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Concerned Parents Say Cotton On Has No Place Selling Sex Toys in It’s Stores

Concerned Parents Say Cotton On Has No Place Selling Sex Toys in It’s Stores

While many people love the fact that sex toys have been de-stigmatised there are still those who believe vibrators have no place being sold in retail stores where children often frequent. One of those stores is Cotton On which is drawing a lot crticism following it’s decision to start selling vibrators. What do you think of this move?

Cotton On first announced it would be selling a range of sex toys and vibrators via its online store back in February. But it’s been in the media again this week after posts to the brand’s Instagram and Facebook accounts drew criticism from many parents.

The caption on Facebook read: “Treat yourself. Text your BFF. Yes, we’re serious.” It was accompanied by photos of Cotton On’s range of colourful vibrators.

While some of the comments were positive and applauded Cotton On for its “destigmatising” post on sex toys there were those concerned that it was inappropriate for young children to see them.

“My 14-year-old has got you on her Instagram and more than likely would have seen these along with many other teenagers,” one mum wrote.

“I think it’s a terrible move to sell this under your brand where children’s/youth items are sold.”

“I’m all for sexuality and purchasing these products if it’s what you like but as an adult not teen.”

Many agreed, saying it was “seriously ridiculous” that a store that catered to children and teenagers also stocked X-rated toys.

“My 10-year-old daughter loves shopping at Cotton On!” one concerned mum wrote.

“A shop that sells kids clothes shouldn’t sell this stuff,” another person said.

Most customers though leapt to Cotton On’s defence saying how progressive the move was.

“Self pleasure shouldn’t be a taboo subject. Good job Cotton On,” one wrote.

“People complaining how this will be seen by kids etc yet haven’t noticed it already being out for a while till they posted,” another said.

“️Healthy sexuality shouldn’t be a taboo topic but an opportunity for valuable life lessons and safety.”

Cotton On responded via a representative to saying they “understand that our online customer is made up of all ages, and not everyone will be interested in the Self Love product range. Since launching this category earlier this year, our emails to customers have been carefully segmented and distributed to people 18 and over. Further to this, our Self Love products are built into a hidden experience on the website, so customers must choose to opt in to this part of our online store. Before landing there, they will also be presented with a web pop-up with a content warning to give their consent to explore and shop the range, or return back to the homepage.”

So before everyone gets their knickers in a knot it must be pointed out that Cotton On’s range of sex toys and vibrators are only available via its website under its “self love” section.

Images: Cotton On Twitter

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Chrystal Lovevintage

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