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Here’s Where Families Can Make BIG Savings on Their Grocery Shopping Thanks to Coles Dropped & Locked Prices

Here’s Where Families Can Make BIG Savings on Their Grocery Shopping Thanks to Coles Dropped & Locked Prices


The cost of feeding a family has increased incrementally over the past couple of years, causing many Australian families to forego the luxuries in order to be able to afford the necessary living costs. Budgets are tighter than ever, and parents are ever on the lookout for savings that might relieve the current financial burden. Today Coles has announced continued its commitment to help Australians keep the cost of living down for longer, announcing 376 items will be on dropped and locked pricing from today, giving customers more price certainty on some of the biggest brands and popular products across the store for at least 12 weeks.

With winter on the horizon many of us will be pulling out the slow cookers and preparing comfort foods such as casseroles, curries and the ever-popular Bolognese, that can be prepared with more affordable cuts of beef such as mince, diced beef and casserole chucks –for many families the Coles Drop n Lock prices on beef (until at least July 4) will be a Godsend.

The most popular line of beef, the Coles 3 Star Regular Beef Mince 1kg pack has been dropped from $13 to $12, making the dinner favourite Spaghetti Bolognese just $2.75 per serve for eight people when combined with two 500g jars of Coles Mums Sause for $6, two 500g packs of Coles Durum Wheat Spaghetti for $2 and Coles Grated Parmesan Cheese (100g) for $2.


Customers can save 15% on Coles Diced Beef (500g) dropped and locked from $13 to $11 and save 10% on Coles Beef Casserole Chuck Steak dropped and locked from $20 to $18 per kilo. Other casserole essentials that will see prices come down include Crisco Blended Vegetable Oil (2 Litre) dropped and locked by 25% ($12 to $9), Mckenzies Soup Mix (500g) by 16% ($1.90 to $1.60) and Mingle All Purpose Seasoning (50g) by 19% ($4.95 to $4).

For those with a sweet tooth that have been missing on on treats (and more than 50% of customers say they have had to cut back on such purchases[1]), you may be pleased to hear that some of the most popular Arnott’s biscuits have been dropped and locked in price for 12 weeks including Raspberry Shortcakes (250g), Iced Vovos (210g) and Kingstons (200g) all down to $3 per pack from $3.50, a saving of 15%.

Other big-name brands reduced in price include breakfast favourites Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, as well as Devondale, Steggles and McCain.

The new price promise campaign comes as a recent Coles survey[2] of more than 9000 Australians revealed that young singles and couples are really starting to feel the pinch with 86% of respondents to the survey making changes to reduce the cost of groceries, and that figure is up 4% since the last survey in October 2022. Furthermore, 67% of households are worried about their ability to deal with rising costs, and this number jumps up to 72% when it comes to families. Cost-of-living pressures is the number one issue facing everyday Australians, with 66% of Coles customers saying they are spending less in restaurants, takeaways and on fast food.

Coles Group CEO Steven Cain said post Easter and with winter on the horizon Coles wants to help make budgets go further with many customers facing the further pain of rising mortgage payments and energy costs.

“Dropped and locked 3 is our biggest value investment so far and is focused on breakfast, lunch and dinner. In particular, we know customers are looking for cheaper cuts of meat which is why we have focused on beef mince which is our number one beef line. We also continue to see more value conscious shoppers buying our own brand ranges, using Flybuys and redeeming points, as well as more collecting our free MasterChef cookware.”

Coles Dropped and Locked – Big Pick Value Pack. Wed April 5th, Tooronga Coles Store.
Picture : Nicki Connolly

As an added bonus and while stocks last, families who also like to stock up their pantries can now save big by taking advantage of the Big Pack Value event at Coles choosing from more than 42 items that have been supersized like a 2kg tub of Bega Peanut Butter (up to 31% saving), a 2.5 kg bottle of Beechworth Honey (up to 25% saving), a bulk pack of Sunrice brown rice cups (up to 22% saving) and a 1kg bottle of Kewpie mayonnaise (up to 35% saving).

