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“It’s Always Been My Desire to Give Birth to One of My Twin Embryos.”

“It’s Always Been My Desire to Give Birth to One of My Twin Embryos.”


Michel Janse, a 26-year-old from Texas, shares her desire to give birth to one of her twin embryos. What do you think?

“I am an IVF baby, and so is my sister,” she began in the TikTok video below.


@michel.c.jansethoughts of a grown-up IVF baby hahah

♬ original sound – Michel Janse


Michel explained that she and her sister were conceived at the same time, but due to the selection process of IVF, her egg was chosen to be implanted first, while Jacqueline’s egg was frozen for three years. Although they affectionately refer to each other as “twins,” the fact that a “random scientist guy” decided the order of implantation has always troubled Michel.

“It was literally up to one random dude,” she said. “He could have picked Jacqueline to be implanted first … and I could have been the little sister who is 23 right now.”

The video also revealed that Michel’s parents still have some frozen embryos in the laboratory. “You could donate them,” she said. “…but who would want nearly 30-year-old embryos?” Although she acknowledged the option of donating them she also expressed a personal desire to undergo the implantation process and give birth to one of her own twin embryos. Michel mused about the experience of having a IVF sibling, particularly if she were to give birth to a boy.

“I’m just so curious,” she ended. “Will I do it? Probably not. But am I so tempted? Yes!”

While Michel admitted she is tempted by the idea, she acknowledged that it is unlikely she will pursue it.

The video quickly gained popularity, amassing 8.8 million views, with viewers expressing surprise and intrigue about the perspective of IVF babies. Some questioned the ethics of Michel’s desire, while others found it fascinating to ponder. There were also comments about the financial burden of keeping embryos frozen for such an extended period.

“OMG I never thought about how IVF babies feel now,” wrote one person. “That is so trippy to think about!” read another comment.

“I don’t think any IVF clinic would allow you to implant your mother’s embryos, but it’s cool to think about!” said another.

“That doesn’t seem ethical… Interesting to ponder, though!” someone wrote.

What do you think of Michel’s idea?


Images: Tiktok

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Chrystal Lovevintage

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