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Disney On Ice Celebrates 100 Years of Magic: Win 4 x Tickets for Your Family


Disney On Ice Celebrates 100 Years of Magic: Win 4 x Tickets for Your Family

Get excited! Winter is coming Australia!

And we all know what that means, right? It’s almost time to make some new magical memories with your family.  Disney On Ice will be hitting our shores for the 2018 tour very soon, and boy are we in for a treat this year!

This year’s spectacular Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic promises to bring to life more than 14 timeless Disney tales including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story, The Lion King, Finding Nemo, Frozen and more. Led by Mouse-ter of Ceremonies Mickey Mouse, the show also features much loved iconic characters Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and an ensemble of Disney Princesses.

Disney fans can also look forward to singing along to over 30 of their favourite songs including ‘Let it Go,’ ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me,’ and ‘Hakuna Matata!’

© Disney

Popular TV personality, Shelly Craft, is the Australian Ambassador for the 2018 tour, returning for a second year.

“I know every one of these stories. I have such fond memories from my own childhood, as well as my time working on Saturday Disney. Now as a mum of two girls who LOVE these stories and characters, I’m thrilled to be partnering with Disney On Ice for a second year – and so is my family!

Disney On Ice has become a tradition for my family and for the past five years, my daughters and I have travelled to Brisbane to see the show. Each year we create new memories, which I value dearly.”

© Disney

TIP: Event goers are encouraged to arrive on time so you don’t miss out on a special guest appearance from everyone’s favourite Zootopia pals Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde.

Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic will open in Perth on 15 June 2018 and travels to Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle and Sydney through to 23rd July.

For full tour dates and info or to buy your tickets now visit


Are you feeling lucky?

Mums Lounge have 4 tickets to giveaway for each of the following shows:

PERTH – Friday 15th June 7pm

ADELAIDE – Friday 22nd June 7pm

BRISBANE – Friday 29th June 7pm

MELBOURNE – Friday 6th July 7pm

SYDNEY – Wednesday 18th July 3pm

For your chance to win, complete the entry form below. Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway



Jolene enjoys writing, sharing and connecting with other like-minded women online – it also gives her the perfect excuse to ignore Mount-Washmore until it threatens to bury her family in an avalanche of Skylander T-shirts and Frozen Pyjama pants. (No one ever knows where the matching top is!) Likes: Reading, cooking, sketching, dancing (preferably with a Sav Blanc in one hand), social media, and sitting down on a toilet seat that one of her children hasn’t dripped, splashed or sprayed on. Dislikes: Writing pretentious crap about herself in online bio’s and refereeing arguments amongst her offspring.


  1. Creating a memory to always treasure
    With Disney fun; a wondrous pleasure
    Characters beloved and held so dear
    This would be a dream to see & hear
    Bringing smiles/happiness all around
    Magic atmosphere that will surround!

  2. the greatest Disney show on earth, the kiddies would love it and so many great memories for all

  3. I have taken my Daughter every year for the past 3 years so will be taking her again plus with her brother. She loves it and is asking about it agaIn.

  4. Since I was a little girl,
    Disney shaped my world,
    Today I share its magic with my kids,
    Creating memorable Disney moments,
    We simply love to bits,
    Watching Disney on Ice with my family would be divine,
    We’d create beautiful memories, have one fabulous time,
    Celebrating together Disney’s 100 Years of Magic, Fun and Laughter,
    For my family, one happy ever after.

  5. I want to see my girls eyes light up when they see the magical, colourful extravaganza of Disney…it’d be an experience to savour as a family!!

  6. My son loves Zootopia so he wants to see the guest appearance. I just want to sing along to Let it Be and Hakuna Matata!

  7. I want to share this with my two girls while they are still little and create a memory that will last forever

  8. We love Disney on Ice.. I love the kids face as they watch Mickey and Minnie glide on to stage… and secretly I love watching Mickey & Minnie too!

  9. We’ve never been to anything like this and I think my daughters’ minds would be completely blown away by seeing so many of their favourite characters in real life.

