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100 Awesome Book Week Costume Ideas for 2021 – ‘Old Worlds, New Worlds, & Other Worlds’


100 Awesome Book Week Costume Ideas for 2021


The Book Week 2021 theme chosen by the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) is ‘Old World, New Worlds, Other Worlds.’ We’ve taken some of the work out of finding the perfect costume for your child, by compiling 100 awesome book week costumes to suit this year’s theme.

Old World Costume Ideas

Prehistoric Costume Ideas


Doug the Dinosaur Kids Toddler Costume $29.99

Your little one would love our Doug the Dinosaur Kids Toddler Costume. The costume features a blue plush jumpsuit with green polka dots, attached fibre filled plush tail with green spines and an attached hood designed with the facial features of a t-rex! Easily jump into the costume with a front zipper mechanism! Adapted from the loveable character Doug the Dino! Perfect if your little one has a Dino themed costume party or for Book Week! Now stomp around and roar!


Triceratops Dinosaur Kids Costume $41.99

Watch your little one roar like a dinosaur when they stomp about in this Triceratops Dinosaur Kids Costume. They’ll transform into the prehistoric reptiles that walked the earth millions of years ago. This costume features a soft dark green jumpsuit with light green scales and along the shoulders are lime green 3D felt scales. A matching headpiece which attaches by velcro along the neckline. Headpiece features 3 white horns in the front, a pair of eyes and attached to the back is a dark green and light green frill, just like a Triceratops. Around the back is an attached 3D tail, with dark green scales running down the length of the tail to the end. Let your little one’s imagination run wild as they run about wearing this costume, all the while munching on their greens.

Cave Girl Girls Costume $59.99

This Stone Age costume features a high neck sleeveless animal print dress with black faux fur around neckline, ragged hem and brow and black tulle underneath the hem, a pair of matching animal print wrist wrap with brown ties and a pair of animal print ankle wraps also with brown ties. As you forage around the shrubbery looking for delicious berries and plants to eat, have your trusty club or bone in your hands in case you run into trouble or you have to distract a sabretooth tiger with the delicious bone.

Caveman Boys Costume $18.99

Take your costume back in time with this Caveman Boys Costume. The costume includes a brown tunic with jaggered neckline and hem, as well as an attached leopard print sash with zig zag hemline. To complete the look also included is a thick brown belt with bone print and leopard print bandana.

Walking with Dinosaurs Boys Costume $129.99

This Walking with Dinosaurs Boys Costume is a fun costume featuring a jumpsuit with dino legs and cave man top with faux cave man legs that sit either side of the t-rex to look like you are actually riding it! Great fun and perfect for parties, book week or dress up play at home.

Ancient Costume Ideas

Basic Toga Kids Costume $33.99

Seize the day in this stands out Basic Toga Kids Costume. The wonderful white tunic can be trimmed with a selection of 2 different shoulder shawls in blue and red, so you can ditch the Athenian blue if you see the Spartans coming over the hill. With its comfortable trim belt and golden leaf headpiece, you can become any ancient figure from Cesare to Plato. All you need to complete this look is your abacus, lyre and vase of ambrosia.

Ancient Egyptian Tunic Kids Costume $52.99

Go back in time with this Ancient Egyptian Tunic Kids Costume. The costume includes a white short sleeve robe with a linen texture print as well as a thick layered belt with gold detailing, long front section and ribbon tie at rear. Also included is a thick printed gold collar, a blue velvet look scarf, two gold wrist cuffs, gold headband with 3D snake emblem as well as a blue and gold striped Pharaoh headpiece.

Roman Princess Girls Costume $49.99

She is an elegant lady of Roman royalty. Roman Princess Girls Costume includes dress with attached drape and circlet headpiece. This costume is perfect for a variety of themes, such as ancient history, princesses, book week, and more.

Roman Empire Emperor Boys Costume $24.99

The chariot awaits when you wear this Roman Empire Emperor Boys Costume. The costume includes a white toga with gold print detailing on the collar, waist, sleeves and hem as well as a blue velvet look cloth attached to one shoulder.

Fearless Gladiator Girls Costume $54.99

Heart devoid of fear, the gladiator enters the arena again and again. This Fearless Gladiator Girls Costume comes with a golden braided headband, red cape, armour inspired dress, medallion pins and a single wrist cuff. With this costume, be the strongest fighter in the pits at any party.

Roman Gladiator Boys Costume $26.99

Ready to slay a lion or fight to rule the Colosseum, this Roman Gladiator Boys Costume is an easy and fun outfit for your next Roman or historical themed party. The costume comes with a long maroon shirt, a brown faux leather armour tunic with printed gold detail, and black pants with boot tops built right in.

Greek Goddess Girls Costume $53.99

Have your people feeding you grapes and carrying you away in your chariot in this beautiful Greek Goddess Girls Costume. The costume includes a blue and white silky gown with gold accents and leaf headband.

