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Idiot Husband Plays a Cheating Prank on His Heartbroken Wife and Is Furious at Her Decision to Divorce

Idiot Husband Plays a Cheating Prank on His Heartbroken Wife and Is Furious at Her Decision to Divorce

A man who has teamed up with his buddies to pull an elaborate cheating prank on his wife to see what her reaction would be has discovered what it is like to “fuck around and find out”.

Honestly, I’m so angry at him on her behalf that it is hard to remain somewhat professional in writing this.

The poor woman shared her story on r/TrueOffMyChest earlier today revealing that her husband played the prank to test his wife’s love and loyalty. Perhaps he was thinking that she’d initiate a cat fight or something, who the hell knows what his thought process was in the week-long lead-up to the cruel, heartbreaking finale?

I know it’s a lot, but it is worth reading the devastated woman’s post in full.

“He was disappointed that I didn’t care enough. I don’t know what he wanted me to do. He couldn’t explain what he expected me to act. He just yelled that he didn’t expect this.”

Now we both get to sit here and be livid with this insufferable excuse for a husband and father of two.

Just to unpack this a little, he set up an elaborate cheating hoax over the course of a week involving the help of his dickhead mates. Then he left the house knowing his wife would discover his “affair” while he was out and she was with the children. She reacts with gut-wrenching heartbreak but hides it from her family so as not to traumatise their little ones. She takes her time to think through all potential options that are in the best interests of her family, and then presents them to her husband in a calm, unhostile manner.

And he loses whatever is left of his fucking mind.

“He’s mostly mad about me just accepting that he’s capable of cheating on me,” the woman explained further in the comments. “And then the lack of emotions once I believed he cheated. I wasn’t jealous enough.”

Make no mistake, this is abuse.

How on earth he possibly thought that this would be a good thing for his marriage is utterly incomprehensible.

This wasn’t something that he blurted out in a brief lapse of judgement. This was a prank that took more than a week to construct, with many opportunities to rethink and make a better choice for his wife and family.

It was also revealed that the entire friend group of men played the same prank on their partners, using identical text messages. “He and his friends are doing it to their wives and girlfriends,” she wrote. “My reaction wasn’t as good as the other women apparently.”

Time to put that plan into action, lady.

I don’t think I could come back from this. What about you?


Source: Reddit and Giphy

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