  10. so get to have a ball and hopefully continue the tradition with their own kids in the future

  11. (D)ynamite ‘Disney’ Diva
    (I)ncredibly iconic Elsa provides ‘Frozen’ fever
    (S)howcasing sass, style she’s a singing sensation
    (N)ever letting go, she’s a true inspiration
    (E)njoying Elsa’s empowering ‘Let It Go’ live would be my gorgeous granddaughter Audrina’s dream come true celebration
    (Y)earning to attend ‘Disney On Ice’ at the ADELAIDE destination!

  12. Would love to take my kids as they never been before. Disney on Ice would be the most magical, colourful and fun family experience for us!

  13. I would love to win as I know my daughter would love it and it would be a magical experience for us all.

  14. The magic of Disney never dies no matter your age I have tried to take my daughter every year as she loves it so much

  15. They will be so excited by such an amazing event watching their favourite characters glide across the ice.

  16. My 2 and 3 year-old boys are Mickey Mouse Farmhouse fans. They run around the house excitedly replicating Mickey and Donald as thye collect the farm animals

  17. My son would be ecstatic to see all his favourite characters come to life and fly around the ice. His face would be filled with such joy and excitement and that would make me so happy.

  18. To see Disney on Ice would be spectacular. We have 3 children who would be delighted to see this too, one of whom has a passion for iceskating.

  19. Would love to see Disney on Ice 100 years of Magic in Adelaide spreading Disney Magic thru Adelaide sharing all the magical memories with the children watching all our favourite Disney characters come to life

  20. For the magic that’s going to blow my girls minds (wife and kids!), can’t wait to see their faces as they enjoy the show.

  21. To surprise my niece and Goddaughter, both of which have been asking me soooooo nicely to ‘PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSE’ take them.

  22. Miss 5 loves everything Disney and Mr 9 loves Toy Story so for once we would have an activity they could both enjoy. Happy kids, relaxed parents.

  23. I am a big kid and have never been
    So to take my daughter would be a dream
    We especially love Cinderalla
    And how she found love with her fella!
    Forget her ugly stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella!

  24. I absolutely love Disney and have passed on my love for Disney movies to my kids. This would be an amazing experience and create beautiful memories for us all.

  25. Disney is magical for young and old! A beautiful new experience for my children and full of childhood memories for me.

  26. Yes please?
    Love to win this fantastic giveaway.
    The pure joy of seeing something so magical on my kids faces would just be the ultimate thing ever.

  27. My 6yr old is obsessed with Mickey Mouse and finding nemo, would love to create more memories for my boy who would love to see it.

  28. Because my kids love all things Disney and they will be so excited to see the characters they love to watch, come to life and be right in front of them.

  29. This would be fantastic to spoil my niece & nephew. Their mumma is not well at the moment so they could definitely use just a little bit of magic & a load of fun. Nothing says magic and fun like Disney!! Fingers crossed!!

  30. I would love to see my son and daughter’s face when they see their favourite Disney characters. What a memorable experience for them ❤️

  31. I would love to take my autistic grandson who is 5 in June and my granddaughter who’s 2 and loves mini mouse to this magical experience of a lifetime something they wouldn’t get the opportunity to see.

  32. As a young girl I went to my first Disney on Ice – Magic never forgotten. I would now love to take my grandchildren and their parents to experience the wonder, the awe, the magic that I had many years ago.

  33. Would love to take my 18 year old daughter and my niece and nephew. I have a lifelong love of Disney to pass down the generations.

  34. I’d love to be able to surprise my bestie and her kids with this! She’s an amazing woman and has been so supportive of me, particularly over the past couple of years when I was in my deepest hell. She deserves so much more than I could ever possibly give her, but this would be an awesome start!

  35. The Magic of Disney is the my daughter’s fantasy! Also I like the strong female role models – it’s so important in this day and age.

  36. I really want to see Disney on ice! I guess I’ll take my children along….
    ha ha My children would be ecstatic to go see Disney.

  37. I would love to share this magical experience with the kids. I still remember my first Disney show from when I was a kid – it was awesome.