Spartan Warrior Boys Costume $58.99

Get ready for battle in this Spartan Warrior Boys Costume. It features a beige tunic, an armoured dark brown vest with attached belts and a burgundy cape, a gold coloured medallion pin, a matching pair of dark brown wrist cuffs and leg ties and a headband to complete the look.

Cleopatra Value Girls Costume $24.99

Become the true Pharaoh Queen of Egypt in our exquisite Cleopatra Value Girls Costume. The costume comes complete with a white, sleeveless dress with an attached gold belt featuring ornate blue sequin embellishments, a large, gold padded collar with matching blue embellishment patterns that sits over the shoulders and around the neck, gold sequin arm bands and cuffs joined together by an attached flowing blue tulle shawl and a matching gold sequin headband featuring a plastic beaded fringe at one side and a blue plastic pendant in the centre of the band. This costume is the perfect selection for your child’s next International, Egyptian or fancy dress party!



Gladiator Boys Costume $74.99

Become a real Roman warrior with this Gladiator costume for children.The costume includes a white one-piece tunic with faux-leather detailing and a cape with a shoulder clasp. Matching wrist gauntlets, shin guards, and a soldiers helmet are also included to complete the look.

Medieval Costume Ideas

Fire Breathing Dragon Toddler Costume $66.99

This adorable costume is perfect for imaginative playtime fun. The Fire Breathing Dragon Toddler Costume comes with a bodysuit, an attached tail, character hood, wings, and shoe covers.

Dragon Deluxe Kids Costume $41.99

Terrorise a village or steal away a princess in this epic Dragon Deluxe Kids Costume that’s perfect for Book Week, Medieval parties and more! This costume comes with a green jumpsuit featuring digitally printed dragon scales and a yellow centre panel with the dragon’s belly, as well as featuring an attached fibre-filled tail with yellow 3D spines. Also included with this costume is a pair of wings that attach to the jumpsuit with velcro tabs and feature a scalloped edge and digitally printed detailing. To finish off the costume, a soft 3D latex half mask is included featuring printed features and soft scales, horns and teeth for effect, as well as eye holes to see through and an elastic strap to secure the mask around the back of the head! Will you be a friendly green dragon or a ferocious flying beast? The choice is yours.

Noble Knight Kids Costume $51.99

Fight off the dragons and save the castle in this Noble Knight Kids Costume. Complete with a silver, long sleeved hooded tunic, a black vest with a dragon emblem, black armor on the arms and shoulders and a pair of matching boot tops, this versatile costume is great for your little girl or boy.

Medieval Princess Girls Costume $29.99

Your daughter will feel like she’s stepped back in time when she wears this Medieval Princess Girls Costume. The costume includes a red empire style dress with full length velour skirt and gold satin bodice panel with net overlay and ribbon crossover. The dress also features a satin and net upright ruffled collar and gold bow at the waist. The sleeves are long red velour and in a Juliet style with gold ruffled cuffs. To complete the look, also included is a headband with attached medieval tiara in red velour with gold trim.

Dark Robin Hood Boys Costume $54.99

Be the notorious hooded outlaw from Nottingham in this Dark Robin Hood Boys Costume. The costume is complete with hooded vest, belt with pouch, gauntlets and boot covers. Don’t forget your bow and arrow, which is sold separately.

Warrior Girls Costume $28.99

Prepare for battle in this Warrior Girls Costume. The costume includes a metallic silver dress with gold detail running up the bodice and draping material over the neck and shoulder designed to look like chainmail. Also included are two grey fingerless gloves in chainmail print and a thick brown belt with gold detail and three long attached pieces of armor.

Knight Deluxe Boys Costume $36.99

Become an asset to the kingdom, go on mighty quests, slay dragons and protect the king at all costs and don your shining armour in this Knight Deluxe Boys Costume. The costume comes complete with a metallic silver chainmail-printed shirt with a two-tone red and navy tabard-style overlay featuring a shield emblem with a lion. Also attached to the shirt are metallic silver shoulder guards with faux buttons, attached metallic silver arm gauntlets, a matching silver waist belt and an attached red cape. The costume also comes with black pants with an elasticated waist and attached metallic silver boot tops, as well as, a metallic fabric chainmail-look hood with a metallic gold foam crown.

Renaissance Princess Girls Costume $52.99

Transform your little girl into a stunning princess from history in this Renaissance Princess Girls Costume. This costume comes with a dark red silk like ankle length dress. Along the sleeves are white inserts with gold ribbon trim. Complete the look with a floral headpiece or crown and other renaissance themed accessories.

Valiant Knight Boys Costume $43.99

This brave knight can stand up against any manner of man or beast! Get this Valiant Knight Boys Costume and get into character, featuring a screen printed tunic with ‘chain mail’ arms and hood. Also featuring a black belt and faux leather look boot tops. Just complete the look with a sword, shield and a pair of boots.

She Warrior Girls Costume $38.99

Become a warrior goddess wearing our She Warrior Girls Costume. Featuring a jumpsuit with an attached silver breastplate (bustier), chainlink print, and brown leather-like chaps. The costume comes complete with a white hooded cape. Great for exploring the old world this Book Week!

