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Do You Agree? ‘Heartbroken’ Mum Rants About Ex-Husband Cutting Their Son’s Hair

Do You Agree? ‘Heartbroken’ Mum Rants About Ex-Husband Cutting Their Son’s Hair

A devastated mum has taken to parenting forum Mumsnet to seek advice and support after her ex husband had their son’s hair cut without her permission.

The four year old boy had long “rockstar” hair which his mother was clearly very proud of. His school photos were coming up and she wanted him to show off his long hair in the photos. But her ex husband had other ideas and took him to get his glorious locks chopped off against the mother’s wishes.

mumsnet hair cutting
The original post

The “heartbroken” mum asked others for their view and probably wishes that she hadn’t. There were a lot of supportive posts but most of them told the mother that she was being unreasonable.little rockstar

“Why can’t he just be a wee boy. Why does he have to be some kind of style icon?”

“You lost me at little rock star”

“Ffs stop ramping up small issues into big ones. If you had never mentioned the hair your ex wouldn’t have had his hair cut. Now you can practically guarantee that he’ll be taking him for regular cuts, with your poor son in the middle trying to please both of you. Well done.”

“I’m afraid I’m on your Ex’s side. You are being unreasonable and dramatic.”

“You are making a huge fuss over something rather trivial.”

“Op you sound like an overly dramatic ex. Boys with long hair look awful”


4n0nym0u5 was quite active in replying to the comments and seemed quite eager to defend herself.

She wrote: ‘I was combing my sons hair the other night, and for some reason he thought I was going to cut tit, and he shouted don’t cut my hair. 

‘Ive shown him pictures of how he might want his hair, and he pointed to the longer styles. He is too young, I think to have a distinct opinion. (sic)’

Is the mum over-reacting? Do you like long hair on little boys?

Do you agree with the mother that his father shouldn’t have cut their son’s hair without her permission?

Or do you think that the child’s father has the right to make these decisions for his child just as his ex-wife does?

What do you think?



Images: Google Images

Jill Slater

Jill Slater

Jill is a busy wife and mother of four young children. She loves nothing more than making people giggle, and loves to settle in with a glass of wine (or four) and wander about the internet. Feel free to follow her to see all the cool stuff she finds!


  1. I think she is kinda over reacting after all it’s only hair it will grow back, my partners ex gave his son a crew cut without asking we didn’t like it, but we dealt with it we didn’t blast it all over the net and shunning the other parent, women seem to vent everything on the net they don’t have filters

  2. Same thing happened to me and I was devastated, my friends supported me saying it s only a hair and it will grow, but this wouldn’t change how I feel. He should have asked my permission and avoid such a shock. My son likes long hair.

  3. Also I think it is really immature that my ex did what he did, not asked me how I felt about it. He knew that I liked long hair, he knew I like to cut his hair myself (My occupation is designer). The problem is that HIS OPINION about the hair seems to be MORE IMPORTANT than mine, and that is the issue. I do not feel that my opinion is respected, I am a mother, and like it or not, mums are much more connected to their children than men. And thats why it should be respected how I feel about his hair. If a man doesn’t like it, he is a macho man with no feelings.

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