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WIN an Awesome Jumpflex™ Classic 100 10ft Trampoline with ProJam basketball

WIN an Awesome Jumpflex™ Classic 100 10ft Trampoline with ProJam basketball

Having a trampoline can bring a whole world of fun to a families home! There is nothing quite like getting outdoors and getting active and the Jumpflex™  trampoline is the perfect way to do get the whole family out in the fresh air having a bouncing good time.

The poles on the Jumpflex™  trampoline are curved away from the bounce mat creating far greater clearance between the net and the pole, claiming 200% more clearance, which is a whole lot safer as my kids never just bounce directly up….they are usually practicing their flips and tricks and often falling into the net, which makes me very pleased that it’s there!

The enclosed net around the Jumpflex™ trampoline is made out of a high-strength polyester, which has been carefully woven in an EndlessWeave making it very durable. The Jump Flex net claims to be one of the best nets on the market and is certainly with stands being put through its paces by my 4 kids and, thanks to it’s UV protection, it can happily sit in the sun day after day without wearing from UV damage.

The Jumpflex™ mat is cleverly designed remove all of the gaps between the edges and the net, ensuring that our little ones can jump safely and freely without any little legs, arms or fingers getting trapped. My little ones were given the challenge of trying to get their fingers under the edges they couldn’t get through anywhere. The mat also boasts the highest weight rating ever of 150 kg, so not only can the kids bounce to their hearts content but us parents can get involved in the fun too!

Jumpflex™ also has a great range of super fun accessories to ensure that the kids really get the most out of their new trampoline. We got to test out the Projam Basketball net, which was the perfect addition for our active family. The projam simply attaches to the top of the trampoline net and endless hours of bouncing and dunking was created! The Projam is soft, flexible and durable, so the kids could practice their shots over and over again without a care in the world.

The Jumpflex™ is a fantastic option for an amazing Christmas Present for the whole family, offering a safe and fun filled option to keep the kids outdoors and active for many years to come!

Thanks to Jumpflex™ we have Jumpflex Classic 100 10ft Trampoline worth $589 with ProJam basketball net worth $129 to GIVE AWAY to one of our lucky readers. If you would love the chance to get one of these for Christmas, simply enter below and good luck. x

ML – WIN a Jumpflex Classic 100 10ft Trampoline with ProJam basketball


  1. I would love to win a trampoline for my children but also selfishly for myself to help with my fitness and weight loss goals

  2. This would be amazing
    My grandsons lost their trampoline to a mini cyclone which blew it over the power lines and onto a marquee actions the road.

  3. Having the curved poles makes the jumpflex trampoline so much safer allowing for much more trick practice and core balance development. Things have certainly changed since the old rectangle trampolines where electric shocks on dismount were frequent and spring pinches on legs.

  4. I would love to have a safe trampoline for my kids. Encouraging them to spend more time outdoors is very important to me.

  5. My daughter would loooove a trampoline for Christmas, to practice her ‘tricks’ on!

  6. My son would be beyond excited to have anew trampoline . He spends so much time on his cuteness own which he is out growing fast

  7. Wow this prize would be amazing, my boys are growing fast and my oldest is having a rough patch at the moment, this would be fantastic, a chance to go outside and jump and laugh with my two boys before those fleeting moments of childhood are gone.

  8. My little girl would love to win this as she is so active and every chance she gets she’ll jump on anyone’s trampoline. Her favourite place to go is to the indoor tramp park.

  9. My son would love this for Xmas!
    We ordered a tramp online elsewhere and it is out of stock, we are yet to find another! wouldn’t be able to afford this quality of trampoline if not for your competition ?❤️

  10. My two girls would love this for christmas as there one was destroyed but the massive storms we have had the past 3 days! ?

  11. My kids trampoline blew away last night in the storm. I have already done the Xmas shopping so winning this would be amazing.

  12. My kids would love this for christmas. They could add it to their big backyard once we move from the city to the country in January. Can’t wait for them to have plenty of room to play outside.

  13. My 2 grandsons would love this for Xmas as they come to live with us & I can’t afford to get them anything like this ????

  14. My son would love this. He is turning nine and we had to leave our old one behind because dad got a deployment.
    He misses it so much and he is interested in basketball. So it would be perfect for my little man ( and I think the teenage daughter would love it too)

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