Medieval Lord Deluxe Boys Costume $56.99

Rule over the north wearing our Medieval Lord Deluxe Boys Costume. Featuring a grey medieval-styled tunic with brown accent straps, a wooly grey capelet, and a matching brown cape, gloves, and boot covers. Winter is coming.

Colourful Gypsy Girls Costume $24.99

During the 14th century in Europe, they were known as nomads travelling from village to village selling exotic jewellery and reading tarot cards to the locals. Now your little girl can become one of these travellers and dress her in this Colourful Gypsy Girls Costume. This eye-catching costume will have heads turning when they walk into their next party in this ensemble. Features a dress with a mock black vest with gold trim and rainbow crossover ties in the front of the vest with a white peasant short sleeve shirt attached. On the bottom half of the costume, there’s an attached satin-like black skirt with colourful tulle which hangs from the waist and another layer of tulle which is covered in colourful metallic polka dots and a gypsy costume wouldn’t be complete without gold coins, so there is an array of hanging gold coins around the waist. The final touch to this costume is a matching headpiece that comes in black and is decorated with matching colourful metallic polka dots. finish off the look with a pair of gold ballet flats and a crystal ball and your little one’s ready for some palm reading.

Monster Hunter Boys Costume $74.99

Traverse the Northern Releams with your loyal roach wearing our Monster Hunter Boys Costume. Featuring a monster hunter costume, styled with a black leather armour look and a lion insignia. The costume comes complete with a black belt, black boot covers and black gloves. Only hunt monsters for coin. Just finish the look with a silver look sword.

Woodland Maiden Girls Costume $28.99

Make your way through the rustic forest and win the heart of Prince Charming or Robin Hood in this Woodland Maiden Girls Costume. The costume will certainly transport you back to medieval times and is perfect for historical or medieval themed parties, as well as Book Week or Renaissance Faires! The costume is a dress with a rouched cheese cloth-style mock shirt in white, featuring a high frilled hem collar and three-quarter sleeves with a flowing wing-style drape, as well as featuring a faux leather-look corset with embroidered print and crossover ties in the centre. The skirt of the dress is a full length velour skirt in olive green and to top off the costume, a floral headband is included.

Prince Charming Boys Costume $64.99

Rescue the princess in the tower in this Prince Charming Boys Costume featuring a rich blue tunic with lion crest and attached ruby coloured cape with faux animal trim. Brown belt included. Great for book week or dress up play at home.

Valorous Viking Girls Costume $69.99

Be ready for battle in this Valorous Viking Girls Costume. This costume comes with a white dress with chain mail looking fabric trim along the hem, brown cape with grey faux fur trim and chain mail looking fabric along the top, red belt with studded guard piece, pair of brown fingerless gloves with grey faux fur trim and a half viking helmet with two large horns on each side. Grab your sword and shield as you journey across the rough seas.

Knight Boys Toddler Costume $84.99

He’ll love dress up play in this Knight Boys Toddler Costume featuring a faux chainmail jumpsuit with attached tunic, belt, gauntlets and boot covers with gold trim accents, detachable satin cape and hood with attached gold crown. Now where’s that round table?

Midnight Huntress Tween Girls Costume $59.99

Inspired by medieval maidens and the Hunger Games movies, this Midnight Huntress Tween Girls Costume features a black dress with layered epaulettes and lamé trim, belt with satchel and cuffs. Just add a bow and arrow to look the part.

Classic Robin Hood Boys Costume $30.99

Rob from the rich and give to the poor in this Classic Robin Hood Boys Costume. This costume comes with a green top with sewn on sash and belt detailing and matching green pants. A green pointed hat with a red felt feather is also included to complete the look. The perfect costume to celebrate Book Week!

Lady Lionheart Girls Costume $69.99

Become a knight of the realm with our Lady Lionheart Girls Costume. Featuring a grey gown with a blue satin skirt, black highlights, attached black belts, a black and white shield insignia, and an attached sheer black clock. The costume comes complete with a silver hooded cowl and a matching pair of blue fingerless gloves.

King Boys Costume $44.99

Look like royalty in this King Boys Costume. This great Kings costume features a regal looking robe and matching crown. Have all the peasants bow down and treat you like the King that you are! Great idea for Book Week.

Medieval Peasant Girls Costume $56.99

No fancy balls or high court for this girl, it’s pots and pans and peeling potatoes! You may not have to live the life, but you can dress the part with this Medieval Peasant Girls Costume. This gorgeous costume includes the ankle length dress with faux corset bodice. Cute and comfortable.

Pirate Costume Ideas

Petite Pirate Girls Toddler Costume $33.99

It will be a pirate’s life for your little girl in this Petite Pirate Girls Toddler Costume. This costume comes with a black dress with white puff sleeves and an attached red belt, a red bandana with a printed skull on the front and a pair of red and white striped leggings.

