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The Free I’mSafe Women’s Safety App Offering Women Peace of Mind

A better world for women day-to-day is here with the I’mSafe women’s safety app! With features like real-time tracking, SOS alerts, and a place to safely store photographic evidence, the free app is a perfect addition to any safety toolkit.

As women, we’re unfortunately no stranger to potential safety risks in both today’s society and the future. We could provide a laundry list of statistics, but lived experience tells us what we already know – most women have an experience with either stalking, harassment, domestic violence, sexual violence or abuse. Sometimes this calls for the police… but sometimes this isn’t an option. 

Often the safest, quickest and easiest avenue is other women, be it girlfriends, sisters, mothers or strangers. I’mSafe is the app that allows you to take control of your safety as a community of women, with features that connect you to your most trusted contacts. Creepy guy following you on a run? Share your location and SOS alert with your best friends! Feeling uncomfortable on a first date? Hit the Fake Call button! 


Download the free I’mSafe app for Apple or Android today.

There are endless ways I’mSafe gives women peace of mind, so let’s take a tour, shall we!

SOS Button

This handy feature helps women in distress and in need of urgent help by sharing their location in real-time. The SOS alert is sent to your listed Trusted Contact, who will also be sent your phone’s battery percent (a seamless way to know if a phone has died) as well as signal strength (just in case you’re in a remote area). If this wasn’t enough at the touch of one button, the SOS Alert also discreetly records images and audio of your surroundings until your Trusted Contact can verify your location, and pop in the one-time verification code. Now you have your evidence, and you’re safe with your person! With the SOS Alert initiated, you can be certain that the relevant people know you’re in possible danger, and where exactly you are at all times. 

Fake Call Feature

If you’ve ever gone on a blind date or online meet-up, you’ll know that sometimes it can be quite scary! The I’mSafe app lets you schedule or initiate a Fake Call, allowing you a quick and easy exit when a social situation has gone pear-shaped. Super discreet and easy to manage, this call simulator looks and sounds exactly like a real phone call. 


Of course, we’re never alone when it comes to women’s safety. For those times where it feels like no one will understand, or you’re not sure where to turn to – I’mSafe provides a location-specific range of helplines and important numbers. No more getting lost on Google, this app is a hub for resources you might need in a pinch.

Tag Device

This optional tag is kind of a game changer! For moments where you’re unable to reach the phone, this tag fits perfectly into a running armband, keychain or handbag. Press the button for all the same SOS Alert functions as the smartphone app!

I’mSafe currently has over 10,000 users globally, and is ready to supercharge with a goal of making that 1 billion, and ending harassment, sexual violence and domestic violence worldwide. If you’d like to get involved with the I’mSafe mission, you can donate to the crowdfund! By contributing to the cause, you’ll be helping continue the already fantastic work, including language translations, a workplace harassment framework, manufacturing and more. 

PS: The best day to donate is this 16th October 2023 – because your donation will be DOUBLED!

Find out more about the campaign support this mission here.


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