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Grandmother’s Viral Post Explains How Her ‘Ugly’ Nails Were a Sign of Lung Cancer

Grandmother’s Viral Post Explains How Her ‘Ugly’ Nails Were a Sign of Lung Cancer

It is well known that if you consult Dr Google with your common cold symptoms, the response is usually either pregnancy or cancer. But this is one of the times that Dr Google got it right, and it may have saved this woman’s life.

A grandmother from Manchester in the UK can say that she owes her life to Google after a photo of her “ugly nails” prompted her daughter to do a little internet research, and then urged her to seek medical attention for what could be a severe heart or lung condition.

Jean Taylor, 53, assumed her nails, which curved down rather than growing straight, were a family trait, as her mother had them as well. She was shocked to discover that her drooped nails were a symptom of lung cancer, a condition that her mother had suffered from, also.

Jean sought medical attention to reassure her daughter Stephanie, and was shocked at the results — two golfball-sized tumours in her lungs.

She shared her story with a Facebook post which has since gone viral.

Two weeks ago I posted this pic on my wall asking if anyone had seen nails like this. A few Google posts later and I was urged to go to the Doctor. A tad extreme I thought…

I was rushed for blood tests and a chest Xray, 2 days later I got a phone call to go for a CT scan, 2 days later a PET scan and more blood tests, the day later a breathing test on my lungs and a scan on my heart, the day later an MRI scan then a lung biopsy.

After a gruelling 2 weeks, yesterday I got my results……. Cancer in both my lungs!!!!.

When your nails curve its often linked to heart and lung disease and its official term is “clubbing”. I had no idea… Did You ????

Hope this post can help someone else in the early stages of cancer.

“I’d been working in a factory so my nails were really short,” says Jean. “I got an office job about six weeks ago and they decided to grow.

“I’ve always had weak nails and I’ve never got them to this length because they were never strong and I was working in a factory.

“My daughter said “god, they’re ugly”. I didn’t want to go to the doctor over a curved nail, but I did it to put my daughter’s mind at rest. She’s the Google queen, and when you Google it the first thing that comes up in big bold letters is cancer.

“I felt ridiculous going to the doctor over a curved nail. I just thought I was wasting their time. I never in a million years thought it would be this. Never. I just said “I feel stupid, but I’ve come about this” and I held my hand up.”

Jean Taylor

As a result of Jean’s viral post, people have been inspecting their own nails and some who’ve otherwise brushed off nail changes as minor issues are commenting to let her know that her post has inspired them to get checked out.

“I have realised lately that one of my nails has been doing that. I just thought I must of been deficient in something and have been cutting my nails really short so it’s not noticeable. Might have to go see the doctor. Thank you so much for posting this,” one woman wrote.

“These nails are my lifesavers and I’m not cutting them off,” Jean explained.

“They’re gonna grow, and if I have to put silver bells and fireworks on the end of them to raise awareness, I will.

“I’ve got so many people sending me shares of their nails, but I’m no expert – I’ve only been diagnosed less than 48 hours. People out there are terrified now and saying “my mum had that and it was never picked up and she died of lung cancer.”

Here is a picture of an example of what nail clubbing looks like. If your nails look like this, you should consult your healthcare professional as soon as possible.

Source: Facebook/Jean Taylor

Jill Slater

Jill Slater

Jill is a busy wife and mother of four young children. She loves nothing more than making people giggle, and loves to settle in with a glass of wine (or four) and wander about the internet. Feel free to follow her to see all the cool stuff she finds!

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