Pirate Matey Boys Costume $26.99

Climb aboard your ship to a magical place filled with treasure, as you set sail wearing this Pirate Matey Boys Costume. This captain-worthy costume features a horizontal brown and black striped top with off-white cheesecloth long sleeves, an attached brown mock vest with a cheese cloth tattered collar. A pair of red with black striped pants with a brown patch on the left knee and a small hole on the other leg. To wrap around the waist and drape over the shoulder is a thick brown belt with large ornate gold faux-buckle, a mini foam sword and a gold skull and crossbones pendant on the shoulder. To finish the look is a worn leather look black tricorn hat.

Precious Lil Pirate Toddler and Girls Costume $39.99

Oh arr me hearties she for sea this one! This cute Precious Lil Pirate Toddler and Girls Costume would look great for any fancy dress party, all you need to add is the sword.

Swashbuckling Pirate Boys Costume $39.99

Protect your buried loot in this Swashbuckling Pirate Boys Costume. The costume includes a long grey polyester tunic with attached textured black coat featuring silver buttons and turned up cuffs. Also included is a pair of black and red striped pants with skull and cross bone print, attached black boot tops and elastic waist. To complete the look also included is a black faux leather belt with skull and cross bones buckle, bandolier with buckle across shoulder and tie up headband that matches the pants.

Buccaneer Pirate Princess Girls Costume $41.99

Buck up and be a buckaneer with this cute Buccaneer Princess Girls Costume. With a dashing red, black and white and black striped dress, a black vest with gold detail and a black and white striped headband, you’ll be ruling the seas in no time!

Disney Captain Hook Boys Costume $41.99

Why plunder for treasure like the rest of the pirates when you can take revenge on that pesky Peter Pan for losing your hand! This officially licensed Captain Hook Boys Costume has a decidedly dapper look to it, with a blood-red jacket and gold detailing. Also included are the black shorts, foam hook, and red hat for the perfect look!

Black and Pink Caribbean Pirate Girls Costume $29.99

Look the part at your next pirate themed party in this Black and Pink Caribbean Girl Pirate Costume. This costume includes a black vest with attached white sleeves, a pink and black striped skirt with a tattered hem, a pink bandana and a pink waist tie. Perfect for Book Week where you could go as a pirate from Treasure Island!

Pirate Captain Deluxe Boys Costume $84.99

Be ready for an adventure on the seven seas in this Pirate Captain Deluxe Boys Costume. This costume comes with a long black jacket featuring gold stitch detail, white ruffle trim on the cuffs and an attached brown faux leather vest and dickey. A pair of black boot covers, pirate hat and a red head tie are also included to complete the look.

Australian Colonial Costume Ideas

Convict Kids Costume $27.99

The Convict Kids Costume consists of a black and white striped prisoner or convict costume. Includes striped shirt, striped pants with elasticated waist, cap and stick-on number.

Early Australian Girls Costume $51.99

Re-enact the Australian colonial era in this Early Australian Girls Costume. Featuring a designs traditionally worn by colonial girls in Australian in the 1800s! Featuring a cute long pink dress with intricate patterns, pink collar, puffed up sleeves with ruffled lace material at the end! Also included is a long white apron and pink bonnet with white ruffle lace along the hem, simply loosely tie the white straps around your neck for easy fitting. Now go on and settle the Aussie frontier!

Gentleman Explorer Boys Costume $53.99

He’ll enjoy dressing the part in this distinguished-looking outfit inspired by Captain Cook, Governor Arthur Phillip, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. This Gentleman Explorer Boys Costume features a gorgeous mid-blue velvet look coat with white ruffled cuffs and an attached cream vest with gold buttons. A white cravat and boot tops complete the look. A good dress-up look for any historical-themed event or Book Week.

Pilgrim Girls Costume $54.99

Go back in time in this Pilgrim Girls Costume. This costume comes with a black dress that fastens with velcro at the back of the neck with a white collar, sleeve cuffs and an attached white apron with ties at the back. A white hat with elastic at the back that ties under the chin is also included to complete the look.

Bushranger Costume Kit $54.99

Get ready for action in this Bushranger Boys Costume. This costume comes with a brown faux leather duster style trench coat with shoulder straps and a matching black and brown faux leather hat to complete the look. Great costume idea for Book Week and perfect for any Western or Cowboy party.

Frontier Settler Red Girls Costume $54.99

Take your costume back in time with this Frontier Settler Red Girls Costume. The costume includes a red pattern dress with long sleeves, ruffled shoulders and a white attached apron. Also included is a brown gingham print bonnet hat and petti-skirt.

Colonial Settler Boys Costume $46.99

Explore New Worlds in this Colonial Settler Boys Costume. The costume features a white shirt with an attached grey vest and jabot around the neck, black pants with elasticised cuffs, silver shoe buckles and a three-pointed hat. Greak for Book Week and historical dress-ups.

Victorian Servant Girls Costume $24.99

Go back in time in the Servant Girls Costume. From the Victorian era the costume is a typical maid uniform for young women serving in upper-class households in England. It’s a wonderful costume idea for your child’s Book Week event. The costume features a brown and white dress with white lace and of course a white cap to complete the look.

