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UNICEF Global Parents Program



Many compassionate Australians kindly decide to support and give generously to help vulnerable children around the world each year, but can often feel overwhelmed with the many choices they are faced with.

UNICEF’s Global Parent monthly giving program is unique in its holistic approach to tackling the larger issues that keep millions of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable children and their families trapped in cycles of generational poverty. It is UNICEF’s firm belief from years of working in children’s aid that singling out an individual child or family is not the most effective way to provide much-needed aid.

Rather than singling out an individual child, UNICEF Global Parents’ monthly donations sponsor the world’s children by funding UNICEF programs around the globe, focusing on where the need is greatest at any given time.

This means that you could be helping set the foundations of a empowered individual by building schools to provide education after tropical storms ravage the Philippines in your first month, immunise children against the deadly yet preventable diseases of polio and measles in Syria and India your next month, and then protect children and their families from malaria in Africa by distributing insecticide-treated bed nets in Congo on your third month. While your donations may travel far and wide each month, one crucial fact will remain the same: You will be helping UNICEF save lives.
Children are not simply deprived because of a lack of education, health, food or clean water – rather, these are symptoms of poverty. All humans, including children, have innate rights that they deserve to see realised. UNICEF therefore works to build the strength and capacity of communities at every level to change these structural inequalities, often working together with key community members, governments, companies and other non-government organisations to drive effective and long-term changes. Your generosity will not help just a single child but will be felt by millions of children living in the poorest and most vulnerable situations on Earth as their needs and rights are met, thanks to you.

Who is UNICEF?

UNICEF is the world’s leading advocate of child rights and works in more than 190 countries to promote and protect the rights of children. UNICEF supports immunisation, child and maternal health and nutrition programs provide access to clean water and sanitation, delivers a basic education for all boys and girls and protects children from violence, exploitation and HIV. In Australia, UNICEF works with government and advocate bodies to defend children’s rights and support international development programs. UNICEF receives no funding from the UN and relies completely on the generous voluntary contributions of individuals, businesses, foundations and governments.




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