  38. This would be heaven. Our girl sings and dances, lives and breathes Disney. And her ever adoring little brother is all too willing to play the part she directs him to be so this would be gorgeous to take them to.

  39. We love watching Disney On Ice, seeing all the characters. We love how it all interlinks into a show that always amazes us.

  40. My kids have watched Disney On Ice before and they just love the show. They would be very excited if they could watch the show again.

  41. My Parents took me to see (DISNEY ON ICE) when I was little, it was magical,would love to create lasting memories with my daughter

  42. Kids have never experienced a skating on ice event and with Disney characters that they love and adore it would a stupendous fun exciting day.

  43. My daughter is in awe of the Disney characters & loves dancing, she would have a fantastic time.

  44. It’s Disney on ice!! I’ve wanted to go since I was 5. I don’t know who would enjoy it more, me or my kids!

  45. I would love to be able to take my children to Disney on ice to help share the magic that Disney created for me as a young child

  46. I would love to take my 2 children to see the most magical show on ice. We are all massive Disney fans and this would be the perfect experience

  47. I won a trip to Disney on ice as kid when I was 5 and would love to take my now 5 year old, it’s an experience I wish to near forget.

  48. I have taken my daughter every year since she was 3 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Will hopefully be able to share the manic again this year and share it with her baby sister

  49. The Tickets if I could win them are not for me but for my Grandaughter and her 3 children…. my
    “When you wish apon a star…your dreams come true”
    well maybe.

  50. I would love to take my girls. I have just started back at work, and its been difficult transitioning for all of us. I miss my girls so it would be lovely to take them to something so special abd memorable

  51. I’d love to win as Disney is our forever love. The kids get so engrossed by Disney on Ice, they barely move an inch!

  52. I’ll be 40 in June when the Disney on Ice Show begins! And I would love to celebrate it by taking my family to see Disney on Ice celebrating 100 years of Magic! What a great double celebration and what Magic it would be!

  53. I would love to be to see Disney on Ice with my family – especially wife. My wife missed it last year because she was nursing our newborn but she didn’t want our sons and I to miss it, so she gave her ticket to my sister. We loved it! So I would love to win this for my loving and generous wife!

  54. I would love to take my wife and children to see Disney on Ice. My wife missed it last year because she was nursing our newborn and didn’t want our sons and I to miss it, so she gave her ticket to my sister. We had a great time! We loved it! I would love to win the tickets and take my loving and generous wife to see it this year!

  55. We’ve never been to Disney On Ice! I’d love to win so my family can enjoy the magic of Disney characters (on ice!)

  56. My kids would absolutely love to go to Disney on Ice and it would be a awesome memory to have 🙂

  57. Ever since seeing the figure skating on tv for the Winter Olympics my four-year-old has been obsessed with ice skating. I can just hear her now if she won tickets – “This is the best day of my life!”

  58. I would love to take my girls as a way to say thank you for looking after me when I was ill. They love Disney.

  59. Vivid colours, incredible songs, amazing stories
    Hilarious characters, courageous heroes, magical possibilities
    Fun adventures, moving plots, overcoming adversities
    These are the reasons why my kids love Disney

  60. I would love to take my Disney and dancing obsessed girls to experience the magic of the show.

  61. Finally found this section. I’d love to because my daughter went with her grandma and my son and I missed out if we got these tickets we could all go and I love it as much as the kids. My friend and I went when we were in our 20s cos we love Disney on ice! I’d love to go again!

  62. Disney is a multi-generational love in our family and Disney on Ice is such a fun way to enjoy a Disney spectacular!

  63. I would love to give my kids the opportunity to experience the magic of disney in real life

  64. I’d love to win as my two daughters aged 6 and 8 have never been and I know how much it would mean to them to be able to go. Fingers crossed!!

  65. I’d love to experience Disney on Ice Celebrates 100 years of Magic with my kids, a night of fun, singing along to our favourite Disney tunes and being enchanted, entertained and captivated by our favourite characters on the ice would be a dream come true!