Victorian Urchin Boys Costume $42.99

This Victorian Urchin Boys Costume is perfect for Book Week. Now you are the Artful Dodger from Oliver in this jaggedly cut jacket with attached faux vest and necktie, pants and tatty hat.

New Worlds

Space and Aliens Costume Ideas

Nasa Jumpsuit Kids Costume $54.99

Ready to be out of this world with this Nasa Jumpsuit Kids Costume. A stylish blue jumpsuit adorned with all the patches of a real NASA astronaut, paired with the hat people will confuse you for the mission commander on rec time. A fantastic costume to encourage your kids to explore and look for more, all you need to complete the look are a classic pair of aviator sunglasses and a clipboard outlining the mission objective.

Nasa Flight Jacket Kids Costume $48.99

The sky is no longer the limit when you wear this Nasa Flight Jacket Kids Costume. The costume includes an offically licensced NASA light blue bomber style jacket that is decorated with three patches; NASA insignia, space shuttle and American flag. To complete the look, also included is a dark blue cap with flat brim and NASA logo.

Space Suit Kids Costume $38.99

Take a journey out of this world wearing the right attire in this Space Suit Kids Costume. This star-gazing costume comes complete with a white jumpsuit with silver attached pieces at the knees and tops of the feet. Around the shoulders and chest is a large soft silver chest piece with bright logos and decals decorating the chest and sleeves. There is a white foam helmet with silver trim along the bottom and top with an attached 3D silver foam antenna around the side. A fantastic costume for Book Week or your next space themed party.

Space Rocket Kids Costume $54.99

Explore the stars wearing our Space Rocket Kids Costume. Featuring an out-of-this-world costume, styled with 2 white and red booster rockets and a space shuttle with the logo Explore and the words mission to Mars.

Out of This World Alien Girls Costume $69.99

Show the earthlings that you come in peace with your kindness and cuteness with this Out of This World Alien Girls Costume. This eye catching galactic costume comes with an iridescent purple and blue off the shoulder dress with ruffling around the top, a purple translucent pvc overskirt which sits on the lower half of the dress, a metallic pale pink choker with a heart shaped pennant in the centre, a headband with silver spring antennae’s attached and finally a pair of purple gloves which are stuffed at the fingertips to give alien like fingers look. Hop into your spaceship as you set off on your journey spreading peace among your race and the creatures of Earth.

Complete Alien Kids Costume $46.99

From outer space this Complete Alien Kids Costume comes with a blue robe with a silver cosmic trim, matching blue gloves, and an alien mask with large bulging eyes. Easy to wear and see out!

Alien Kids Costume $29.99

Get outta this world and into the comfort zone in this Alien Kids Costume, a perfect Halloween costume or for just mooching around in at home. Great gift idea too!

Star Wars Inflatable Tauntaun Kids Costume $62.99

Have some fun with this Star Wars Inflatable Tauntaun Kids Costume. The Tauntaun is inflatable with a battery operated fan to keep the costume inflated. Full instructions are included, the battery pack attaches to the clothing and requires 4 x AA batteries which are not included. The jedi style wrap is worn on the top half and you climb into the Tauntaun’s legs to look as if you are actually riding the large lizard.

Star Wars Chewbacca Toddler Costume $33.99

Dress your little one in this adorable Star Wars Chewbacca Toddler Costume for your next convention, fancy dress party or Star Wars day. The costume comes as a brown full-length jumpsuit with tufts of faux fur at the shoulders, hips and ankles, as well as featuring a matching headpiece with a faux fur top and a button fastening under the chin. To complete this cute costume, a bandolier with printed detailing and an attached pouch is also included to wear across the body. Grab yourself a Han Solo costume and you’ve got yourself the perfect parent-child pair.

Lil Alien Toddler Girls Costume $76.99

Dress your little one as the cutest little alien wearing our Lil Alien Toddler Girls Costume. Featuring a grey and purple tunic with a flying saucer skirt, attached grey pants, and an attached green hood, styled with 3 antennas with eyes on the end and a wide smile with white teeth.

Retro Robot Toddler Boys Costume $46.99

Do the robot when you’re wearing this Retro Robot Toddler Boys Costumes.Featuring a Retro Robot costume that includes a silver jumpsuit with an attached silver tabard styled with robotic notches and gears. The costume comes complete with a matching silver headpiece.

Martian Toddler Boys Costume $37.99

Transform your little space adventure into the creature from beyond the universe in this Martian Toddler Boys Costume. This out of this world costume includes a soft green fleece jumpsuit with full length sleeves, look pants and attached at the bottom is a pair of glittery green boot tops. There is also an included matching fleece green headpiece with a pair of green and yellow large 3D ears and attached at the front are three foam alien eyeballs with bright green faux hair behind. Great for Halloween, Book Week or space themed parties.

