it was a PITA for me. My friends all write Emily if they refer to me. And I always knew I would change it. I did about four months ago when I turned 18 and my parents only realized when I started getting stuff addressed to “Emily Jones” instead of “Emileigh Jones”. My parents started saying I should call and yell at the people who spelled my name wrong and I told them it wasn’t wrong, I had changed it. I never told them I was doing it because I knew they wouldn’t like it. And I was right. They went on and on about how the spelling they gave me was the better choice and wasn’t as bad as I always made out. I told them I kept the name, it’s just spelled the correct way and the way people will actually remember it. They complained some more and I told them to get over it because they don’t have to live with people questioning their capability of spelling their own name and such an easy name at that.


People in the comments were sympathetic to the young woman’s plight, with many having had similar experiences with their own name.

NTA, parents think they are being so smart with the ‘original’ names they ‘come up with’. As if incomprehensible names because of the spelling is a trend. You are right, they dont have to live with their poor choices, you do.

I have a very common name in my country, but it can be spelled in 3 usual different names and most will write it wrong, I always have to spell and be annoyed. So I go by the shorter version of the name (only 1 spelling). I can only imagine how annoying it is to have a common name that most people wont pronounce as it should, just because the ‘original’ spelling makes it impossible to figure out how it is pronounced. (Lucys243)


Nta. My name is one of those names. Can’t be spelled or said correctly usually. Can never find anything with my name on it.

That’s why I gave my kids simple, classic, common names. They can always come up with a nickname for something unique if they want but at least they aren’t starting off life with frustration. (Exotic-Army4006)

NTA. Only someone with an unusually spelled name can relate. Mine is not as different as yours, but you constantly have to spell your name to doctors, utility companies, banks, etc.

That is not to mention the variety of comments about the spelling. “Your parents must hate you” Where are you from? Is that the foreign spelling?

Good for you for doing what will make your life easier. (shelltrice)


People did not buy the parents excuse that they wanted her to have options.


they wanted me to have “options” for my name.

I find it interesting they wanted you to have options, but also they feel they have a say in the option you chose. They sold themselves as being open to change, open for you to make your own choices and have the option to make your name what you wanted…

But now you’ve done that, and now they are angry, because it wasn’t about you having options… It was about them trying to show they had quirky, individual tastes.

Many people expressed scorn for ridiculous and made-up names that some parents choose, saying that people need to remember they are naming a baby that will one day be a person, not just an extension of themselves.


You’ve lived with the spelling long enough that you know what a pain it was and you made a decision for your sanity. (coastalkid92)


NTA. I hate creative spelling, and I always felt so badly for kids whose parents did that to them when I was a teacher. And your parents’ argument makes no sense– you’ve chosen the name you want to be called, so you no longer have the need for ‘options’. (Ok_childhood_9774)

One mum also shared her experience of having a child that decided to change their name.

My son legally changed his name to something completely different than what I named him. You know what I call him? His new name. Your parents need to love and respect you. You made a smart decision for you. The only thing you might have done is give them some warning, so they didn’t find out in with the mail. (My husband and I actually went to my son’s court date, so we could support him in his name change.) (everellie)

What do you think? Would you support your child to change their name if they really disliked the one you gave them?

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