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This Viral Thread About Hormone Tantrums Is Absolutely Hilarious and 100% Relatable

This Viral Thread About Hormone Tantrums Is Absolutely Hilarious and 100% Relatable

There can’t possibly be a woman alive who hasn’t had a little tantrum while hormonal at some point in her life. Whether enduring the chaotic hormones of puberty or menopause, the rollercoaster of pregnancy, or even just good old garden-variety PMS, we are constantly inundated with changes in hormone levels that can leave us feeling anything from weepy to full-on rage-screamy.

This super-fun phenomenon has been beautifully documented by a hilarious social media thread calling for women’s best stories of the hormone-induced tantrums that they’ve thrown in their lives, and boy howdy did these wonderful ladies deliver!

It all started when the brilliantly-named Facebook page Holy Flaps shared this wonderful picture.

Literally thousands of comments later, we bring you the very best responses.

? My husband once farted so loud and it scared me so much I cried. Because he laughed so much I cry-raged that I wanted a divorce, and told him we needed to put the house on the market. Then I cried because I’d be homeless. Because of a fart.

? Lived next door to a lady once who had lots of cats. I’m talking over 30. I kept finding shit in my garden and I’d just bag it and bin it. One day my son who was nearly 3 at the time was sitting in his sandpit and I walked over to see him playing with a handful of it. Horrified, I scooped it out of the sandpit fuming and launched it over the fence at her washing. Shouting you can have that back!! Grabbed my son, took him straight up to the bathroom and dumped him in the bath. As I stripped him off to shower him I noticed one side of his nappy had come undone and there they were… the telltale skid marks all down his leg.

? Heavily pregnant and too fat to get the shop to buy peas. My partner came home to find me crying looking at pictures of peas on the internet.

? I grounded my 14-year-old son for sneezing too loud.

? Cookies come in a 4 pack!! One for me, one for him and one each for the kids. I SAVED mine for that moment after work when you just need your cup of tea and a cookie. I came home full of hell, put the kettle on, opened cupboard door – no cookie!!!! I went full-on psycho and packed my bags, went to my parents. Dad asks “bloody hell, what’s happened?”.

“He ate my biscuit”

? I tried making an omelette, fucked it up completely. Cried hysterically, said I CAN’T FUCKING EAT THAT! 5 minutes later… I ate it. Whilst eating it, there was an advert on TV about mistreated donkeys, so I was once again crying hysterically. 3 years later I’m still sponsoring a donkey called Fred.

? My toddler son cried because his banana was bent the wrong way… then full of hormones, I spent 2 hours sobbing alongside him because every banana I got out of the bowl was also bent the wrong way. My OH came in from work, asked why we were both crying and calmly picked up the bananas and one by one turned them over… suddenly they were now all bending the right way.

? Had a complete mental breakdown because I’d bought the wrong size prawns. Threw prawns around the kitchen in a rage, slipped on one of them and fell over. Lay on the floor surrounded with prawns and crying.

? Cried in the bank after the cash machine ate my card (7 months pregnant at the time) – they were lovely, sorted me out, pointed out my account was fine and sorted the card. Got home to find said card in my purse – machine had eaten my Tesco Clubcard.

? I threw a whole tray of chicken nuggets into a bush…then picked them all out and ate them whilst crying in the garden.

? Just after I had my 1st baby. I was making a cuppa and then started sobbing coz I couldn’t remember if I’d put sugar in my tea or not. Then I absolutely broke down when I remembered I don’t even drink tea. To this day I have never been so upset.

? I was heavily pregnant and NEEDED cheese, went to Sainsbury’s to be beaten to the last packet of Cathedral City. Fumed that much I stalked the cheese thief until they weren’t looking and took it out their trolley & waddled off to the tills as fast as my fat feet would carry me!

? It was the day of Princess Diana’s funeral and it was his turn to go shopping. He refused so I unplugged the TV and I took it to the shops, then came home, unpacked the groceries, got myself and the kids lunch, plugged the TV back in and watched the rest of the funeral.

Heavens be, they are all so, so relatable! Any one of us could have gone postal and done the exact same things I reckon!

Possibly one of the best responses to all of these hilarious stories was posted by a gentleman by the name of Ric Kay:

“The fact I’m still attracted to women after reading this thread is proof sexuality isn’t a choice.”

Too funny!

Have you ever had yourself a full-blown hormone tantrum? Share it with us in the comments!


Source: Facebook/Holy Flaps

Jill Slater

Jill Slater

Jill is a busy wife and mother of four young children. She loves nothing more than making people giggle, and loves to settle in with a glass of wine (or four) and wander about the internet. Feel free to follow her to see all the cool stuff she finds!

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