Star Wars Baby Yoda The Child Boys Costume $41.99

Become the cutest character on tv right now with our Star Wars Baby Yoda The Child Boys Costume. Baby Yoda or The Child is a 50+ year-old toddler who is a member of the same species as our favourite Jedi Yoda. Featuring a fleece brown robe with rolled cuffs, high collar, and attached moulded hand covers. The costume comes complete with a cute Baby Yoda headpiece made from polar fleece material, and attached with velcro to close the headpiece around the chin. Train to become a Jedi!

Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora Deluxe Girls Costume $54.99

This Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora Deluxe Girls Costume is perfect for girls who love playing the hero. This costume includes a padded black jumpsuit with a printed belt, vest and shirt designed. Also attached to the jumpsuit is black boot tops and a faux jacket. Just add green face paint to complete the look!

Star Wars Mandalorian Deluxe Boys Costume $59.99

Become a member of the most elite warriors of the galaxy when you wear this Din Djarin Star Wars Mandalorian Deluxe Boys Costume. Adapted from the hit tv series The Mandalorian which takes us to the Star Wars universe 5 years after the events of the Return of Jedi. Featuring a digitally printed jumpsuit that makes it looks like your wearing beskar steel armour and styled with a holographic detailing on the chest. The costume comes complete with a Mandalorian half mask made from plastic with see-through mesh, a moulded 3D belt, and a long grey cape with velcro tabs at the shoulders.

Star Wars Queen Amidala Value Girls Costume $42.99

Dress up as a courageous and hopeful leader in this Star Wars Queen Amidala Value Girls Costume. This costume comes with a red dress with black trim sleeves and bottom and screen printed gold detailing. A PVC Amidala headpiece is also included to complete the look.

Star Wars Jawa Boys Costume $59.99

Just looking to scavenge your leftover electronics, they’re not going to scare you too much! The Jawa Child Costume includes a brown hooded robe with glowing eyes and two over-the-shoulder straps. Pair it up with your own shoes to complete the look as shown.

Star Wars Padme Amidala Deluxe Girls Costume $54.99

Rescue Anakin from the darkside in this cute Padme Amidala Deluxe Girls costume. This officially licensed Star Wars costume includes a peachy cream jumpsuit (not white/cream as in the photo) with attached boot tops, textured cream shawl and moulded belt. The jumpsuit has pale yellow grid lines on the chest not flesh coloured as in the image. Perfect for defending the galaxy. A bookweek favourite. Gun not included.

Alien Piggyback Boys Costume $59.99

You don’t need a tractor beam to get picked up by an alien with this Alien Piggyback Boys Costume. The costume features pants with attached faux legs that hang over the alien’s shoulder, the Alien is a classic green alien with antennae and big black eyes. Trick your friends into thinking you’ve got a new green little friend. Perfect for Book Week, Halloween and more fancy dress parties.

Other Worlds

Fairytale Costume Ideas

Wild Boy Deluxe Kids Costume $54.99

Get ready to run wild this Book Week in this fantastic Wild Boy Deluxe Kids Costume. This costume is inspired by the character Max from the illustrated book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and comes as a white full-length hooded jumpsuit with pointed ears and black whiskers attached to the hood. The jumpsuit also features down the chest of the jumpsuit four yellow button closures, as well as featuring jagged wrist and ankle cuffs. Finally, a plush brown tail is attached to the back of the jumpsuit and a gold crown with a matching fur base and ribbon tie closure at the back is included to complete this cuddly costume. Your little one will be ready for Book Week, playtime around the house and any fancy dress party.

Girl from Oz Deluxe Girls Costume $49.99

Take a trip down the yellow brick road in our Girl from Oz Deluxe Girls Costume. Explore the wonderful world of Oz and follow the yellow brick road. By choosing from our Storybook range, this Dorothy costume is the perfect child’s costume idea for Book Week! This beautiful Girl from Oz costume is exclusive to CostumeBox, you won’t get it anywhere else! It’s a very authentic and a high-quality costume designed to look exactly like Dorothy from the movie. The costume features a blue and white checkered dress with white buttons attached to a sash wrapped around the waist and tied in a bow around the back, also attached are overalls extending from the sash and hair ribbons to complete the cute costume. This costume is part of CostumeBox’s exclusive range, you won’t find it anywhere else. We recommend adding Dorothy’s iconic yellow basket to hide Toto from the wicked witch of the west and her ruby red slippers to find her way home again!

Courageous Lion of Oz Toddler Costume $44.99

Give your toddler the roar of a lion with this Courageous Lion of Oz Toddler Costume. with a shirt and pants that have a faux hair trim, an attached tail, 2x bow clips, a headband with ears and a hood with curly ‘hair/mane’, this costume is finished off with a badge of courage. Perfect for any courageous lion…I mean toddler.

Little Hatter Boys Costume $29.99

Attend a mad tea party while wearing our Little Hatter Boys Costume. The awesome book week costume is adapted from the Mad Hatter an iconic character from the countless adaptions of Alice in Wonderland! Featuring a brown fabric jacket, with a dickey styled with a pink collar and mad polka dot bowtie! Of course the costume also includes a large brown top hat with a pink ribbon. Bust out the futterwacken once Alice has defeated the red queen!

