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Expat Convinced Fast Food Tastes Better In Australia Than In America

Expat Convinced Fast Food Tastes Better In Australia Than In America


A video of a woman tasting KFC in Australia for the first time, has gone viral after she declared fast food tastes a million times better in Australia than it does in America. Do you agree with her?

In the video that’s been viewed more than 95,000 times, expat Sophia, who is originally from Los Angeles but now lives in Sydney, said KFC tastes “more fresh here”.

“This is the first time I am trying KFC in Australia,” Sophia said. “I swear the fast food in Australia is so much better than the fast food in America because the quality of the food is just a lot better, like you can see it in the photos and the videos as well.”


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In the past Sophia had also posted a photo of a Macca’s burger on her Instagram. “All my friends from California were like wait why does that look so good? “I have a theory that Australians are smaller than Americans because Australians charge for condiments and the portions are smaller,” Sophia added.

Aussie were quick to comment on Sophia’s post agreeing with her that ‘yes in fact our food quality is far superior’ down under.

“I think it’s because Australia has really high food safety/food quality standards from our Government,” one person wrote.

“Australia has some of the highest food standard globally. Whereas America uses chemicals in everything,” another said.

“Don’t tell the world, it might catch on.”

“I swear the first time I ate McDonald’s in Australia, I was like wow, this is sooooo much better. Macca’s in America is literally the worst,” another agreed.

Many commenters said the taste difference could be because US McDonald’s used different oil to cook their food. While others suggested it was down to Australia’s premium ingredients such as high-quality beef, or the lack of sugar in Aussie bread.

“I tried McDonald’s while I was in the US and I literally was sick a few hours later,” one person wrote.

“I tried the USA Macca’s too when I was there. It’s so bad I don’t know how it became so big,” another said.

What do you think? Does fast food taste better here than in America?

Images: KFC & TikTok



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Chrystal Lovevintage

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