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These Parents Share the Funniest Reasons That Their Toddler Ever Had a Tantrum

These Parents Share the Funniest Reasons That Their Toddler Ever Had a Tantrum

Ahhh toddlers. If you didn’t laugh you’d cry, am I right, fellow parents? These adorable little people lose their shit at the drop of a hat — and I mean literally at the drop of a hat, or toy, or biscuit or whatever else they happened to be holding a minute ago.

And while we can try to console them over that dropped toy by handing it back to them, sometimes it is just best to let them scream it out while you quietly step over their little body writhing on the floor and go and make a coffee while trying not to make eye contact.

It might have been three or four years since we had a toddler in the house, but those insanity-filled years of crying over stupid crap have not left me, and I don’t think they ever will!

My own child once lost her cool because she wasn’t able to stand up in a bookcase! As the top mum that I am, I stood back, laughed and snapped some pictures.

my child, everyone!

One parent has asked the good people over at Mumsnet to share the funniest reasons for their toddler’s tantrums, and the results are pure, utterly relatable gold.

㋡  “My son was inconsolable when I explained I could not put his bum “on the front” because he wanted to poo standing up.”

㋡  “My child was upset with the wall today as it hurt her when she tried to bite it after being told not to.”

㋡  “It always surprises me how much anger there is in such little people. My friend’s daughter once had a tantrum because the dog looked at her.”

㋡  “I put her dirty nappy in the bin. A very tearful “bye bye poo poo, love you”

㋡  “My daughter had a meltdown because she put her sock on inside out the other day.”

㋡  “The cat wouldn’t say hello back when my son said hello to the cat. Caused a good 10 minute tantrum.”

㋡  “My son cried for a solid 30 minutes after he saw me change his new sisters nappy. ‘Why you take her willy?’ He genuinely thought I’d stolen it and telling him she never had a willy made him cry harder! He still says ‘you can take my boxers off but you leave my willy on’ when I’m changing him even though he finally understands the whole boy/girl bits situation.”

㋡  “My 2-year-old had an hour-long tantrum earlier because I switched the vacuum cleaner off.”

㋡  “My daughter sobbed big wet tears today because I had made her lunch. She kept crying ‘not eating, not eating’ at the very same time as she crammed her lunch in.”

㋡  “My daughter when she was younger had a big screaming-in-the-street, laying-on-the-floor tantrum. Why? Because I couldn’t stop the wind blowing.”

㋡  “My son, aged three, once had an hour-long tantrum because the sausage kept falling out of his sandwich.”

㋡  “My daughter was FURIOUS when she discovered that her father had the same surname as her.”

㋡  “My child had two monumental tantrums on the same day…because she wanted to sit and have a ride on a SWAN and because the bus didn’t stop so that she could drive it.”

㋡  “I told my 3-year-old that Kenny Rogers was not as cool as Cyndi Lauper – she threw the biggest fit on earth — she is a big Kenny Rogers fan and apparently Cyndi Lauper is ‘that shouty lady’ from the We Are The World video.”

㋡  “We have daily tantrums because unsurprisingly, my 2-year-old is not allowed to drive the car.”

㋡  “She didn’t want to go home. We were home.”

㋡  “Because I wouldn’t let her cuddle the raw fish I was cooking for tea.”

㋡  “Huge meltdown when I explained to him that when he grew up and had his own family his sister couldn’t be the mum of his children.”

㋡  “His brother told him this month isn’t actually called Octopus.”

㋡  “She had an hour long tantrum because her brother looked out of her window in the car.”

It must be terribly exhausting to be a toddler, getting offended and upset at the slightest little things!

Can you relate? Tell us the funniest tantrum your toddler has thrown in the comments!


Jill Slater

Jill Slater

Jill is a busy wife and mother of four young children. She loves nothing more than making people giggle, and loves to settle in with a glass of wine (or four) and wander about the internet. Feel free to follow her to see all the cool stuff she finds!

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