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My Ex Wants Me to Pay for Half of Her Mommy Makeover Because Having Our Son Ruined Her Body!”

Has your body changed after having kids? Do you embrace the changes and feel gratitude for the amazing feat your body accomplished in growing and giving birth to a small human? Or do you long for your pre-pregnancy perky breasts and taut midriff? Apparently, the so-called ‘mommy makeover’ is a growing trend and includes everything from breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, and a Brazilian butt-lift (among other things!) – none of which come cheap! Which is why one woman thinks that her ex-partner should shoulder half the cost of her plastic surgeries since according to her, having their son ruined her body!

The perplexed man took to Reddit for advice after his ex-partner got angry at him for spending his money on a hair transplant for himself, rather than a mommy makeover for her!

I have a receding hairline so I decided to get a hair transplant. My ex is mad and thinks that I should have spent the money on her to get a mommy makeover. She had bought up a while back me paying for half. At the time I thought it was too much money and didn’t think it made sense for me to pay for that since we weren’t together anymore. So, now she’s really pissed that I spent so much money to fix my hair and not for half her mommy makeover when I’m half responsible for her body being ruined after having our son.


Edit. Just wanted to add a few things

For some reason people keep thinking I’m talking about my financials with my ex. I’m not. It was pretty obvious I got the procedure done just from looking at me.

We were never married

I never agreed to pay for her to any cosmetic surgery.

People in the comment section were incredulous at the bizarre request and felt like it was a very entitled attitude.

You don’t owe your Ex anything like that. Pay for your child and tell her to STFU. Then buy a new boat…. (fish0814)


NTA. If she was worried about her body getting ruined, she probably should’ve considered that before having a child and she is your ex you are under no obligation to finance her plastic surgery. (GonnaBeOverIt)


NTA it’s your money. Your ex is not your problem anymore and “mommy makeovers” are a toxic trend anyway (ThatWhichLurks782)


NTA, she’s your ex. You owe her personally, nothing. If you have children, then you provide for their needs, but her tummy tuck is not your responsibility.

Go get your hair done and enjoy the confidence it gives you. (Fallout4Addict)

Some people said they could see why she was ‘the ex!’

NTA..I can understand why she’s an ex..she sounds very entitled and exhausting. You both broke up, you owe her nothing. Why pay for a mommy glow up when you aren’t even a thing? So you can help with her “revenge”? Get really good looking and lose weight. Then show you what you’re missing??

Your baby momma is acting spoiled, if anything you’d think she’d want something for your kid. Don’t let her guilt trip you or make you feel bad. You did the right thing breaking up with her. (MontanasQueen)

What the hell?? NTA!

As long as you’re upholding your part in supporting your child according to the CO and financial agreement, you have no other responsibility to her for anything, especially to get some kind of ‘body repair’ for her to use to attract some other guy. Her thoughts that you should do anything like that is preposterous. Your money is your money to do whatever you want. If you decide to throw handfuls of cash out your car window, that’s none of her business.

(Also, unless you forced her against her will to have the child, she made the decision to be pregnant. Even if you really really wanted to have the child, she could’ve said no. Ergo, her body is the result of one of her own decisions.) (ZeroZipZilchNadaNone)

Other people were incredulous that she thought that having one child would have ruined her body.

NTA I’ve never heard of such a thing as “you’re half responsible for my body being ruined after having your baby, so YOU should pay for Half my Mommy Makeover.” If she’s so vain and didn’t want to “ruin” her body. Why did she get pregnant? She’s your EX. You don’t owe her a damn thing. That’s your hard-working money, not hers. Why do these exes be trying to act like they still with you and you OWE them? Even if you were together, you still wouldn’t Have to pay for half. Mommy Makeover is considered cosmetic surgery (elective), not reconstructive surgery, which is considered medically necessary. As long as you’re taking care of Your Son. Her Wants financially doesn’t matter to you. If she really Wants it. She’ll have to figure it out on her own. Like any other grown ass woman.

For those that don’t know a Mommy Makeover Can Include:

Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck, Circumferential Abdominoplasty, Liposuction, Thigh Lift, Arm Lift, Brazilian Butt Lift. (Wallflower515)

She’s full of it. Having a baby does not automatically ”ruin your body” and you’re not even together anymore. As long as you’re supporting the kid, NTA. Enjoy your hair, it’s totally cool to do something for yourself! (Rich-Abbreviations25)


NTA What a disgusting attitude she has. Why are you even talking to her, besides what is related to your son. A ‚Mommy Makeover‘ as if she were some kind of thing. Body ruined‘ because of giving birth to one child? And making u pay for it, really? She seriously needs a psychiatrist much more than a makeover. (DaGrinz)

My personal favourite comment though is this one from user RDJ1000:

Tell her she owes you for half of the hair transplant because you ruined the follicles — when you were tearing your hair out back when you were with her. So it’s her fault you needed a hair transplant.

What do you think? Does he owe her half a mommy makeover for giving him a son? Or is she living in lala-land?

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