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Mary and Marie: Jaws Handbag Review

Mary and Marie Bag Review – Jaws Handbag

When I first started my journey into motherhood and chose my first nappy bag I had no idea that sleek sophisticated gorgeous bags even existed, so my first bag was somewhat, erm, well, lets just say it was none of the above. Luckily for me, 4 children later, I am a little better educated in the world of nappy bags and have developed a mild addiction to finding (and collecting) nappy bags that are both stylish and functional.

The Mary and Marie bag range is my latest and very welcomed discovery with a gorgeous range of high quality bags to suit all occasions. Whilst at first glance they may look like they are just ‘pretty bags’, so may have little use for a Mum who has to pack for every eventuality, on closer inspection they are far more and are exactly what every Mum needs.

Over that last few weeks I have been testing out the gorgeous ‘Jaws Handbag’ from the Mary and Marie range and the first thing that hit me when I removed this bag from its dustcover was the quality. The Jaws handbag is hand made with top quality matte lichee grain leather with a subtle suede trim that looks and feels divine. The attention to detail is amazing and every zip, stich and edge screams of designer handbag quality.

Once I opened up this gorgeous handbag I was delighted to find that on the inside it catered for all my Mummy needs. The inside of the bag contains a removable and hand washable organiser, which, as a Mum you would know or if you are expecting to be a mum soon…trust me on this one, is a godsend as it doesn’t take long before the bottom of your back is filled with all kinds of unsavory snack left overs or items that have been kindly dropped in your bag by your little darling.

jaws handbag3

The Jaws handbag is a very worthy Mums aid, organising your belongings for you. There are zip up pockets on the outside for keeping items that you want to get to easily. Then on the inside there is a Neoprene bottle holder to keep your water bottle cool or baby’s bottle warm, mesh pockets so that you can easily see what you have stored inside them and reducing rummaging time, a key clip so that you can find your keys quickly without emptying the contents of your bag, a clear plastic section, which is perfect for items that may leak en-route, and an elasticated wallet clip to help keep your valuables secure. Not only does this bag have a place for everything it is also a really good size, so there is plenty of room to fit everything I need in to one bag.

jaws handbag_2

I found that the really clever part came when I wanted to switch bags or change the contents from all of my mummy essentials to my work bag essentials, laptop bag or going out bag. Because the Mary & Marie range feature their signature zip out organiser I can remove the entire contents in one go and pop them into another bag. This was a huge time saver turning a rather lengthy job in to a quick two-minute switch and allowing me to use my rather sexy new bag for every occasion without any fuss.

If you are looking for a new nappy bag or even just a new bag then I would highly recommend the Mary & Marie Jaws bag, as it is sophisticated, high quality, functional and very versatile, so is great asset for any Mum.


Written by Julie Williams.


Thanks to Mary & Marie we have a gorgeous Jaws Handbag worth $290 to give away to one of our lucky readers. Simply enter below for your chance to WIN, good luck.


Disclosure: The author was gifted a ‘Jaws Handbag’ for the purpose of an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are her own.

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