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Girl Invites All The Kids To Her Birthday That Never Get Asked To Parties

Girl Invites All The Kids To Her Birthday That Never Get Asked To Parties


A six year old girl decided to forego a party with her friends instead deciding to invite all the children with special needs from her class that never get party invites.

When a child chooses who to invite to their birthday party usually top of the list is their closest friends. Not so with this QLD six year old who wanted to give the special needs kids in her class an opportunity to attend a party. She said she was pretty sure it would be the only one they’d be invited to that year and she could have a party with her friends the following year.

Speaking to Kidspot, the mother explained how she started receiving calls from the kid’s parents who thought the invite must have been a mistake. they didn’t want their child to attend the party if that meant it would spoil it for everyone else.

“They were worried their kid may ruin the party for my daughter,” the Queensland mum said. “Once I explained to them she really wanted their child there – they decided to come and were very thankful to my daughter for showing love and acceptance.”

The mum says that being a single mum she could only afford to host 10 kids for her daughter’s pizza party. When she told her daughter this, she was surprised to learn she only wanted to invite all the special needs kids and not her usual playmates.

“I thought she would have invited her friends… but not one of them made it to the invite list,” she says. “Instead, she invited all the kids who never get invited to parties.

Her daughter attends an integrated education school and gets to see first hand that many of the children with autism and ADHD were always excluded from birthday parties.

“She said she can have a party with her friends another year – but this might be the only party for the year these kids are invited to,” mum explained. “She mentioned how sad they looked not getting an invite when they were handed out at school.”

What an incredibly proud moment for this QLD mum who says, “As a single mum, you hope you are doing enough and giving all you can to help them become a good person. It’s times like these when you think: ‘phew I have done OK so far’. As my daughter has a heart of gold and can often see a side to people that others don’t see. She is very aware of other people’s emotions and knew inviting these kids would mean a lot to them.”

The party was a huge success for all the kids including the birthday girl. “They all had a fantastic time playing together. At the end of the day, she said seeing the smiles on everyone’s face was the best part of her birthday,” she says. “I could have easily said no to her original list and picked the kids I wanted to come to her party – but instead I let her create happiness and joy for others. It’s an important lesson in listening to your kids and understanding where they are coming from.”


Images: Pixabay

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Chrystal Lovevintage

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