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Woman Is Mortified After Discovering Secret Meaning Behind Her Pineapple Tattoo

Woman Is Mortified After Discovering Secret Meaning Behind Her Pineapple Tattoo

A woman was shocked after recently discovering the secret meaning behind her innocent pineapple tattoo. Be honest. Did you know what an upside down pineapple means??

Brittany Lewin, from Queensland, was mortified to learn an “upside down” pineapple she got tattooed on her arm turned out to be a secret sign used by swingers to identify each other in public.

Lewin shared her discovery on TikTok video, saying she had no idea what it meant until a friend of hers messaged and told her. 

“Is that an upside down pineapple?” her friend asked, to which Lewin responded: “Hahaha not when my arm is down.”

Her friend’s response confused her: “It’s still going to make me giggle. I only just found out what an upside down pineapple means.”

“Wait what? Googling haha,” Lewin said.


Turns out after a bit of googling, she discovered that the upside pineapple was secretly used by swingers who are in search of a swinger party.

Lewin was shocked that she had been giving off ‘swinger vibes’ without realising.

“I post stories daily with my arm like this…” she said to more than 18,000 of her followers. During a follow-up video, Lewin is seen making an appointment over the phone for a tattoo removal. She says that the reason she got a pineapple tattoo in the first place was because she thought it was an “international symbol of boss women”.

“Turns out ‘upside-down’ pineapple is a sign for international swingers,” she said, laughing. After some thought, she decided not to go ahead with laser removal because she now thinks it’s “absolutely hilarious”.

Many of her followers wrote in after viewing her TikTok video saying they too thought she was a swinger with some saying: “I’ve thought this every video I’ve seen of you. I just thought each to their own.”

Another wrote: “Yeah I thought you were a swinger too.”

One joked: “Every time I see it, I was thinking to myself ‘does she know?’”

While another said: “Well you wouldn’t win either way. Even if you put it the right way up, when you put your arm back down from behind it’d still be upside down.”

One woman with a similar pineapple tattoo said: “I have an upside down pineapple too and people keep sending me these kinds of TikToks and I’m just like ‘I’m not, stop’.”

Hahaha! We love this story so much. And yes, each to their own indeed! If by any chance you were wanting to give off your own ‘secret message’ but didn’t want to commit to a tattoo, then check out all the cute pineapple stickers HERE ! You’re welcome 😉


Images: TikTok & Pixabay


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Chrystal Lovevintage

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