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These Are the Worst (and Funniest!) Baby Names We’ve Ever Heard!

These Are the Worst (and Funniest!) Baby Names We’ve Ever Heard!

Parents like to name their children something as interesting and original as they believe their sweet little bundle is, right? We get it. In that moment, they want their perfectly adorable baby to have a perfectly unique name. Great in theory, not so great in practice.

The internet was asked what was the worst baby names they had ever heard, and the answers did not disappoint!

I do HR so I see a lot of names every day. The worst I’ve seen is Felanie.SandyDFS 

Back in highschool there was a kid named Aero Smith. First name Aero, last name Smith. – DillDoughNut

• In high school, a family recently immigrated from Pakistan had the last name “Butt.” One of the daughters was named Seema. – nolasagne

• Chevodka. Conceived in a Chevy while drunk on vodka – najing_ftw

• One of my mum’s friends is called Vagilia (not sure about the spelling but pronounced Vagilia) Stanko. Vag Stanko. My friend’s mum also had to interview someone called Wayne Bow. – sirivsblack

Morton.. for a girl. – orgasnickk

I know a guy named Emerald – WVAviator

My freshman year, there was an upperclassman named Race Carr – pizza_nommer

I had some neighbors who had two kids, a daughter and a son, and a shitzu named Chase. When a couple years later they had another son, clearly something of a surprise, rather than going through the trouble of thinking of a whole new name they just named their son Chase and renamed the shitzu Snickers. The kid literally got the dog’s name. – machiavellisbitch1

Chassidy. It’s the wrong version of two different names. – murderofcrows90

Yesterday I heard Zerocksalynn (zer-rocks-uh-lin) and Lazerus. And no, not like the Bible. It was pronounced lazer(like a beam)-us. – sauerpatchkid

Mhavryck – this_charming_bells

I once worked with a guy named Bagel. I assume his parents spaced on choosing a name until last minute and made their decision over breakfast. – theraidparade

I had a student named Moronica. Always felt bad when I called on her. – Sunkissed1234

Kid at a school at which I taught named Teen Wolf. His brothers were Joe and Robert. To clarify: first name: Teen, middle name: Wolf. – GreatWhiteCC3

A kid in my friends class is named “Mister” because according to his mom she wanted him to be respected – hopeistayhidden

The highlight of my day is watching the local morning news when they do birthday shout-outs. Yesterday there was a Jeynanathan. The worst part was that he was a triplet and the other two had decent names. – cyberdreamsinc

My chiropractor loves fishing, and his kids’ names are Gill, Fin, Fish, and Annette. – Woo-ManJohnson

I’m an IT admin, this was the username of the week, month, year, perhaps decade. Randy Arsol. – big_blunder 

I had a friend in high school called John. Both his older and younger brothers were also called John. – thekingofburritos

The Speed Awareness Course I got made to do a number of years ago was ran by a guy called Richard Lord. I knew a girl called Emma Royd too. Not sure which is worse. – fistful-of-fingers

My father had a Nigerian guy working for him named Ziggy Zoo. I think it’s pretty bad ass. – chenry123

This is 100% true. My brother is married to a Bronx schoolteacher. For those who don’t know, the Bronx isn’t the greatest NYC borough. Anyway, she’s seen some names. In one of her classes, she had twins named Boya & Boyb. They were Nigerian or something. Anyway, during a crisis meeting about their behavior my SIL asked about the cultural significance of their names. The mother replied that the hospital is in charge of naming children. That’s right. Boy A and Boy B. Also she had twin girls name Karen and Notkaren. I think that’s even better.  – [deleted]

The principal at my high school was Richard Mann. He went by Dick and OWNED IT. “Hi. I’m Dick Mann, the principal of <High School>.” – simoriah 

Have you heard of any really bad baby names? Tell us in the comments!


Source: Reddit and Giphy

Jill Slater

Jill Slater

Jill is a busy wife and mother of four young children. She loves nothing more than making people giggle, and loves to settle in with a glass of wine (or four) and wander about the internet. Feel free to follow her to see all the cool stuff she finds!


  1. My friend’s sister tutored primary school kids and had a student called Psyche. Only it was pronounced Pish.

  2. Growing up I remember twin elderly sisters with the names of Etta and Ima, last name was Dick

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