Storybook Red Riding Hood Girls Costume $54.99

Step into the classic fairytale with our special Storybook Red Riding Hood Girls Costume. The costume itself features a German dirndl inspired dress with a black and white bodice with red ribbons and floral highlights, white ruffled gathered neckline and puff sleeves, plus a checked red and white attached skirt with an attached petticoat with intricate floral patterns on the hem. Also included is a white apron with matching red and green and blue floral highlights and a matching floral hem, in addition to the included over the shoulder red hooded cape with a faux bow! A timeless costume idea for your little ones book week parade! Be sure to remember taking a packed lunch with you to share with grandma! Just watch out for the big bad wolf!

Roald Dahl The BFG Boys Waistcoat Cape Ears and Trumpet Kit $39.99

Dress up as a storybook classic with this Roald Dahl The BFG Boys Waistcoat Cape Ears and Trumpet Kit. Included in the kit is a brown waistcoat, grey cape with velcro fasten at neck, a headband with two over sized ears attached and a felt trumpet prop.

Queen Of Hearts Deluxe Girls Costume $74.99

Do you often find yourself turning crimson with fury? Get into true character with this Queen Of Hearts Deluxe Girls Costume. Decorated with card suit symbols, an upright collar and puff sleeves, this detailed little number also comes with fingerless gloves, a choker, leggings and a crown headband. Now you’re ready to win a match of croquet!

Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Boys Costume $36.99

Join Dorothy on her adventure with this Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Boys Costume. As Dorothy’s first friend, you are the most important! This costume includes a printed dark green shirt with hay detail and brown spotted pants with attatched brown boot tops. Also included is a hood with frilled neck and attached brown floppy hat. There is also a brown rope belt and faux diploma prop. Great for Book Week, Halloween or a group costume. Join in on the magic.

Mad as Hatter Tween Girls Costume $55.99

You’re going to need a crazy mad outfit fit for a crazy mad character, such as the Mad Hatter. Which is why this Mad as Hatter Tween Girls Costume would suit the tea party. This Mad Hatter costume is a mis-matched concoction featuring a burgundy coat with attached green vest, a plaid skirt with attached pink petticoat underneath, matching plaid fingerless gloves and a bright yellow bow tie covered in tea pot prints. Pop on the included burgundy mini top hat and burgundy spat style boot covers to complete the look of the character. Two sugars please!

Wizard of Oz Flying Monkey Boys Costume $49.99

This Wizard of Oz Flying Monkey Boys Costumehas all your kid needs to transform into a Flying Monkey terror. This costume includes a bodysuit with attached jacket and wings that fastens at the back with velcro. Also includes a separate headpiece which closes under the chin with velcro.

Cheshire Cat Girls Costume $55.99

She’ll be exploring Wonderland with a smile on her face in this Cheshire Cat Girls Costume.The costume features a cosy pink and purple striped dress with front zip and hood. Cat ears are attached to the hood and a tail is sewn on to the back of the costume.

Roald Dahl Willy Wonka Boys Costume $46.99

Have some dress up fun with this Roald Dahl Wonka Boys Costume, depicting the costume worn by Willy Wonka, the famous owner of a certain chocolate factory! The outfit features a yellow waistcoat top with an attached tailed jacket in deep purple. Bright green pants, a spotted bow tie and soft black top hat are also included. A soft cane adds the final touch!

Dark Dragon Girls Costume $69.99

Become a friendly fire breathing dragon this Book Week with this cute Dark Dragon Girls Costume. This mythical creature costume includes a black short sleeve dress with teal dragon material down the bodice; the skirt is teal with purple tulle and a black glitter overskirt with teal and purple iridescent fabric smaller overskirt. A pair of black dragon wings, a pair of black sleevelets with iridescent teal scales attached at the back and a black headband with a pair of teal and purple iridescent horns at the top. Add some glitter and become an elegant magical dragon.

Pinocchio Boys Costume $39.99

Pinocchio Boys Costume. Adapted from the classic fairytale Pinocchio, about a marionette that wanted to turn into a real boy. Featuring a yellow top designed with faux green suspenders and a white-collar attached with a blue bowtie. Also including red pants and a matching long nose. Unlike Pinocchio, you are a real boy!

Little Storybook Mermaid Sequin Girls Costume $48.99

Have fun under the sea, in this one-piece Little Storybook Mermaid Girls Costume. This gorgeous costume has a purple stretch top with sequin bra feature and an aqua sequin skirt with fish tail. A seashell themed headband is also included to complete the look.

Garden Gnome Boys Costume $33.99

Dress up as a cute little gnome this Book Week or for your next Fairyytale or Garden themed party in this Garden Gnome Boys Costume! The adorable costume will turn you into the cutest gnome in the garden. The costume features a green long-sleeve shirt that fastens at the back with velcro and features an attached black belt with a gold buckle, as well as, black pants with an elasticated waist and attached brown velour boot covers. Also included with the costume is a pointed red velour hat with attached 3D fabric ears. The hat is filled with fibres to help it stand up tall on your child’s head, and a soft white felt beard with an elastic strap is also included.

