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People Share the Funniest Things They’ve Overheard and We Can’t Stop Laughing

Have you ever accidentally overheard a strangers conversation and had to stifle your laughter so they didn’t realise? Sometimes not knowing the context for a random comment can be hilarious, as your mind tries to make sense of what you just heard. Today, we’re sharing some of the funniest things people have overheard and shared on Reddit.

I saw a dad putting his son, who looked to be about 2 or 3, in a high chair at a restaurant. The kid wasn’t having it and gave his dad an exasperated look and said, “Am I a baby? Am. I. A. BABY?” (Damsell)

I was at a festival and some drunk girl walked passed me talking on the phone and crying her eyes out saying “I keep yelling Marco, but people keep yelling back Polo.” (CherokeeofInfinity)


At the movie Paranormal Activity, a girl behind me was constantly blurting out “Did you see that?” Eventually the girl with her yelled fairly loud “Bitch, we’re watching the same fucking movie!” (bestsmithfam)

Overheard on a street corner in Vegas: “If I catch him hanging around again, Im’ma kill him, bury him in the desert, and eat corn on his grave.” I tried to muffle my laughter while my wife shot me angry looks and hurried me along. (Von Moistus)

Couple walking towards me one night while I was heading to a club. Guy was mid-rant: “I can deal with shitty art! I can put up with lousy music. I can even handle drug users and pushers! But I WILL NOT tolerate FLUORESCENT LIGHTING!!!” Had me howling all the way and into the club. (frostygnosis)

Walking behind two guys walking towards the sunrise after a 8am class one day.

Guy one:”Man, the sun is really bright.”

Guy two:”Yea, it feels like its burning my rectums.”


Guy one:”Yea.” (Mopeed)

Some girl was on the phone with her mom and she goes “Mom I need help I just got my period and I have no pads……… A TEABAG? I AM NOT PUTTING A TEABAG UP THERE!” (deleted)

In a bar, guy slurs to girl: “Brittany, you’re beautiful-ish” and then they make out. You go, Brittany! (a012189)

I once heard a woman in a bathroom asking her young son why he needed to remember to put down a sanitary paper liner on the toilet seat. He jumped in the air and loudly shouted out “So we don’t get butt germs!” He was so happy and proud he knew that answer. (ours_de_sucre)

“I’m a vegetarian. I only eat chicken.” (in a restaurant, complaining that a chicken and chorizo dish has chorizo in it) (deleted)

two guys waiting for an elevator, one ducks into the mens room and the other yells to him “you want me to hold it for you?” (deleted)


I saw a mother and a toddler arguing outside a bathroom. The toddler was a boy and he was mad he had to go into the girls room with his mother. He wanted them to go into the boys room. When his mother explained she can’t go in there he said “mommy you have an inny and I have an outie it’s the same thing”. (Theseahorse)

Visiting London for our honeymoon. My wife and I are going through customs. The couple in front of us had a baby with them and went up to the customs agent.

They must filled out the whole card for the baby because we hear a British customs agent yell “Occupation: Baby?!” (Siegfried262)

“Just because you don’t understand what you’re saying doesn’t mean you’re speaking Spanish.”

Said by a mother to her little girl while shopping in Target. (MacNPickles)

“But unicorns aren’t real, right? Like camels.” — young woman to her friend, walking down the hall of the high school I went to. (deleted)

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever overheard a random stranger say?

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