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Help Your Child to Calm Down and Even Sleep Better with These Cool Stickers from Natural Patch

Help Your Child to Calm Down and Even Sleep Better with These Cool Stickers from Natural Patch

You know us, we LOVE sharing cool products with parents that really work – and these essential oil infused stickers from Natural Patch are definitely worth sharing! We were already huge fans of the Mosquito Insect Repellent patches (you can read our review on them here), so we were really interested in trying out the ZenPatch mood calming stickers and the SleepyPatch sleep promoting stickers to see if they were equally as effective. Before we launch into our experience with the stickers and why we love them, let us explain a little more about what they are and how they work.

ZenPatch Mood Calming Stickers

ZenPatch is scientifically formulated and tested to help kids regulate their energy, emotions and mood using all natural essential oils such as mandarin, sweet orange, atlas cedarwood and lavender. The blend of essential oils works by triggering receptors in the nose, which sends messages from the nervous system to the limbic system (which controls behaviour and emotions). This helps to calm the nervous system, the mind and stimulate an overall sensation of relaxation.  Thanks to a unique and cleverly woven nanomaterial, the essential oil aroma is diffused consistently every 5 minutes and lasts for 8 hours.

SleepyPatch Sleep Promoting Stickers

Similarly, the SleepyPatch stickers, use the natural power of essential oils (mandarin, lavender, sweet marjarom and vetiver) to calm the nervous system and quickly relax your child’s body into a state of deep sleep. Best yet, SleepyPatch promote the kind of deep (REM) sleep that your child’s brain needs to wake up feeling refreshed allowing them to enjoy a calmer, less anxious and more productive day thanks to increased concentration and focus.

The SleepyPatch stickers also work well for nap times when you are out and about.

What We Love About the ZenPatch and SleepyPatch Stickers

First and foremost, the reason why we love these stickers is because they actually work! Being the parent of two children with ADHD I personally approached them with what I’d like to think of as a healthy dose of scepticism. Maybe they’d work for some kids, I thought, but I wasn’t convinced a scent-infused sticker would be much of a match for my kids! But, as it turned out, I was wrong! My daughter is having far less meltdowns and can unwind ready for bed far easier when she is wearing a sticker. And they aren’t just for kids. I’m actually wearing a cute koala-face sticker on my own top as I type because I find them really helpful when I’m feeling stressed or anxious.

My sister recently took my niece for her immunisation – a job she was really dreading due to an unpleasant experience the last time. They both wore a ZenPatch to the appointment, and my sister felt it really helped to settle her own nerves and she was also able to calm her daughter more quickly after the injection was over. She’s also planning on taking both the ZenPatch and the SleepPatch stickers with her when she travels to Port Douglas next month too. Being a nervous flier the ZenPatch’s will be useful for calming her own nerves, and the SleepyPatches will be great for helping little Etta to wind down and fall asleep more easily in an unfamiliar sleep environment.

I love that the stickers are 100% natural and don’t contain any chemicals, so I don’t have to worry about any unpleasant or potentially harmful side effects.

Another great thing about the stickers are the cute designs. Kids love wearing them on their clothes, so helping them to wind down when they need it most is really simple and quick to do. Let them pick a sticker, pop it on their clothes somewhere near their face, and you’ll notice the difference in as little as 30 minutes!

Head to the Natural Patch website to learn more or to make a purchase.

Disclosure: I was gifted samples of the ZenPatch and SleepyPatch stickers for the purpose of providing a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please note that this article contains affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.


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