Some examples of the big pack savings available include:

  • Table of Plenty Value Multipack Air Popped Mini Rice Cakes now available in a 24 x 15g packs for $18.00 – when* compared to 90g pack for $5.50 customers can save 18%
  • Carman’s Protein Bakes Salted Caramel & Peanut Butter now available in a 20 x 35g packs for $20.00 – when* compared to 175g pack for $6.90 customers can save 28%
  • Bega Peanut Butter Smooth now available in a 2kg tub for $20.00 – when* compared to 275g tub for $5.40 customers can save 31%
  • Beechworth Honey now available in a 2.5kg tub for $35.00 – when* compared to 400g tub for $7.5 customers can save 25%
  • Vegeta Gourmet Stock now available in a 1kg carton for $11.00 – when* compared to 250g carton for $4.5 customers can save 39%
  • Kewpie Mayonnaise, now available in a 1kg bottle for $12.00 – when* compared to 300g bottle for $5.50 customers can save 35%
  • MAMA Chicken Flavour Instant Noodles now available in a 30 pack for $20.00 – when* compared to 90g pack for $1.75 customers can save 38%
  • Milo in a 1.32kg tin for $16.00 – when* compared to 200g tin for $4.5 customers can save 46%
  • SunRice Brown Cup Multipack 6 x 2 x 125g for $14,00 – when* compared to 250g pack for $3.00 customers can save 22%
  • Poppin Microwave Triple Butter now available in a 16pack for $15.80 – when* compared to 100g pack for $2.00 customers can save 51%
  • Obento Panko Breadcrumbs now available in 1kg pack for $7.00 – when* compared to 200g pack for $2.90 customers can save 52%

*Saving calculated as the difference between the unit price of the larger pack and the unit price of the smaller pack at its regular selling price. Some smaller packs may be on promotion at times during the Big Pack Value promotion period.

DROPPED & LOCKED products:

Coles Beef 3 Star Regular Mince 1KG $13.00 12/04/2023 $12.00 4/07/2023 7.7%
Coles Beef Chuck Casserole Steak per KG (excl. WA) $20.00 12/04/2023 $18.00 4/07/2023 10%%
Coles Beef Casserole Steak Chuck per KG $20.00 12/04/2023 $18.00 4/07/2023 10.0%
Coles Beef Oyster Blade Steak (500g) (NSW and QLD only) $13.00 12/04/2023 $12.00 4/07/2023 7.7%
Coles Beef Diced 500g (excluding WA) $13.00 12/04/2023 $11.00 4/07/2023 15.4%
Coles Beef Diced per KG (WA Only) $26.00 12/04/2023 $22.00 4/07/2023


Tip Top Cafe Bread Raisin Toast 650g (National excluding TAS) $6.90 12/04/2023 $5.00 4/07/2023 27.5%
Kelloggs Corn Flakes 380g $4.75 12/04/2023 $4.25 4/07/2023 10.5%
Popcorners Gluten Free Snacks Sea Salt 85g $3.80 12/04/2023 $3.00 4/07/2023 21.1%
Popcorners Gluten Free Snacks Sweet & Salty 85g $3.80 12/04/2023 $3.00 4/07/2023 21.1%
Popcorners Gluten Free Snacks Cheddar Cheese 85g $3.80 12/04/2023 $3.00 4/07/2023 21.1%
Arnotts Biscuits Iced Vo Vo 210g $3.50 12/04/2023 $3.00 25/07/2023 14.3%
Arnotts Biscuits Kingston 200g $3.50 12/04/2023 $3.00 25/07/2023 14.3%
Arnotts Biscuits Lemon Crisp 250g $3.50 12/04/2023 $3.00 25/07/2023 14.3%
Arnotts Biscuits Orange Slice 250g $3.50 12/04/2023 $3.00 25/07/2023 14.3%
Arnotts Biscuits Raspberry Shortcake 250g $3.50 12/04/2023 $3.00 25/07/2023 14.3%
Arnotts Biscuits Venetian 250g $3.50 12/04/2023 $3.00 25/07/2023 14.3%
Arnotts Delta Cream Biscuits 250g $3.50 12/04/2023


$3.00 25/07/2023 14.3%
Golden Circle Orange Cordial 2Litre $5.00 12/04/2023


$3.90 4/07/2023 22.0%
Golden Circle Fruit Cup Pineapple, Lemon, Orange 2Litre $5.00 12/04/2023


$3.90 4/07/2023 22.0%
Birds Eye Steam Fresh Fish Parsley & Citrus 380g $10.00 12/04/2023


$9.00 4/07/2023 10.0%
Sakata Wholegrain Rice Crackers Original90g $2.75 12/04/2023 $2.30 11/07/2023 16%
Devondale Milk Full Cream 2 Litre $4.40 18/01/2023 $3.95 4/07/2023 10%
Steggles Premium Chicken Nuggets 400g $5.50 01/02/2023 $4.95 4/07/2023 10%
Notco Notmilk Original Plant Based Milk 1 Litre $4.80 12/04/2023


$2.40 4/07/2023



Daley Street Organic Coffee Beans 200g $10.00 18/01/2023 $5.50 4/07/2023


Steggles Chicken Tenders: Sweet Chilli400g $10.00 05/10/2022 $6.00 4/07/2023


Betadine Sore Throat Lozenges Anesthetic: 36 Pack $15.00 12/04/2023 $10.00 4/07/2023




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