  66. ????We have been before but my youngest daughter?? doesn’t remember it well… would ? to be there for the 100th celebrations but we are strapped for ? this year ?

  67. Disney on ice
    So very nice
    Skating fun
    Something for everyone
    Characters we love singing and dancing on a blade with such skill
    Winning will give us all a thrill

  68. We have never been and would dearly love to take the kids, they always see it on telly and look so excited but sad that we can’t afford to go

  69. I’d love to win tickets
    to Disney on Ice,
    my son would really love it
    (and not paying would be nice)!

  70. My 4yo son absolutely adores Disney movies & to see them come to life, he would be absolutely ecstatic! And to share that with him, my hubby and my 20mth son would be even better. Please!!

  71. My daughter loves Disney so much and this Disney on Ice brings everything together. We’ve been a couple of times now and each time we are just amazed.

  72. Disney on Ice a most spectacular show, it is impossible to leave feeling low. My kids would absolutely squeal with delight, if I surprised them with a trip here June 15 night

  73. Disney’s characters and music bridges the generations and no matter how old I become I never tire of seeing the joy it brings and can’t wait to see the look of excitement on my grandchildren’s faces!

  74. Great family outing, that can be shared with young and old. Love to take my 82 year old mum too.

  75. My girls absolutely love Disney on Ice. Every year they have been they talk about it for months afterwards. They would be tickled pink to see it this year and celebrate 100 years with the Disney family

  76. My daughter is 10 and my son is 6 – my daughter has been to Disney On Ice 4 times and has loved every performance, my son has been once – he had a bad experience (got very scared) and hasn’t wanted to go back – sadly this has meant that my daughter won’t go back either ?. I truly believe that if they had an opportunity to go this year this could ‘fix’ everything ?

  77. Having moved 10 hours from Brisbane the opportunities to go to experience live shows is limited. Would love for my boys to get the opportunity to be immersed and get lost for a while in a world of disney magic.

  78. I would absolutely love to take my (almost) 3 year old son. He loves disney movies and is fascinated my lights, movement and familiar characters. Due to his Autism, and associated struggles, we worry about spending a lot of money on events or outings, and unfortunately avoid such. If he becomes overwhelmed or has a sensory meltdown, we would have to leave and it can be quite stressful. Not having to worry about money wasted would help ensure we have a magical family day out, regardless of how long we last.

  79. Since I can’t take my kids to Disneyland, Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic is the next best thing!!

  80. My girls loved Disney on ice last year and would love to see it again. They talked about it for weeks after

  81. Winter weather is such a drag, if it’s got to be cold at least it should be fun! Nothing like Disney to cure the winter lies.

  82. Winter weather is such a drag, if it’s got to be cold at least it should be fun! Nothing like Disney to cure the Winter Blues

  83. oh, the memories.
    I can show you the world
    Shining, shimmering splendid a dazzling place and we would love to enjoy Disney on Ice with my little Disney fans! Thank you

  84. Just as I thought I’ve grown out of princesses and fairy tales obsession, My 4 year old’s now got me on the Disney on Ice wagon! What a wonderful experience it will be to share with my daughter, A snippet of my childhood and a great show filled with smiles and laughter

  85. This would be ideal to take my youngest to, he’s my third. He seems to have missed out on events like this a bit, as a family 5 is so much more difficult to cater for at these events than a family of 3 or 4. This could be our special treat! Would love to see in Perth.

  86. I would love to take my daughter and sister in law and niece and have a mummy daughter date in Melbourne. We would all love it!

  87. My daughter loves Disney and it’s been her dream to go to Disney on ice. A luxury I haven’t been able to afford. It’s an experience my family would adore and remember.

  88. I would love to win this prize and take my two daughters aged 7 and 5 to see Disney on Ice! I have actually never been to a Disney on Ice show myself and would love to see one too, but I know my girls would really have such a great time there.

  89. You never get too old for Disney! My 2 younger daughters would absolutely love this show and would love the opportunity to take them with hubby and have some quality family time out.

  90. Nothing can beat the magic that is Disney on Ice . Can’t wait to take my little prince and princess to experience the show in Brisbane.

