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The Clever Features of Common Items You Probably Don’t Know About

We are probably all guilty of scrolling on our phones, watching and reading far more mind-numbing content than we care to admit. But every now and then we stumble across something that isn’t just useful and interesting, it actually has the potential to add value to our day-to-day lives. Luckily for you, this is it! We discovered a thread on Reddit in which people are sharing the features of common items that aren’t widely known, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ones here for you. Prepare to have your mind blown!


Netflix has a Fitness or Exercise genre where you can watch and workout alongside videos. (TalkShitGetWitt)


Apple camera comes pre installed with a feature that translates those laundry symbols. (Maria-Stryker)


Barilla Pasta has a Spotify list. Each specific song has a duration to match the relevant pasta’s cook time (toasted-marchmallow0)


When you are writing in Microsoft word or Outlook and accidentally leave caps lock on, select the text and press Shift F3. It will change the text between upper and lower case, and there’s a third option to make the first letter of each word upper case too.

Always seems to blow peoples minds when I tell them. (ExcitedAmusing)


With Google Maps on your phone, when traveling to someone, you can let them know exactly where you are so they can track your progress.

Open maps, tap your account icon at the top right, tap location sharing, and you have the option to share your location for a set amount of time (like an hour). You can then tap to send this location sharing directly to a person or to send it through a text message. The other person can now know where you are along your journey. This way they can better prepare for your arrival. (gt24)


You can use the Notes app on your iPhone as a scanner. Start a note, hit the camera icon, and it will give you the option to scan a document. You can do single or batch, and if you share the note or email it to yourself, it will come through as a PDF.

The “scan text” feature below that one is great too; instead of creating a PDF, it’ll import printed (or some handwritten, depending on how tidy your writing is!) text into your note. You just hover over a doc and it’ll pop up as text. (Croque_mademoiselle)


If the camera app is open on your cellphone, pressing the volume button will take a photo. Handy for when you’re trying to get a group selfie and the on-screen button is in an awkward position.

Also: holding the volume button will record video. (NatCairns85)


The iPhone has a plant identifier built in. Take a picture of a plant you want to identify. Pull up from the bottom and there will be an option to “Look up plant”. It’s not always 100% but still pretty cool. (goodtimeskid)


Netflix has added an incredible amount of games to their catalog in the last year and almost no one utilizes it. Like $20 games (ex: Immortality) included with base membership. (TheDadThatGrills)


On an airplane, the aisle armrest goes up so that you can get out easier. There’s a button underneath that unlocks it. (CX872)


iRobot has a “Poop Insurance” incase your pet ever poops everywhere and your Roomba runs over it. If you send them photo proof, they send you a brand new robot for free. It’s happened to myself as well as a couple people I know and they’re so mad that they never knew. (LDomingo26)


The little petrol pump symbol on the fuel gauge of cars that points to which side the filler cap it. Extremely useful if you hire a lot of cars, but many seem never to have noticed it. (fussyfella)


Samsung phones can wirelessly charge other phones. It’s hidden in the quick panel, click the plus icon, and add the icon “wireless power sharing” to your click panel. Then just tap on the icon you added, and you can charge any semi modern phone by pressing their backs up against each other.

(Not sure if this feature exists on the low-end phones) (Goatsbigandfat)


Vegetable peelers have a hoop on the end that looks like it’s used to hang it up but it’s for scooping out they eye of a potatoe. (PaperPhoneBox)


I’m not sure if this is relevant in other countries but most ceiling fans in Australia have a winter/summer switch which allows the fan to direct either cold or warm air to the ground. (Fuzball69)

What would you add to the list?

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