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MIL Calls Bride-To-Be Immoral For Getting Plastic Surgery And Subsequently Gets Disinvited From The Wedding

MIL Calls Bride-To-Be Immoral For Getting Plastic Surgery And Subsequently Gets Disinvited From The Wedding


A woman has been disinvited from her own son’s wedding after she went on a tirade calling her future daughter in law immoral for undergoing plastic surgery.

The groom-to-be wrote into discussion forum Reddit after his mum called his fiance names for having plastic surgery. Hoping to gain some outside perspective on the matter he explained that he and his partner Sara had been together for 11 years. Being extremely close, the couple had endured many hardships together. One of those being a car accident Sara was involved in, which left her with “scars across her torso, left arm and jaw.” He explained that she “has been hiding them with make up but you could still feel them and they made her very self conscious.”

Once the couple got engaged, Sara put off setting a wedding date as she felt self conscious about her scars. “We had talked about her having them removed before we got married as she admitted she wanted to put off getting married due to them,” he explained.

Thanks to a work bonus, the couple had unexpected funds to pay for Sara’s surgery which she undertook in 2020. “At xmas of 2019 I got an unexpected bonus from work and as we already had a substantial amount set aside for a wedding I suggested we use the bonus to pay for plastic surgery,” he shared.


Following the surgery, Sara gained a whole lot of confidence and felt like a new woman. “Sarah is now much happier with how she looks,” he shared. “She still wears a bit of make up to hide a few small lines from the plastic surgery but they will fade to white with time and be less noticeable (currently they’re still quite pink).”

While everything seemed picture perfect for the time being, it was all ruined by the MIL one day while shopping for wedding dresses.

“We had been planning for our wedding in Oct and she recently went dress shopping with my mother, her mother and her sister. At the shop my mother saw the scars and enquired about why they looked so different from her original scars. Sarah explained about the plastic surgery and then my mother didn’t mention it again so we didn’t think it was a big deal,” the groom-to-be explained.

“Yesterday when I was at my parents discussing the business dad and I co-own,” he wrote, his mum “butted in telling me it was immoral to marry someone as indecent as Sarah and that it was disgusting that she had plastic surgery. ”

Not surprisingly, this led to a HUGE fight!

“There was a massive argument and I told her if she was going to talk about Sarah like that then she wasn’t invited to the wedding at which point she broke down in tears and I left,” he wrote. “Now half my family is p—ed at me for uninviting and upsetting her.”

That’s when the groom-to-be turned to Reddit to ask if he was being an asshole for disinviting his mum.

“Good on you for defending your fiancée,” one person said. “Your mum was out of line and would’ve been even if the plastic surgery wasn’t for scarring.”

‘Plastic surgery is not a moral issue, reconstructive plastic surgery doubly so,” another stated. “Your mum sounds like a bit of a creep, so concerned about your wife suddenly being more confident and happier. She needs to do some real introspection.”

“No way. Stand by your partner,” chimed in another. “You mother was way out of line. Also, how dare she even act upset about being uninvited to a wedding she considers immoral? If that’s how she feels she should be fine with it.”

It’s safe to say, the groom-to-be was NOT the asshole in this instance.

“What nonsense on your mother’s part,” said Another commenter. “You did a wonderful and loving thing, helping Sarah deal with this and feel comfortable in her own body again, and you did absolutely the right thing by standing up for her against your mother.”

Do you agree?


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Chrystal Lovevintage

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