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“A Mother Let Her Toddler Watch a Video at High Volume During the Wedding Speeches!”

Where do you stand on people who use their phone in public and have the sound on so loud that everyone around them is also forced to listen to it? Does it drive you crazy, do you accept it’s just the way things are now, or do you drown out the sound of their device by turning up your own?

A couple of months ago we brought a story of a woman making a video call in a café that divided opinions on whether or not it was rude. A woman who was sitting at a neighbouring table with her friends took umbrage with the woman saying it was disruptive. But, is it really that different from the noise she and her friend talking in real life would have been making? The lovely Shanelle and Tamara also jumped on the topic in The Beautiful Nightmare podcast to discuss, agreeing that it was ok, if people used their discretion.

But, what about when a mother allows her toddler to blast an iPad during the speeches at a wedding? Have a read a let us know what you think!

The table behind me at a reception dinner had a toddler watching a video at a high volume during the speeches. I looked over a handful of times, because it was distracting, hoping they would get the hint to turn the volume down. The mother eventually made a comment about it and said “my kid didn’t get a nap today”. I totally understand the importance of a kid’s nap schedule and that they can become tiny beasts if they don’t get enough sleep. After the speeches were done, the mother confronted me in a very aggressive manner and thought I was questioning her parenting skills and screen-time choices. I hadn’t said boo to her and wasn’t questioning her abilities as a mother at all. In general, I thought it was common courtesy not to have the volume of electronics up high in a public place or at an event when someone is speaking? AITA?


Unlike the video call in the café story, people were not on board with having a loud device during a wedding reception.

NTA – The lack of social awareness some people have is amazing. It’s just not appropriate to let your kid have an iPad or equivalent on volume at a wedding let alone during speeches. Nothing says entitled more than this. (ReviewOk929)

The practice of using electronics at a very loud volume and/or putting your phone on speaker around others is very rude and I have no problem telling you so. If you choose to be rude and disruptive, I will embarrass you. (No-Pilarapril)

Whilst some people were sympathetic to the mum having a fussy child, it was generally agreed that if her plan to placate her child involved the use of a device, she should also have packed earphones, so it didn’t detract from the enjoyment of others around them.

At least bring some headphones if you knew you were going to need to placate your kid with a tablet. That’s serious entitlement! (JL.Huston)

NTA and I loathe such people who cannot regulate their children’s behaviour in public. (deleted)


It’s not the child’s behaviour that needed to be regulated. They didn’t put the tablet on and turn it up. It’s the parents’ selfish and entitled behaviour that needed to be regulated

In the absence of headphones, most commenters agreed that the child’s mother or father had a duty to remove them from the room so that the other guests could hear the wedding speeches. Or find a quiet way to keep him entertained.

Yea, you can’t exactly regulate a young child’s behaviour. There are parts of their brain that haven’t developed yet. The parents should have taken him out of the room or one of them should have left with their child. (No-Complaint5535)

And/or help him learn to entertain himself in these situations in ways which don’t disrupt others and teach him to have 0 manners and common courtesy. Take a (silent) toy, get some crayons, give him some chocolate, get a fidget toy, get him some freakin headphones. Kids require stimulation, part of parenting is helping them deal with this healthily and considerately. (loosie-loo)


My kid didn’t have a nap. Okay? It’s now everyone at the wedding’s problem? Take the kid outside during the speeches. Incredibly, these speeches are more important than your kid who doesn’t even know they’re at a wedding! The brazenness of some parents to use their kids as excuses to do the rudest shit is astounding. You were absolutely questioning her parenting skills… and her general adult human social decorum? (lattelattelatte3000)

Umm take your toddler out when it’s inappropriate to be noisy? NTA.

You literally said nothing to her. Sounds like she was stretched thin and projecting. Again – if the event isn’t working for you or your kid, just call your evening short. (KickIt77)

Others thought that it was this exact kind of behaviour that prompted some couples not to have children attending their big day at all.

NTA and things like this are why childfree weddings have become so popular. (Easy_Parfait_4061)

OMG. The other mother was so out of place. She was rude, disrespectful and inappropriate. Take your kid out of the room if they didn’t nap and are fussy.

She is the reason so many ppl choose kid-free weddings. NTA. (Sewing-Mama)

What do you think? Have you had to deal with a tired, fussy baby or toddler at a wedding? How did you manage?

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