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Woman Shares Hilarious Moment Sonographer Mistook Her Poo For A Second Baby

Woman Shares Hilarious Moment Sonographer Mistook Her Poo For A Second Baby


Taking to TikTok, a woman has shared the hilarious moment she was told she was having twins only to later learn the sonographer had been looking at her bowels!

UK mum Jade Moore, remembers the sonographer saying: “I’ve never seen anything like this!” The moment happened when she had gone in for an ultrasound with her best friend while pregnant with her son Arlo.

“My best friend had come along for moral support and was sat there waiting with me. She goes, ‘Imagine having twins!’,” Jade says in the video.

“Let’s NOT imagine I’m having twins,” she replies.


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Once in the ultrasound room Jade becomes nervous when the sonographer suddenly yelps:

“’Ooh! Congratulations! TWO babies!”


Jade is beyond shocked and asks the sonographer to check and check again.

“Yeah, definitely two!” she says. And even points out the two sacs she can see on the screen. Albeit one of them looks rather ‘odd.’

“One of the babies that looked like it was in the sac was moving rapidly… it was flapping!

“She says, ‘I’ve never seen anything like this!'”

Clearly shaken by the news Jade finds herself jumping off the bed and rushing to the bathroom to vomit. She’s then sent to hospital to make sure she is in fact expecting twins. Which is exactly where the hilarious mistake was discovered. We shit you not!

Jade was asked by a nurse to have a look at the ultrasound photo the sonographer had provided. So she showed her.

“I showed her and she starts laughing,” Jade says.

“She then calls in a colleague who starts laughing.”

“She says, ‘I just want to confirm that there’s one baby. I also want you to know the last sonographer has been looking in your bowels’.

“That, my darling, is a piece of sh*t!”

Hahahaha!! Best story of the day!


Images: TikTok

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Chrystal Lovevintage

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