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Parents are Furious after Learning What Their Kids are Being Taught Without Their Permission

Just last week I came across a Facebook video which you can watch below made by a concerned mum about the Safe Schools Program. This video has had nearly three million views and been shared nearly 47,000 times with no sign of slowing down. The video goes for more than 12 minutes and no doubt a lot of people would’ve switched it off without viewing the entire thing but I watched it all. And frankly, I was horrified. A quick google search of the Safe Schools program gave me very little information on the content of the program. But this mother, after hearing from her 12 year old son and her 13 year old daughter what they were being taught, prompted her to do hours and hours of her own research including querying her son’s school principal (who initially denied the program was even in the school before eventually admitting that it was).

For those of you who haven’t seen it or don’t want to sit through it all, I will attempt to sum it up in a nutshell. She begins by stating that the Safe Schools Program which is thought of by many to merely be an anti-bullying program is anything but. It was put together by La Trobe University’s Department of Sex and Gender Studies and has a broad focus on gender identity. She speaks at length about the theories behind it while reassuring her viewers that although she doesn’t agree with a lot of it, believes that gender identity can be fluid throughout one’s life and points out examples of her own children’s behaviour to that end. She didn’t actually have an issue with this part of the program being presented to her kids because she has a very open relationship and dialogue with them. What did disturb her was learning that her kids are being taught from the age of 12:

  • How to make anatomically correct genitalia in art class.
  • What a dildo is and how to use it. (When she queried the school on this – a counsellor at the meeting told her that that was part of the “safer options” part of the program because kids were having sex as young as 12 it was thought that it would be prudent to teach them to use dildos as an alternative to intercourse).
  • That anal sex is OK and what positions they could use to attempt it.
  • How to masturbate for girls including getting into the bathtub, touching their breasts and using devices such as electronic toothbrushes for stimulation.
  • Encouraged to visit and read Scarleteen and Minus 18.
  • That STI’s aren’t really that big a deal and can be easily treated.
  • That threesome’s are OK and to be encouraged.

This mother has been accused of being homophobic, transphobic, hysterical and ultra conservative. She goes to great lengths to refute this and to me; appears calm, rational, very well-spoken and intelligent.

She says that parents discovered the content of similiar courses in NSW and Tasmania and the program in those states was subsequently scrapped. The Daniel Andrews government is endeavouring to have this course mandatory in ALL schools across Victoria including private schools by 2018. There is no Opt-in or Opt-out for this program and no parental permission has been sought.

Today I saw a video from a teacher who is speaking with great concern about the program and the curriculum she was given. You can watch it below.

My kids are (thankfully) out of school but I can say with 100% certainty that if they WERE still in school, I would’ve marched down to the principal’s office TODAY and be asking a hell of a lot of questions and demanding answers.

Should you be doing the same?





Carolyn Murphy

Carolyn Murphy

Carolyn Murphy is a married mother of three and regularly provides us with recipes and strange but true stories about her life. When she’s not here, she can also be found on her website where all her other recipes are located!


  1. Unfortunately, Moira Deeming is straight out lying about the content of these school programs – don’t believe a word she says! There are three relevant programs taught in schools … and none of them contain the perverted survey and other things Moira refers to. The programs are:
    1/ Resilience, Rights & Respectful Relationships (in Prep this includes things like why we wear clothes to cover our private parts, physical boundaries, what makes a good friendship, and how boys and girls might like different things and the same things);
    2/ Sexuality Education (‘Catching On) – in Prep this includes things like ‘we were all babies once’, bringing baby photos to school (with parent permission), and, eventually, correct names for body parts (as this helps protect children against sexual predators). In Year 7 it includes things about puberty, going back over where babies come from (which is first introduced in basic terms in upper primary), what makes a good friend, etc. In Year 8 students start to learn about and discuss the importance of their own culture and values, that the majority of high school students don’t have sexual intercourse, and that if you do have sexual intercourse you need to be aware of emotions, consent, legal issues, STDs and contraception. The focus is on the future, rather than now (but they do need to be taught at this age, as this helps protect them from unwanted sex, pregnancy etc.). Abstinence is presented as an effective form of contraception ;). The dangers of pornography and importance of online safety are also covered. The Yr 9 and 10 curriculum covers these topics as well, and things to look for in a healthy relationship, etc. All throughout the emphasis is on respect, being able to say ‘no’, empathy for others, and responsibility. There is no Yr 11 or 12 curriculum, as by then students are completing VCE.
    3/ Safe Schools – this is a program designed to help secondary schools address bullying of GLBTI students (bullying of other types of students is covered in other programs). The main emphasis is on giving principals and teachers ideas for helping these kids. The program also contains a unit called, ‘All of Us’, which is designed to help kids empathise with GLBTI kids, and understand some of the issues they face.
    One of the programs I’ve seen Moira Deeming refer to isn’t actually a Department of Education program – it’s a website developed by LaTrobe Uni (and she takes its content entirely out of context anyhow). Other things Moira refers to would NEVER be used in schools – if a teacher did these things, they would be investigated and probably deregistered! Moira seems to make a lot of things up, or imply she’s seen things taught in schools, when she’s actually only talking hypothetically.
    I would encourage anyone who is concerned to look at these programs (all content is available online through – do a search for the above programs). And if you are a parent who is concerned, talk to your child’s teacher, principal or other teacher you feel comfortable with.
    Don’t believe everything you see in the news or online (hmm, the latter is even covered in some of the above programs ;)).
    The programs also cover the importance of not spreading false gossip and rumours – something Moira should perhaps think about, especially given she identifies as a Christian! She released her articles and videos as part of a smear campaign while running for the Victorian election last year.

  2. P.S. I challenge anyone to find ScarletTeen, Under 18, or details on how to have anal sex, masturbate or use a dildo in the Safe Schools, Respectful Relationships, or Sexuality Education programs – they are simply not there. Anal sex is only ever mentioned when warning students about STIs. Part of the Sexuality Education secondary school program includes telling the students that most secondary school students aren’t having sex. Sooo, this mother (in the first video) should be blaming the individual schools or staff members involved, not the Safe Schools program. If she is concerned about the teacher/student welfare officer conduct, and not getting anywhere with the principal, she can raise these concerns with the Department of Education. The programs she is bashing are actually on her side – e.g. encouraging 12 year old children NOT to have sex!

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