Woman Sends Herself Sneaky Nudes Of Her Son-In-Law And He’s Furious!

Woman Sends Herself Sneaky Nudes Of Her Son-In-Law And He’s Furious!

We all want our mums to have a great relationship with our husbands. A relationship that consists of great conversations, creating memories and general merriment. What happens though when it’s a known fact your mum has the hots for your husband. So much so that it’s common knowledge to everyone, including your husband. And what would you do if you caught your mum sneakily sending herself nude pics of your husband from your phone? You’d be mortified right? And chances are your husband would be downright embarrassed to know that his MIL has nudey pics of him on her phone!

One guy has found himself in this exact predicament and to make matters worse the MIL sees nothing wrong with having the photos and downright refuses to delete them! Can you imagine?!

Not wanting to share the pickle he’s in with friends the mortified man has taken to Reddit to ask for advice.

Reddit thread

They must be some pretty hot photos cause the MIL has zero intention of deleting them or even apologising for what she did.

The husband is understandably furious saying he feels completely violated. “It’s f*cking awful. My wife and I have a few weird fetishes and so some of the photos I took that are for her eyes only are really humiliating if seen by people who aren’t my wife,” he wrote.

MIL is playing dumb and says to get over it. “It’s just a picture. I’m so mad,” he wrote. “Now she’s telling people we’re alienating her. And because the issue is so embarrassing, I don’t want to tell people the real reason.”

To make matters worse, the man is a teacher and is worried that if the photos are leaked they could accidentally land in the hands of his students.  “I work as a high school teacher. She leaks them and I’m f*cked.” He explained that his youngest sister-in-law is actually his student, which means that his MIL knows all of the parents in his class.  “It’s easy to say not to be embarrassed. I work with teenagers. You think I’ll ever be respected in a classroom again if my students see them?” he wrote.

What would you do in this situation? Laugh it off or demand your mum delete all the pics?

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