  91. I would love to take my son, Charlie (3) and my daughter, Clara (1), to Disney on Ice. It would be so incredible to see thwir excitement as they experience the magic of Disney for the first time ever! ❤?

  92. Ice and Disney you never outgrow
    Sending tantalising tingles from top to toe
    Hi, ho, hi, ho it’s off to DISNEY ON ICE we go!

  93. I would love to win this prize so I can make some magical memories with my little folk and simply DISNEY… you doesn’t love DISNEY

  94. Disney opens up hearts both young and old. Making the soul sing and imagination take flight, Disney on Ice is truly a magical awakening within us all!

  95. While the magic of Disney remains strong in the hearts of my children, I would love to share a night out creating wonderful childhood memories with them.

  96. It’s my daughters birthday
    and she’s a big Disney fan
    to win this would be amazing
    and that’s the plan!

  97. This would a great birthday present for my Mia turning 4 on the 16th of June be the best birthday ever for my little Disney fan to see her favourite rapunzel would be amazing

  98. I grew up on Disney and this brings back so much nostalgia, to be able to show my little ones the wonderful adventures I went on as a child and what made me happy!

  99. I have wanted to go to Disney on Ice for as long as I can remember (at least since I was 6). It is always around my birthday and I always begged my mum to take me for my birthday and we never had the funds. It would be lovely to go with her now!

  100. I’d love to surprise my daughter and niece with a dream experience to see the Disney stars.

  101. My girls and I absolutely love Disney on Ice, We went last year and they were just mesmerized, Disney on Ice is a magical experience and leaves long lasting memories with my kids and I, We would love to win this awesome prize, then we can take Dad with us, 100 years of Disney sounds like it will amazing and and just as awesome as the previous shows

  102. I want to take a 3 year old girl and 7 year old boy who have never gone to a production. I would be amazing to take them out for an event they would never forget.

  103. Miss nearly 7 has been begging to go for years. Between childcare costs and day to day living we just haven’t go there. I think it would be a treasured memory for years to come if we were able to take them!

  104. From young to old(ish) our family love disney and it has brought us a lot of joy over the years. Seeing it come alove on ice would be amazing.

  105. Oh to see the joy on my children’s faces when they first catch a glimpse of the stage……

  106. My youngest girl, aged 6 s a huge Disney Fan, but unfortunately she has not had the opportunity to experience Disney On ice.
    This would be an amazing prize and surprise for her.

  107. Miss 3 would appreciate the magical side of the show while Mr 4 (5 in June) would be interested in the technical side. I can just imagine him puzzling over the way they move, why the ice gets scratched and how they make the fireworks go. I will be enjoying their reactions and amazement (whilst reliving my childhood) while my husband will be appreciating the family time and the earplugs packed for him 😉

  108. I’ve been promising Miss 7 that we would go to Disney on Ice for years, and I think this year’s show would be absolutely incredible to see together. What magic!

  109. What better way to warm your heart during the winter chills, than to see Disney on Ice

  110. My children & I have both grown up loving all the Disney movies, cartoons & characters so we would really enjoy Disney on Ice celebrating 100 years of making dreams come true!

  111. This would be a dream come true for 100 Years of Magic must be seen when our Disney Fan-O-Meter is on EXTREME!

  112. My daughter and I are huge Disney fans! She’s never seen anything quite like this before (quite frankly, either have I) so we’d love the opportunity to see this spectacular show together.

  113. I’d love the opportunity to win this amazing prize to take my beautiful little princess to see her favorite princesses on ice. She is Disney obsessed and loves to watch so many of the Disney movies.

  114. Adelaide. I’ve spent many hours in the “mums lounge ” freezing at the side of an ice rink while my daughter skates. To witness what dreams can become would be magic!

  115. I have very fond memories of going to Disney on Ice as a young girl, now a Mum of two little girls I’d love for us to relive those moments I remember whilst watching our favourite Disney characters.

  116. I’d love to surprise my nieces with a special aunty niece outing! It would be a lot more exciting for them than the park and shops!!!

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