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Who will teach our girls about discharge now?

As a parent of two girls, I am saddened by the news that Dolly Magazine is going out of print.

I spent my youth hidden in my room reading Dolly and Girlfriend! I would save all my pocket money and walk 30 mins to the nearest newsagents once a month when the Magazines were released. The walls of my bedroom were literally covered in posters of topless, hot man  much to my dad’s distaste) I had pictures of “Drazic” from Heart Break High and Hanson everywhere!

I lived and breathed Dolly Magazine, I remember back in 1997 when Miranda Kerr won the Dolly Model search comp, I was happy and also heartbroken that I didn’t win (I really thought I had a chance, That is what Dolly did well.). But they were good days. The easy days when I could eat whatever I wanted and my only concerns were whether my BFF was telling secrets behind my back,  what on earth these hairs were sprouting up all over my body. Or the big question… When would my periods start?

Apart from the “sealed sections” my favourite part of the mag was “Dolly Doctor”, seriously who is going to teach our girls about discharge and oral sex now? I gained most of my sex education from Dolly Doctor, I also gained an irrational fear of ever wearing white pants while Aunt Flow is in town ( Admit it, you have that fear as well). So for a little trip down memory lane, I have included some of my all-time favourite Dolly Doctor Q&A’s below x


Q – I have sex regularly and often get embarrassed about oral sex. Can you tell me what I should do when the guy ejaculates? Should I swallow the semen or spit it out? If I swallow it, what happens to it? Confused.

A- There are no rules about what to do. You can spit the semen out if you don’t like to swallow it – that’s your choice. You can swallow it if you want to. Semen contains sugar and secretions designed to nourish the sperm (up to 5 per cent of semenejaculated is sperm), and it definitely can’t harm you. If you choose to swallow it, it simply goes into your stomach and is digested along with other food. Some guys are turned on by having the semen swallowed – maybe you could ask your boyfriend, if you don’t care either way.


Q- I have an irritating itch in my throat after giving my good friend’s boyfriend a blow job in the movies. I am scared to tell my mother as she is friends with my boyfriend’s mother and I am sure he will find out about what I’ve done. Is there such a thing as throat thrush? It flared up about two weeks ago and has since returned. I am 15 years old.

A – Oral sex means stimulating each other’s genitals with your mouth or tongue, such as giving a blow job. Although oral sex is a normal sexual activity practised by many people, there is a risk of spreading some sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhoea, hepatitis B, and possibly the AIDS virus. Often there are no symptoms of such infections, but a sore throat may occur. Also, stress through feeling guilty or worrying about the possibility of an infection can result in an irritating feeling in your throat. If the problem persists you should go and see your doctor or go to an STD clinic where the advice you will receive is free and confidential.

Q- I have a really embarrassing problem – I have crabs. When I am in the company of my girlfriends and I start to scratch it gets embarrassing. But I can’t help it as I get very itchy. What can I do to get rid of the crabs. 

A- Crabs, also known as pubic lice, are the size of a pin-head and cling to pubic hair and sometimes chest and underarm hair. These grey lice can be passed from one person to another through close physical contact such as sex or by sharing bed linen or clothing. Although they aren’t dangerous they can cause itching which may result in a red rash. Treatment is simple. Lotions can be bought from your local chemist. The bottle will contain instructions on use. Your partner and other people in the house should also be treated. Clothing and bed linen should be washed in hot water at the time of treatment and again one week later. If the itching persists after the treatment there may be another problem, so you should visit a doctor. If the crabs were caught sexually you should be checked for other possible sexually transmitted diseases, especially if a condom wasn’t used.

Q- Is it wrong to be in love with your first cousin? I’m 18 and I’m attracted to my cousin, who is six years older than me, and I don’t know what to do about it. Would it be considered incest if I married him and had his children? Could you tell me if people ever marry their cousins?

A- Yes, marriage between cousins does happen and it’s quite legal. The other good news is that you wouldn’t be committing incest if you married your cousin. Incest is generally defined as sex occurring between an adult member and an under-age member of the same family, where the adult is taking advantage of the child. You and your cousin certainly don’t fit into that category! If you have any legal questions, they can be answered by the chamber magistrate at your local courthouse.

Q-I really like chunky black shoes, striped socks up to your knees, and big shorts, but when I wear them to school, people laugh and start teasing me. I really hate this, so I usually end up wearing ordinary clothes that I don’t like very much. How can I stop them teasing me? Upset

A- Can you help it if you’re a trendsetter? You can’t stop people being narrow-minded and petty, so if they really are getting too much for you, consider these options. Assert yourself – let them know you’re an individual, not a sheep. Or simply admit it’s too much to cope with at school on top of your studies and just dress like the sheep. Maybe it’s best to strike a balance between what you love wearing and “normal” clothes. For example, wear your shoes and socks with a skirt, instead of your shorts. Meanwhile, try hanging around with people at school who aren’t afraid to be themselves.

Q- I’ve started wearing tampons and was wondering if I can go to the toilet without removing it?

A- You don’t have to remove the tampon to go to the toilet. A tampon is inserted into your vagina, which lies between the urethra (the tube from the bladder to the outside) and the anus (the opening of the rectum). If you’re not sure, it might help to have a look with a mirror so you get a better idea of what’s happening with your body.

I bet you are feeling pretty freakin smart right now? What is your fondest memory of Dolly Magazine?

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