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TikTok Party Ideas Your Teen Definitely Won’t Think Are Lame

If you’ve been a teen, you’ve been to a party that’s been totally lame and you don’t want it to be yours! We’ve scoured TikTok and found some of the best birthday party ideas clever content creators have come up with 👀

Whether it be themes, cake designs, activities or food, they’ve got it covered and are here to make sure you do, too!


There are so many different party themes on TikTok, we’ve found a handful that stand out from the crowd and would make your child’s special day even more memorable! We’ve left glitter off the list because we all know that you’ll be finding glitter in every crack and crevasse for the next 18 years.


There’s some crazy neon and glow in the dark themes out there, and after looking at the décor, drinks and food platters, we think it’s a theme your teen will absolutely LOVE! Colours, lights, the dark and some great vibes! 💚 Get the glowsticks, the LED colour changing strips, the crazy coloured sunglasses and all your teens friends to come and celebrate their special day 💛

@ariannymartee Neon bday party💚decoration by @ms.yessy #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo #neon #neonparty #partytheme #partyideas ♬ Love Tonight – David Guetta Remix – Shouse


Let your teen and their friends fly through to cloud 9 without ever leaving the ground with some cloud and sky décor and colours. Grab some fishing wire, cotton, balloons, fairy lights and some sparkles to top it all off and bring it all together. It’ll be a day they and their friends never forget!

@stephanieprosa♬ In Da Club – 50 Cent

Favourite TV Show or Movie

Whether it’s Pokémon, Star Wars, Tangled, Wednesday Adams or Shadow and Bone, there will be décor and activities you can do that will push the theme to the next level. Scavenger hunts, nerf battles, punch it’s, colouring in or pin the tail on the Ponyta. Let the movie experience come to life and send your teen and their friends into the fantasy land they all love!


@rachnaxo my friends throw the cutest birthday parties & i’m always coming to tiktok to find party theme ideas so figured i’d make a series out of it to help others hehe 💌 happy birthday nav ily so much 🫶🏼 #partythemeidea #party #birthdaytheme #21 #partyideas #tangled #disney #college #birthdaygirl #decor #tangledrapunzel #desi #browntiktok ♬ Kingdom Dance – From “Tangled”/Score – Alan Menken

@yourlocalideass Birthday Party Theme Ideas! 🎉 #birthday #birthdayparty #ideas #yourlocalideass #CapCut #fyp ♬ original sound – hazel💕


There’s definitely some proved and true party snacks that are a staple. You can’t go without the chips, lollies, cookies and cupcakes or your teens friends will end up “Not Happy, Jan!”. There’s some other hidden gems out there, though. There’s also been people who’ve gone all out with some sliders, but just remember that the finger foods and fruit platters are the hidden gems that will keep guests returning to the food table. If you’re feeling a little bit extra, make sure to keep your food table themed to the party theme! There’s so many different ways you can incorporate colours, movies, tv shows or other interests into a design and it’ll bring a bit of extra life to the whole event!

@pharmfoods_ 💞 #DayMeNightMe #InstaxChallenge #fyp #foryou #birthday #decor #food #desi #cake #setup #party #tiktokfood #birthdaygirl ♬ Happy Birthday To Yo – m.okubo

@tigga_mac PULL APART CAKES ARE MY NEW FAV THING EVER. 🤩 #tiggamac #okiedokie #cakevideo #pullapartcake #cupcakepullapart #grogu #mandalorian #babyyoda #caketok #starwars #starwarscake ♬ original sound – Tigga Maccormack

Birthday Cake

The part that makes the day so very extra special, the cake! If you’re feeling artistic and want to make one yourself, there’s lots of ways you can turn it up a notch with flavours, colours, decorations or all of that and more 😍

Cartoon Cake

There was a recent trend in 2022 where cake TikTok influencers made a cake looking like it’s straight out of a cartoon! A cartoon cake would be perfect for those colour themed or neon birthday parties! If your teen is a fondant fan and it suits the birthday theme, this could be the cake that sets their birthday apart from all the others!


@tigga_mac THE END RESULT EXCEEDED MY OWN EXPECTATIONS. 🤩 #tiggamac #okiedokie #cakevideo #comiccake #cartooncake #caketrends #cakedecorator #caketutorial ♬ original sound – Tigga Maccormack

Game Themed

Just LOOK AT IT?? How could you pass up something as extravagant as this? It’s chocolate, which is usually always a winner, it could be changed up for any of your teens interests and it’s decorative enough to send the partygoers on a sugar high for at least the next three years! Toblerone optional depending on if it makes it to the cake 🤫

@tigga_mac THE END RESULT EXCEEDED MY OWN EXPECTATIONS. 🤩 #tiggamac #okiedokie #cakevideo #comiccake #cartooncake #caketrends #cakedecorator #caketutorial ♬ original sound – Tigga Maccormack

🌈 Rainbow 🌈

Colours make the eyes go round! Your teen will take one look at this and their jaw will DROP! Their friends won’t know what hit them (it was all the colours and sugars). It’ll bring a showstopping aspect to an already amazing party!

