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What if this year could be different?

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What if this year could be different?

yoga-241609 640

After a wonderful time over summer the inevitable occurs…back to school. This means a change in routine, making lunches, dealing with homework, drop offs and pick ups, not to mention the washing of uniforms. There can be excitement, apprehension, nerves, tears and that’s just the mums! Year after year we move into this routine, generally without too much thinking…but what if this year could be different?

I remember when I had children and I had a vision of what my life would be like. They’d all be happy and healthy, we’d be wonderful, loving parents, I’d be fit, my work would fit in perfectly with the school day allowing me to take them to their after school activities. Was that some delusional dream world I lived in…because life is not like that at all! Instead I find myself raising three children alone, I get angry sometimes, and my work…well it’s a constant work in progress. After many years of the school routine last year I asked “What if this year could be different?” With the kids heading back to school, now is the perfect time for mums to ask themselves what it is they want out of this year.

We all have the capability of living the life of our dreams, yet so few are actually doing that. Instead we get bogged down in routines, the needs of family and getting all those chores done. What if we could spend an hour a day on whatever it is that we want? What if we could spend 5 hours a day on it? The problem generally is that most people don’t know what they want and if they had that hour two hours or five they wouldn’t know how to spend it anyway.

If you have read some books and movies such as “The Secret”, “What the Bleep do we know?”, you will already have the concept that we create our own reality. If you add to that reading such as “Ask and it’s given” (or anything else by Jerry and Esther Hicks), you will also start to understand that we create reality from our thoughts and feelings.

In order for life to be different in 2014 you have to change the way you do some things and the way you think. Firstly, you must know what you want, otherwise it’s like driving a car with no destination. You can keep going and going as long as you fuel up regularly, and likely you’ll see some great sights along the way, but you’ll never quite be sure of where you are headed without the end goal.

That said knowing the end goal is important but it’s the journey along the way that is your life. Given that we create life from our thoughts and feelings, having an end goal in mind can give us direction, then we can use our feelings along the way as our guidance map. If you feel happy, it’s a sign you’re on the right track! We will always feel a range of emotions, but let’s face it, life is better when we feel happy! Plus there’s the benefit of creating our future from a happy space.

If you could change one thing about your life in 2014 what would it be? With the kids at school, this is your time to reflect and answer such questions. Let your imagination run wild! YOU have the capacity to Be, Do and Have anything you want…as long as you’re prepared to make some changes.

My challenge to you – write one thing that you’d like to be different this year – we’d love to hear what that is for you so share it with us here on Mum’s Lounge in the comments below. Give yourself the gift of investing time and energy into you and notice what possibilities open up when you ask “What could be different this year?”



Margit Cruice is an author, coach, motivational speaker and energy worker based in Noosa, Qld. Her latest book “They’re off to school, now what?: A mother’s guide to rediscovering herself” combines philosophies learned through years of training in life coaching, energy healing and personal development.
Running an international coaching business, she knows that every woman in the world deserves to love herself and understands how hard this can be. Through her coaching and healing she helps people break down their self imposed barriers and follow their heart.

You can learn more about Margit at or

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