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11 Embarrassing Morning Sickness Stories That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

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For some women, the excitement of learning that they are pregnant is tempered somewhat by a less pleasant sensation – naseau. Morning sickness is thought to affect between 50% and 80% of pregnant women, with approximately 33% of them experiencing vomiting. The worst thing is never knowing when it might strike, as these 11 embarrassing morning sickness stories will attest to:


I had bad morning sickness the other day. I was in the upstairs bathroom puking my brains out. I thought the worst was over, so I headed down the stairs to let the dog out. Halfway down the stairs I knew that I was going to get sick again. It started to come up. I couldn’t run back up the stairs or make it to the downstairs bathroom in time. So I ran out of the front door in my underwear and began to puke again in our front bushes. All the neighbors were outside putting the kids on the bus! So embarrassing and this is only the beginning! vaio0579:


My husband and I used to (not since this episode) take our 2 dogs regularly to the lake to go swimming and play fetch. When we were done and were all loaded back into the car and on the way home – the smell of the damp dogs was just way to overwhelming. I was the one driving, and we were on a one lane road with a huge ditch on one side and oncoming traffic on the other. There was no towel, cup or anything to vomit into – and on top of that we were in the process of selling the car! I couldn’t just throw up in there! OH NO! So I did the only thing that I could think of which was pull the neck of my shirt out and vomit down it. I was wearing my swim-suit underneath, but I just totally threw up all over my stomach. My husband was pretty horrified. And only after the fact did he suggest that I might have rolled down the window because it would have been easy enough to just wash the car. It was really NOT funny at the time, but as I typed it out I had to laugh. Oh the joys of pregnancy! 🙂 (Reddit user: hoovesnyourface)


When I was pregnant with my first I had gone through the McDonalds drive through and ordered 2 hashbrowns and a sausage egg sandwich, a delectable rarity for me. As I was driving down the highway on my way to school I felt the urge to barf come over me. I got the sweats and was really shaky, so I looked for a place I could pull over.. no such luck, I was stuck in inner city traffic unable to get over. I looked for something like a bag to puke in.. nothing. All the while the urge is becoming unbearable and I’m trying to hold this vomit in my mouth. I heave again and it all came spewing out. All over me. All over my car. All over my report. I turned around and went home. It was bad, and I was mortified. I’m positive someone saw me blow chunks all over myself on the highway. (Reddit user: mad_maverik)


First time, six days after my period was due, I decided to be a brave girl and buy a test. The closest place to buy one was a large drugstore down the street, one of the ones with perfume counters near the front door.

Walked in, all in-denial like pregnant? me? we weren’t even trying! just late!, and was hit first by a wall of heat from their over-door heating machine … and then the smell of ten thousand perfume samples. Heaved furiously on their welcome mat on the spot. They were very nice, brought me water, refused to let me clean up, had me sit down with cold wet paper towels on my forehead … and then when I finally got up to pick up my test, the woman at the register looked at it, looked at me, looked at the wet smelly welcome mat and said, Are you sure you don’t want to save your money? I don’t think you really need this.

I bought it anyway. (Reddit user: Anonymous)


Not only do I feel progressively worse as the week carries on but why oh why does it catch me in the most embarrassing moments? While at work I try not to burp or puke over my patients during procedures, with the doctor completely oblivious to my sudden pale complexion, I excuse myself having a coworker cover me for the moment as I also squeeze my cheeks as I walk to the restroom because not only am I trying to keep it down but I also have to carefully walk not making any sudden miss step otherwise I’ll toot the whole way down the hall into the restroom. Once there all Hell breaks loose!(possible grunting involved) As I leave the restroom a fellow employee stairs & says “I’m guessing its not safe in there just yet..” how embarrassingly awkward!



I vomited at Costco last night. In the garbage can next to the sample station. Who gives out samples of clam chowder? I didn’t eat it, just the smell set me off. First experience of vomiting in public. Always wondered how it would go. Not terrible. Shortest and cheapest Costco trip ever. (5p1d3yv)

sea band morning sickness

I puked into my ugg boots I’d just taken off cause I had absolutely no warning I was about to puke.

They were ruined 🙁   (hebejebez)


I threw up on my boyfriends cat. [He] likes to sit on the toilet seat and I ran in there and he didn’t move until after spaghetti and sauce got vomitted on his fur. EmmyNPeapod


Last week me and the kids decided to hit museums for the day, and took the Metro down early.  Early enough that we were in rush hour, which means the trains were PACKED.  Normally this is no big because my kids are veterans, great with the trains, so we don’t mind.

We’re stuck standing up, no seats, and I feel the belly lurching.  Train slows down between stations, and although I try to hold it, I can’t.

I hurled on the floor at some guy’s feet.  On the train.  At rush hour.  With like 200 people looking on. (Blooot)


My brother plays college basketball and had a game this past Tuesday night… The trash can and bathroom were both pretty far away and I knew I wouldn’t make it.. so I grabbed an empty gatorade bottle that was laying on the seat in front of us and yacked… the people sitting next to us were horrified. Sooo embarrassing. (alexisarnold92)


While running to the sink covering my mouth about to get sick, I got sick right as I was a foot from the sink. Because I was covering my mouth it all went down my front. And of course because I hadn’t figured out I needed to pee more often to avoid peeing myself, I pee’d my pants while I puked my guts up. Thankfully I was at home alone. (BoxmakersWife)


I was leaving work on my way to pick DD from school. Right before turning in the school, I felt the urge to throw up. I am on a 2 lane road with no where to pull over, grabbed the closest thing and it was DD halloween bucket with her trick or treat candy, hurled all in the bucket, and some on my pants. Telling your 3 year old you threw her candy away, was worse than smelling like vomit going into school.. Needless to say, we keep buckets in the car, just incase. (KaylanRichard)


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Jolene enjoys writing, sharing and connecting with other like-minded women online – it also gives her the perfect excuse to ignore Mount-Washmore until it threatens to bury her family in an avalanche of Skylander T-shirts and Frozen Pyjama pants. (No one ever knows where the matching top is!) Likes: Reading, cooking, sketching, dancing (preferably with a Sav Blanc in one hand), social media, and sitting down on a toilet seat that one of her children hasn’t dripped, splashed or sprayed on. Dislikes: Writing pretentious crap about herself in online bio’s and refereeing arguments amongst her offspring.

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