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WIN an Amazing Toy Bundle in Time for Xmas

WIN an Amazing Toy Bundle in Time for Xmas

2017’s Best Early Learning Toys!

The best learning experience is a fun learning experience! Spend time teaching numbers to your lil ones with these animal toys! Talkin Toys, Australia’s favourite toy review channel, has rounded up the best animal toys to assist your precious ones with counting! Check out these fun games and join our competition!

1. Pop The Pig – RRP: $39.95

Pop the Pig is a fun toy that will make kids shriek and giggle with the suspense and excitement. It teaches them about numbers, counting, and how to take turns, too. Spin the spinner, pop the burgers into his mouth, and pump his head. The more he eats, the bigger his belly gets until he pops!

2. Squawk! – RRP: $39.95

The game Squawk will surely elicit a lot of laughs. Spin the spinner to see how may times you can poke the chicken. Players take turns poking the chicken until she opens her henhouse and lays and egg. Crack the egg open to see if you got a chick or a fried egg. The player with the most chicks wins.

3. Catch the Fox! – RRP: $39.95

Catch the Fox is a fun game that teaches kids to develop keen observation skills and fast reflexes. When the greedy fox’s pants fall down, you have to pick up the chooks as quickly as you can to fill up your coop. The fastest counter and picker wins.

4. Shark Bite – RRP: $39.95

Shark Bite is the new set of chompers at the beach this sumer! Take turns reeling the colourful sea creatures from the shark’s mouth but be careful – it could bite at any time. Have fun playing this game at the beach on a hot day or play at home on even HOTTER days. Why not bring the family together with a board game? This battery-free game can be played anywhere and will have the whole family hooked! The question is … who will be the shark’s next meal?

To find out more about the latest and coolest toys, check out Talkin Toys!

Thanks to our friends at Talkin Toys  we have a great collection of amazing toys to GIVE AWAY to one of our luck readers to help you get ahead on your Christmas Shopping! If you know someone that would love these, simply enter your details below and Good luck! 
ML – Talking Toys Xmas Bundle



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