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People Share the Best Examples of Men Not Understanding Women’s Bodies That They Had Ever Heard

People Share the Best Examples of Men Not Understanding Women’s Bodies That They Had Ever Heard

There is a lot to be said for a comprehensive education on how our bodies work. While most of us learned all about the human body and its various functions during those highly-embarrassing sexual anatomy and reproduction talks in year 6, it seems that this information doesn’t sink in for a lot of people and they end up believing the most ridiculous things about the female body.

Redditors were asked “What’s the best example of ‘men not understanding a woman’s body’ that you’ve ever heard?”, and the answers were both enlightening on the stupidity of men, as well as incredibly entertaining.

⚛ Many years ago I dated a guy who thought women’s periods came on the first of the month like rent. ~ u/Tamo_Neka

⚛ My sister knew a guy in high school who thought women had FIVE holes, one for pee, one for periods, one for sex, one for birth, and one for shit. Luckily she corrected him. ~ u/oldfarmhousechutney

⚛ Knew a guy who genuinely believed women having orgasms were a myth or disorder because “only male orgasms do anything so a female having an orgasm is pointless” ~ u/Ahkwatic

⚛ My (ex) boyfriend told me he wanted to “lick my aorta” during phone sex. He was referencing my breasts. ~ u/Geodudette2014

⚛ Someone on Twitter complained about censorship made on a female character from Tokyo Mirage Session (a game) and he said: “not only did they remove her cleavage, but they also removed her vagina bones”. Ever since this was tweeted in 2016, everyone has been laughing at him, even today ~ u/japanese_artist

⚛ Recently saw a TikTok comment from a guy saying women can only get pregnant on their periods. ~ u/ningram07

⚛ The one where the guy thought virgins don’t have vaginas; it’s his responsibility as her first sexual partner to “make the hole.” ~ u/failjolesfail

⚛ A coworker who got drunk at a work event and started complaining that his arranged marriage wife must be cheating on him because she was now wet and receptive to his advances instead of avoiding him because it hurt. ~ u/Polyfuckery

⚛ Men who think we get turned on by inserting tampons ~ u/updownclown68

⚛ He thought he knew better than me how to give me an orgasm. I would tell him his hand was in the wrong place, and he would argue with me about it and move it back to wherever he thought it should be. Mostly he would go for the urethra. He claimed he was very good in bed because he had looked up diagrams ~ u/AstroLozza

⚛ This man thought that women have to wear tampons every time they swim so their vaginas don’t fill with water. ~ u/i_am_the_archivist

⚛ A male family member thought that tampons eliminated cramps because if nothing was coming out how could there be cramps? ~ u/Scary-Boysenberry

⚛ My ex-BIL thought that a woman’s anus and vagina combine into one hole during childbirth, then went back to being two separate orifices. He had a PhD ~ u/jbp84

Do you have any examples of your own to share? Sound off in the comments!
Source: Reddit, Giphy and Freepik

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