Classic English Nanny Girls Costume $63.99

Sing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in this Classic English Nanny Girls Costume. Let your child step back through time and a dress as an English nanny from the Victorian period, inspired by the classic character Mary Poppins! The Victorian costume features a grey buttoned down jacket with black stripes down the middle and matching dark blue skirt. Best worn with our included a white dickey with a red neck and a posh black hat with three multi-coloured flowers. For the added effect add the included parrot umbrella cover to your umbrella for your child to fly away!

Harry Potter Costume Ideas

Harry Potter Hedwig the Owl Deluxe Kids Costume $56.99

Transform into Harry’s trusty companion in this Harry Potter Hedwig the Owl Deluxe Kids Costume! This costume is styled as Harry Potter’s pet Hedwig the Owl and features a plush white jumpsuit with an attached headpiece. A cute option for Book Week!

Harry Potter Value Gryffindor Kids Robe $29.99

Whether you’re another Weasley, the brightest witch of your age, Mr. Potter himself, or a descendant of the famous Godric Gryffindor, you can’t go wrong with this fantastic Harry Potter Value Gryffindor Kids Robe! Perfect for Book Week, a Harry Potter themed party, witch and wizard parties, conventions and more, this robe brings everything to the table and for good value. The robe is styled from the classic black Gryffindor robe, as seen in the Harry Potter film series, with a hood lined in the Gryffindor house colour – red! Also featured on the robe is the Gryffindor House emblem printed on the left chest with a fabric clasp with velcro fastening at the neck. Enter the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with this robe today!

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Deluxe Kids Robe $39.99

Feel drawn to enchantment in this Harry Potter Ravenclaw Deluxe Kids Robe. This sleek black robe has the Ravenclaw on the left side chest and confidently adorns itself in the eye catching blue that Ravenclaw is renowned for. If you embody intelligence and grace look no further as this robe will let you unlock that inner Cho Chang or Luna Lovegood. Always remember to have a fun time casting those spells.

Harry Potter Hufflepuff Deluxe Kids Robe $39.99

Become a real wizard with this incredibleHarry Potter Hufflepuff Deluxe Kids Robe. This majestic black robe has the Hufflepuff logo on the left side chest and is trimmed with the luxurious yellow that Hufflepuff is synonymous with. Now you can become one of the famous Hufflepuff wizards like Newt Scamander or Cedric Diggory, and have a magical day.

Harry Potter Slytherin Deluxe Kids Robe $39.99

Only the purest wizard bloodlines wear this Harry Potter Slytherin Deluxe Kids Robe. This powerful black robe has the Slytherin logo across the left side chest and its edges proudly show the Slytherin green. Now you can be your favourite Slytherin wizard like Draco Malfoy or Severus Snape, and be the magician you know you are.

Harry Potter Deluxe Quidditch Hooded Robe Kids Costume $57.99

Play for Gryffindor in Quidditch wearing this Harry Potter Deluxe Quidditch Hooded Robe Kids Costume. Featuring a hooded quidditch robe styled in the red and yellow Gryffindor colours a digitally printed emblem on the chest and brown laces across the front. The costume comes complete with a red and yellow polyester jumper. Perfect for any little Harmonies or Harry’s this Book Week.

Harry Potter Professor Mcgonagall Girls Costume $72.99

Transform yourself into Professor Minerva McGonagall in this Harry Potter Professor Mcgonagall Girls Costume. The costume features a digitally printed olive green robe with textured pattern down the front panels and wide trumpet sleeves. There is also a printed metallic felt brooch attached to the collar. To complete the look, also included is a trademark witches hat with crooked tip and wide brim as well as two brown faux feathers and logo.

Harry Potter Dumbledore Boys Costume $67.99

Transform yourself into the headmaster of Hogwarts when you wear this Harry Potter Dumbledore Boys Costume. The costume features a digitally printed long black and maroon robe with textured pattern and wide trumpet sleeves. The robe also features velcro tabs at rear to close. To complete the look, also included is a signature Dumbledore hat with curved tip that matches the robe as well as a plush grey beard attached to the hat.

Fantastic Beasts Newt Value Boys Costume $44.99

Your little one will love being a Magizoologist for a day when he wears this Fantastic Beasts Newt Value Boys Costume! This costume is modelled off the one worn by Newt Scamander from J.K Rowling’s famous novel and film series Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and consists of a blue coat, a white shirt and yellow vest and an attached bow tie. Perfect for Book Week or fantasy themed parties.

Harry Potter Dobby Three Quarter Kids Mask $29.99

This officially licensed Harry Potter Dobby Three Quarter Kids Maskwill transform you into Harry’s loyal friend and house elf. Designed for kids, this 3/4 mask fits over the top of the head but is open at the back with elastic to keep it secure. As pictured, there are two eye thin eye holes under Dobby’s painted eyes to see through.


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