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Woman Mum-Shamed For Spending $1.25 On Daughter’s Birthday Cake!

Woman Mum-Shamed For Spending $1.25 On Daughter’s Birthday Cake!

A woman has been mum-shamed online for being a ‘tight arse’ when it comes to buying her daughter’s birthday cake. The mum shared a pic of the marked down Coles cake online only to be flooded with negative comments.

Posting on Facebook page Retail Reductions Australia the woman revealed how she picked up a $25 Coles Bakery Pink Vanilla Drip Cake that had been reduced to just $1.25.

“Perfect for my daughter’s birthday,” she wrote on the Facebook page. “Fingers crossed we will be able to celebrate together in three weeks. Will just pop in freezer till then.”

Some fellow shoppers praised the mum for her bargain buy even though they were concerned with the cake quality. However some criticised her for only spending $1.25 on her daughter’s birthday cake.

“Well you’re not supposed to refreeze already thawed stuff – but YES, great bargain if spending $25 on your kid’s cake is too much,” said one.

That comment prompted another shopper to defend the mum’s decision.

“Really? You don’t see anything wrong with what you just said? Basically shaming anyone who can’t spend $25 on a cake,” she wrote.

“Some people can’t, don’t be miserable and think you’re high and mighty. You’re on a retail reductions page – not a ‘I’m better than everyone else and mother of the year’ page.”

“Yes, I like a bargain just like the next person … but yeah, if $25 is too much for a cake that hasn’t been frozen twice and is four weeks old then hey, each to their own,” she wrote back defending her initial comment.

“There’s catching a bargain and just being downright tight a** but as I said, if you can read, great bargain. Go away Karen!”

While other mums were just worried about the safety of eating a twice thawed cake from the supermarket giant.

“Girl, it’s not unsafe, but it’s gonna taste like absolute s***,” said one.

Added another Facebook user: “Refreezing is not the best because in the thawing and refreezing, moisture is lost and quality is lessened. If thawed in a fridge in unbroken, sealed packaging, there is very little risk of bacterial contamination. Refreezing is usually fine from a health perspective.”

“Relax with the nasties. Way to take the joy out of something. What is wrong with people?” said one.

Wrote another: “Celebrate today! Love that cake – what a bargain! I used this cake for my daughter’s third birthday, froze the leftovers and it defrosted fine!”

Images: Facebook

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Chrystal Lovevintage

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  1. Where does it say it has already been frozen? I couldn’t see it stated anywhere. And I say GOOD ON YOU for ur bargain hunting!! That means u can maybe use the money u didn’t spend on the cake on another gift for ur daughter!!

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