@drippycakes 🌈Rainbow Bday Cake🌈 i didnt rly like how the stripes turned out bc i was going for a cleaner look but i think it turned out fine either way. Also tysm for 90k!!! #rainbowcake #bdaycake #bdaygirl #cake #cakedecorating #cakeideas ♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) – Kate Bush

Heart Shaped Cake

Want to take that extra step and make a shaped cake but not sure how to start? Tigga_Mac has you covered in their heart shaped cake hack! ❤️

@tigga_mac Replying to @Sophie NO HEART TIN? No worries!! ❤️#tiggamac #okiedokie #cakehack #cakevideo #cakedecorator #cakedecorating #heartcake #valentinescake ♬ original sound – Tigga Maccormack

So now you know HOW you can make it, what are you going to do with it once you’ve got it underway? Will it be movie or TV show themed? Colour themed? Or will it be filled with writing and littered with decorations?

Simple and Elegant

And if you’re looking for a cake that can stand on it’s own two feet without all the insane effort, an elegant and simple cake is the way to go! There’s ways to make it a little more fancy without going over the top. Edible gold leaf, sprinkles and maybe a beautiful little sign on a stand would elevant your teens cake to the next level without being over the top

@drippycakes Here was the birthday cake I made for me and @livia.benson 16th bday!! #fudgecake #fudgechocolate #chocolatecake #chocolate #chocolatelover #cakedesign #cakeideas #16thbirthday ♬ original sound

Party Activities

The last touch to take the birthday party to the extreme, the activities that will have your teen and their friends huddled over with laughter, relaxing, on edge for the next “ooooh” moment or racing against each other rather that watching the clock!

Pool or Spa

If you have a pool or a spa, it’ll give your teen and their friends a place to retreat to, enjoy each other’s company and have a chance to relax and unwind! Plus, there’s plenty of games to play when you’ve got a pool involved, from something as silly as competitive doggy paddling, to team games and diving for pool toys, there’s loads of activities to keep the whole group entertained!

Slumber Party Activities

Get the best friends, the matching Pyjamas, good food, some face masks, nail kits and let your teen and their besties have the time of their lives!

@krista_says Replying to @emalybrown thank you! The girls had such a great time! As a mom, I loved doing this for my daughter & her best friends. I saw so many smiles and heard lots of laughter. #fyp #fypシ #birthdaygirl #birthdayparty #birthdaypartyideas #birthdaypartydecoration #13thbirthday #13thbirthdayparty #13thbirthdaypartyideas ♬ Girlz Wanna Have Fun – MATTN & Stavros Martina & Kevin D

Little Party Games

We all know the classics like pass the parcel, but there’s newer team games out there now and we think a team prize might make it all that bit more fun!


@clhouse.celebnetwork Easy Game (ib: @🍀DZEN HOUSE🍀) #clhouse #celebnetwork #poolparty #game #cltv #TetMaiMan ♬ оригинальный звук – 🍀DZEN HOUSE🍀

Although these are Christmas themed mini-games, just remember that you can makes these suit any theme. They’re loads of fun and will have everyone in stitches with laughter, we just know it!


@jphomeskw Are you looking for games for teenagers? These Christmas party games were a hit check them out!! #teenpartyideas #christmasgames #teens #christmaspartygames #funnygames ♬ original sound – Jennifer Patton

Balloon Stomp

You read correct! Balloon stomp! It’s as simple as string to tie an inflated balloon around the ankles of the partygoers and then they battle it out! The last one standing is the winner. If you want to make it tougher, make the area smaller the fewer players there are still in the game 🎈💢

@pamperedchefwithbritt Balloon Stomp!! Great group game! We played this with 16 middle school girls, they all played…nobody was hurt! Took a 260 balloon (the long skinny ones) and tied a regular balloon to it, the girls looped it around their ankles #groupgame #game #teengame #teengamers #partygame #christmasparty #christmas #party #partygame #foryou #foryoupage #cheapgame #inexpensive #budgetfriendly ♬ Epic Sport Win Power Competition Olympic Action 2-11s – stockmusic331

With TikTok influencers giving us ideas for themes, food for all, cake inspiration and even a bunch of activities to keep everyone entertained, we hope your teens birthday is one for the record books!

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