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Parents Share the Hilarious Reasons Why Their Toddler Had a Tantrum

If you have, or have ever had a toddler, you’ll know that tantrums and meltdowns over next to nothing are par for the course. The terrible two’s can go on well into the third and possibly even fourth year too, which can be exhausting for parents. But when you finally tuck them up in bed, and are able to reflect on the day, the reasons for some of their tantrums can be quite funny. Totally and utterly ridiculous, but quite humorous nonetheless!

People share some of the reasons for their toddler’s tantrum and boy can we relate!

Tantrum one because he wasnt allowed to have jam on both sides of the toast. I eventually gave in and then there was tantrum number two because his fingers got sticky. Sigh. (Dgdgoblin)

I wouldn’t let her stab me with her fork. (HotRabbit999)

She cried because she wanted bubbles in her bath. I put bubbles in her bath. Then she cried because there were bubbles in her bath. (Bigbengo)

Yesterday. He had an imaginary vacuum cleaner(a stick) and was crying because it didnt work. (_ovidius)

Feeding the dog a Ritz cracker and get upset that the dog ate the Ritz cracker. He did not want a new cracker and instead, demanded that I take it out of the dog in the condition it was in before the dog ate it. (MADDOGCA)

Once I was visiting family and they wanted to take a group photo. Their toddler was fucking off doing something else and wouldn’t come so we just took it without him. Then he wanted to be in the photo, but unfortunately he wasn’t stupid and realised that when we took the second photo with him in it, it was a new photo. It didn’t magically put him in the original. Cue the mother of all shitfits in which he demanded to be in the first photo and refused to accept the legitimacy of the second one. (normie_sama)

I asked her if she wanted to say goodnight to the cat. She did, and was upset when the cat didn’t say goodnight back. (MrYellowFancyPants)

I wouldn’t let the dog drive her to pre school today. (shityeadude)

not mine, but we’ve had my niece off and on for a few weeks to help out, because her mother just had a baby and my husband is working from home.

she lost her mind because my husband helped her go to the bathroom and flushed the toilet before she could her look at her poop. screamed and cried herself nearly sick. (notasugarbabybybutok)

He had a meltdown because someone wouldn’t stop pulling his hair, the someone pulling his hair was him. (khajithaspears)

He asked me stop ‘doing that thing where air comes out of my nose” because it was annoying him while he snuggled with me. Breathing, he wanted me to stop breathing.

I did not. (aggie-dawg)

The bath was too wet🙄 (KRaquel7)

I cut her waffle. Tears.

I made another one for her. I sat down to eat her cut waffle.

Then she cries again. She can’t eat her new waffle because it needs to be cut. (flibbertigibbet20)

Her shadow didn’t have a mouth. (SchimmelChampagne)

I wouldnt let her wear her wellies to bed… (Dry_Establishment100)

I wouldn’t let him climb inside of the fridge. (DestiJenks92)

He got mad when I wouldn’t let him stick his finger in my nose. Got even more upset when I wouldn’t let him stick his fist in my mouth. (sraZulu)

She found a piece of green glitter on the way to the park, buried it in the sand, forgot where she buried it, and was inconsolable. (Zestitopillea)

Wanted the purple cup, not the blue cup. I’m a monster. (mamasharkdodo)


What’s the most ridiculous thing your toddler threw a tantrum over?

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