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Woman Asks if She Was Wrong to Make Her Pregnant Sister Clean Up After Her Son

Being pregnant can be extremely exhausting, especially in the third trimester. But, does growing a human inside you and the fatigue it brings excuse you of the responsibility of cleaning up a mess made by your child? Apparently, one woman thinks it means exactly that!

Taking to the popular Subreddit, AmItheAsshole, one woman explains how a catch up at her home with her pregnant sister and 8-year-old nephew took a sudden turn for the worst. Using the bathroom after her nephew, the woman was disgusted to find that the toilet seat and floor had all been urinated on! Turning to her pregnant sister to clean up after her son, the sister explained that she was incredibly tired and asked the woman to clean it herself.

So, the question is, is the woman an arsehole for refusing to clean up her nephew’s urine and making her pregnant sister clean up after her own child?

AITA for not cleaning up after my nephew and making my pregnant sister do it?

I (28F) live with my husband (32M) and we have no children. We finally bought out own home, and moved in last month. My sister, Tess, has a son (8M) and they came over for the first time yesterday.

My husband wasn’t at home, so it was just us 3 there. Tess is currently 7 months pregnant with her second child. The issue started with my nephew asking me where the bathroom was, I showed him. He was in the bathroom for about 2 minutes and he came out and everything was fine, until I went in there. I went in and he peed on the floor and toilet seat instead of in the actual toilet, there was a lot. I come out asking Tess to come in here and I showed her.

I asked her if she can clean up, and she said she was way too tired to clean and asked me to do it. I told her that is disgusting and she is capable of cleaning up after her son. She then told me if I was being serious and that she’s pregnant and it’s hard to clean up. I ask her what she does at her home and if she even cleans there and she got pissed at me and reluctantly cleaned it up.

Tess eventually left, she gave me a cold look before she left and hasn’t spoken to me since besides the text “fuck off”. Word got to my mom, and I got a call from her telling me that she cannot believe that I’d make Tess do that, and that I’ll never understand pregnancy (she knows I’m childfree), and I don’t understand how tiring is it to be pregnant. I feel like I’m going crazy here. My husband agrees with what I did but my mom and sister are not so happy with me. AITA?

We all know that, sometimes, boys just can’t aim, but all over the floor and toilet seat? One commenter said:

“NTA. Her EIGHT year old son should have cleaned it, unless he has a medical issue.

I’m 9 months pregnant, literally due any second, and I am fully capable of cleaning up after my two kids. I would be horrified if my kids did that in someone else’s home!”

I tend to agree with the commenter on that one. Why isn’t the 8 year old who made the mess the one who’s cleaning it up? They’re old enough to know how to aim, let alone clean up after themselves if they make a mess!

Another commenter has agreed with the previous comment with:

“Oh god I missed his age somehow and assumed it was a toddler, barely done potty training. I was already leaning towards NTA but the fact that he’s a THIRD GRADER cements it. Honestly, OP should’ve made the kid clean it up, he’s old enough to learn how.”

There’s still hope in the future for the 8-year-old, but they definitely have to be held accountable for cleaning up after themselves!

So, what do you think? Is OP TA for making their 7 months pregnant sister clean up after their son?

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