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Mothers Day at Little Crew!

Mothers Day at Little Crew!

How exciting.  I would like to say hello and thank you to Emma and her team at Mum’s Lounge for inviting Little Crew to come on board and make a contribution each week.   I know I will bring you some great, fun and exciting features in the near future that you will enjoy just like on Little Crew. This week I thought I would share with you a couple of cool Mothers day Ideas……..There are quite a number of fabulous ideas that Little Crew have brought to you including the Babyjo Ladies Pyjamas.  Jo at Babyjo Bamboo has created an absolutely stunning range of designer pyjamas for ladies  that are made from bamboo and are incredibly soft, luxurious and  something that you should definitely consider for yourself, especially  at the price of $67.95 per set!!!   For those who have felt the range of Bamboo Baby wear and blankets,  these pyjamas are for you!  You may recall the Babyjo Bamboo Blanket feature, if that’s anything to go by then you won’t have any qualms about buying a pair of these, Available in 3 sizes.  Called Mine by Babyjo I strongly suggest you hint at getting your family to buy you a pair of these!

The other fabulous idea is from (minimink) and their awesome Hot water bottle covers. 
They are delightful, soft and ever so warm and with a hot water  bottle in them you can just imagine how gorgeous they would feel.  In all four colours and in their beautiful soft minimink FAUX fur!
I was so excited to learn about the (minimink) Hot water bottle  covers, The (minimink) hot water bottle cover uses the beautiful soft  (minimink)  fur and is shaped for a usual size hot water bottle.  So  just remember, the opening is at  the back.  Beautifully finished and a  perfect gift, hmmmmm-Mothers Day!!! Note that this does  not include the hot water bottle – (these are readily available at  chemists and supermarkets).
These are just a couple of cool items that you can source online very easily.  Thinking about it I could do with the PJ’s myself, I have the hot water bottle cover and I can’t wait to use it and I am set to go!  Any mum will love these gorgeous and well thought out surprises. 
Peta x

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